my hands are dry.

im thirsty.

if i keep smoking im going to get a head ache. i wasnt made to make a novel. i can barely write a blook.

hot chick is laying on my couch watching the raiders vikings game. weve already done it a half dozen times. got to. if youre given lemons you make lemonade, etc. she got done napping after the last one.

then madpony called. then anna called. then miss montreal called.

my hands are dry because when people call me i do the dishes and im not sure if these are dishpan hands or fingerbang hands or old mans hands or hand me down hands.

some say i dont drink enough water.

i look through these blook entries one by one and i keep wondering why a thousand people a day come here. maybe they come and then realize theyve been tricked and scram.

im sorry you got scammed, people.

however the cam girl requests have increased and they say its cuz of the writing and cuz im cute and put both of those lies together and maybe you have sort of an upside down truth.

and you know who i thank, i thank drudge and rush and all the other phonies and losers and bad people and bad writers because compared to them im not so bad.

im trying to put together this blook, but it’s hard. i dont like to read my old stuff.

it just might end up being a short story.

a tiny one.

me and the glamour girl just looked through a bunch of the little tiny movies that ive made with my cam.

i might have to put together a page of that stuff sometime soon.

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