should i be covering the miss world

competition since the times is ignoring it?

its two pm. im eating a mcrib tv dinner. im scared of the leftovers from last nights thai fiesta with rosalita.

im wondering seriously about playboy online. wondering if they would hire me.

id cover the miss world competition for them if they wanted.

here we are at the miss world pageant in sanya china, a southern island of hainan

hey how many virgins in sanya

hey none

the winner of the “beach beauty” competition was this comely redhead, rosanna davison, center, miss ireland who was all, thats right bitch.

daughter of the scary brit 80s singer chris de burgh “lady in red” “dont pay the ferryman

106 of the most beautiful girls in the world are here, playboy.

and every single one of them has a story to tell.

thank you for sending me here.

its very warm.

cokes cost two dollars.

they dont have diet coke they have coke lite.

so you go, two coke lites please and they say four dollars please

so you give them five.

why not.

i came in third in the mens competition.


for your ass.

flagrant + kzug + palm trees

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