dear carlisa from pink cookies

happy holidays.

i miss you.

thank you for the invite to the pink cookies christmas party. i think i want to go. i should say i know i want to go but i think i will actually go, which is weird cuz i dont go to anything except tsar shows.

why havent i seen you at many tsar shows?

why havent we hung out more?

is it cuz im straight edge now?


it was nice seeing you at the whitestripes show this fall. what a surprise to see you there. but not really, youve always had great taste in music.

hows your sis?

is she over me yet?

it’s hard. i know, but shes pretty cute, im sure she’ll land on her feet. is she still bartending? thats hot.

ok, well i just wanted to tell you that im thinking of you and im stoked that you got the Pussycat Dolls account. what a perfect match.

by the way, dont think that i want to stay at cafe press forever with my swag. i just wanted to throw out a few ideas and see if people wanted some stuff.

as soon as i get it together i want Pink Cookies and only Pink Cookies to take care of me.

ive always thought the world of you.

hope youre well,


pink cookies rocks

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