three years ago

today, my true love and i broke up and moved away from each other.

i didnt cry. i dont know why. i know why. cuz my new pad had so many boxes and no couch and i couldnt find a place to sit down. its hard for me to cry standing up.

its weird to think that its been so long since i was with renee maria garcia (pictured) who i would torture in so many ways. sometimes i wouldnt get out of bed for an entire weekend. this was before the blog. sometimes i wouldnt do the dishes for years. this was before the breakup. sometimes i wouldnt shower for days.

comparing her three years to mine, shes winning hands down. shes got a better pad than me, a better job, she looks better, she has a fairly new car.

me, ive got you. and a couple cheerleaders. a pot to piss in, but who wants to piss in pot? she comes over from time to time and i ask if we could get married and this morning she called and asked if i wanted to take the day off to help her find a new apartment in hollywood. i said whats wrong with living on the beach and she said, no good coffee shops. no style, no flair, no soull. and i said, marry me. and she said, but youre already married. and i was all, as a christian the government cannot get in the way of me having two wives. its biblical. king solomon, an ancestor of david and all the way down the line to jesus and up to adam had a thousand wives.

it’s my religious right.

she was all, i didnt want to marry you when you had no wives and i want to marry you less now that you have a very very pretty wife.

they say that everyone has a soul mate.

mine gave me five years to fuck up and i fucked up each and every year.

shows to go ya.

when i first moved into laynes old place + sad picture + charlize was down with me three years ago