when i was younger and in romantic relationships

i could be sort of a dictator. i didnt know how else to act and for some reason that came natural and was easy to do.

it was distructive and uncool and stupid, but it was easy.

now i try not to give a fuck. if a chick doesnt want to go out after she says she does, whatev. if a chick wants to be late for the date, whatev.

in lots of ways im the perfect guy to date.

i even forget all the dirty things these girls do to me.

but work is a totally different thing for some reason.

at work ive turned from mellow to gnarly. i get so pissed off when people break the rules and i get super super pissed when they run around like it’s no biggie.

i get so angry its bizarre. here i am mellowman ace and i can get set off when the phone rings when it shouldnt.

im the furthest thing from professionalism in that i dress like a fucking slob, im not as detail orientated as i ought to be, but when it comes to standards and practices im the fucking example.

in the xbi its the only way.

if communication and followthrough arent totally on point, people literally die. and even though im not totally in love with everyone around me, death is a motherfucker. plus, even though i dont get paid shit here i want to do a good job. is that so crazy?

today is beautiful. its warm for the first time in a long time. and by warm i mean hot. all i want to do is get out of here but we have these fucking idiots who think that things are on their schedule. theyre going home right now and we have to wait for their paperwork to arrive – shit that shoulda been here fucking yesterday morning – and then we have to process it and then we can go home.

im not one to bitch, you know that. just fridays. warm fridays. fridays means get out early. i couldnt even fly much today cuz it was windy. when its windy i have to help out on the paperwork and if i bitch someones gonna call me a primadonna cuz i hardly ever have to do paperwork but fuck this shit.

what if i decided to go to a location a day and a half after we were supposed to? why can people do their shit 36 hours after theyre supposed to, but i cant?

of course they will say that i can kill people and they cant but i dont run around killing people when im pissed off.

i want a job where i work with pros. how hard is that?

i want a job where when the shit is done everyone gets to go home and enjoy the sunshine.

i want a job where everyone can look each other in the eye and say right on.

i used to have such a situation.

but now i fly chopper one for the xbi and everythings fuct. and it all went to shit when they took the apple juice out of the coke machine.

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got the girl’s car washed yesterday.

people arent patient. people think that they have more important things to do. when youre driving a car in LA after work you’re kidding yourself if you think you have more important things to do.

youre a slave to the traffic. which never moves. youre a slave to waiting for lights to change. youre a slave to the guy ahead of you to make a left even though he wont, he’ll wait till the very last minute.

im the best driver cuz i dont fight it. everyones fighting it. saw this orthodox jew in a mini van this morn take his time making a left. this guy behind him in a sporty beemer with a cartoon perfect muscle head was about to blow a gasket.

dude tried to uber-left the jew when the coast was clear, ended up going around to the right. fast and then slow so he could bitch out the jewish man who had the hat on and the beard and the jewish stickers on the back of his van.

we were on la brea south of melrose. land of the hasidics. there was no reason to be all pissed off, beemer guy.

beautiful friday morning with warm winds that we call santa anas.

and i remembered the joke about how do you tell the difference between a porcupine and a bmw.

we used to tell this one at the gas station that i once worked at.

the answer is porcupines have the pricks on the outside.

although it was nice to have a car a little bit, it still doesnt beat the subway+bus situation ive got going on.

and unless im driving around the country meeting girls like you, i doubt it ever will.

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this week in rock in la

tonight 4/23

michael ian black – knitting factory

david bowie – arrowhead pond

morrisey – wiltern

the osmond brothers – citrus college

wayne kramer – farmers market

tommy lee (dj’ing) – key club

medeski, martin & wood – roxy

lets go bowling – el rey

tomorrow 4/24

general public – troubador

method man – house of blues

too $hort – key club

.38 special – the canyon

distillers – henry ford

thunderstruck (all-girl ac/dc cover band) – 14 below

robyn hitchcock – largo

circle jerks – ventura theatre

system of a down – greek theatre

kid rock – universal

sunday 4/25

flock of seagulls, devo, general public, tone-loc – la coliseum 8am

everlast – house of blues

monday 4/26

seal – house of blues

carlos guitarlos – thunderbird

morrissey – wiltern

tuesday 4/27

sam phillips – largo

morrissey – wiltern

wednesday 4/28

queensryche – house of blues

thursday 4/29

brian jonestown massacre – el rey

jucifier – knitting factory

the star fuckers – cat club

tiffany + mc brown + just procrastinating