dear amazon dot com

are you fucking kidding me?

i pride myself for having no advertisments on my blog. the only exception are the links that i provide to your company when i’m talking about specific cds that im reviewing, or books that im reading, or books that america is reading.

strangely, this provides ammo for the naysayers of the busblog to call me a sellout.

the way i figure it is, if a shit ton of people are going to run off and buy a book or a cd, and if some of those people come to my site on a daily basis, then maybe it would be nice if they clicked my amazon link before they got the merch from you.

maybe they do it, maybe they dont, but the way it looks is in the last quarter i gave you 500 potential customers and 5 of them bought something.

and you seriously think that giving me a whole DOLLAR is an even trade?

are you out of your fucking mind dot com?

i know im giving you more traffic than the average guy, and probably more than your numbers are reporting, which means other blogs are getting LESS than a buck a quarter?


and dont bother me with these trifles that my traffic doesnt generate hard sales that in turn generate me my commisions.

this is what i know: if you put an ad in the paper hoping that 500 people would enter your store, the paper would charge you far more than a dollar, and you would be soooooooo stoked to have the chance to turn 500 sales.

if you couldnt close those sales that would be your fault, not the advertisee.

dont be suprised if i end this relationship soon and go back to my hippy ways of not advertising anyone’s goods or services because im being taken to the cleaners on this deal and its not cool to anyone.

the thing is, i am the furthest thing from a money-grubber. but i could literally make 10 times the amount of “revenue” if i simply set up a BlogAd and sold out like most of the Top 100 of the blogosphere does. but i dont want to. i want to have a stupid ad on the left of what im reading and what america is reading. thats it. and every now and then i want to hype a cd. and when people go to Amazon, i want a proper kickback since i am generating them sales and potential sales.

the only solution i see to this is a pay-per-click deal. or an upfront deal. but this one is wack. and if you think that i havent thought about stealing your pics and bandwidth and leading people to ebay, you have sorely underestimated your enemy. which i am slowly becoming.

your little bitch,


souptree + jack d ripper + the sketch factor

How are you doing on the Gorilla Mask

Death Pool? i’m at a +7 thanks to the passing of our 40th President.

1. The Pope

2. Barbara Walters

3. Andy Dick

*4. Ronald Reagan

5. Tiger Woods

6. Beetlejuice

7. Lorne Michaels

8. Michael J. Fox

9. Robert Downey, Jr.

10. Scott Weiland (pictured)

What book(s) have you read lately? I’m currently reading Mooch by Dan Fante. Funny, sad, dirty, funny. Very LA.

What film have you seen lately? Went to the movies yesterday and saw Napolean Dynamite which was suprisingly good. Last night I saw Bruce Almighty on HBO which was suprisingly bad.

What film are you dying to see? Farenheight 9/11. The French are wrong about so many things, but theyre so right about art, food, wine, women, and Michael Moore movies.

Who was the person you had the last conversation with? Danielle, who said that I

What’s the best magazine cover you have stumbled lately? Drew on the cover of Jane.

What’s the most irritating magazine headline have you stumbled lately? That J.Lo is pregnant.

What’s the best newspaper report you have read lately? That Bush will probably lose in a landslide.

What’s currently the best thing on the telly? my directv/tivo receiver box.

What’s the best food you ate lately? pf changs pepper shrimp, combo fried rice, and lettuce wraps.

What was the best convesration you had lately? with my true love about her trip to mexico.

Which character are you currently studying? Comic Book Store Guy. he’s very passionate about his trade. i appreciate that, and i think we all have a lot to learn from him.

What’s the BEST thing that have happened lately? i got 6 more Gmail invites which I was able to send off to my friends.

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