How are you doing on the Gorilla Mask

Death Pool? i’m at a +7 thanks to the passing of our 40th President.

1. The Pope

2. Barbara Walters

3. Andy Dick

*4. Ronald Reagan

5. Tiger Woods

6. Beetlejuice

7. Lorne Michaels

8. Michael J. Fox

9. Robert Downey, Jr.

10. Scott Weiland (pictured)

What book(s) have you read lately? I’m currently reading Mooch by Dan Fante. Funny, sad, dirty, funny. Very LA.

What film have you seen lately? Went to the movies yesterday and saw Napolean Dynamite which was suprisingly good. Last night I saw Bruce Almighty on HBO which was suprisingly bad.

What film are you dying to see? Farenheight 9/11. The French are wrong about so many things, but theyre so right about art, food, wine, women, and Michael Moore movies.

Who was the person you had the last conversation with? Danielle, who said that I

What’s the best magazine cover you have stumbled lately? Drew on the cover of Jane.

What’s the most irritating magazine headline have you stumbled lately? That J.Lo is pregnant.

What’s the best newspaper report you have read lately? That Bush will probably lose in a landslide.

What’s currently the best thing on the telly? my directv/tivo receiver box.

What’s the best food you ate lately? pf changs pepper shrimp, combo fried rice, and lettuce wraps.

What was the best convesration you had lately? with my true love about her trip to mexico.

Which character are you currently studying? Comic Book Store Guy. he’s very passionate about his trade. i appreciate that, and i think we all have a lot to learn from him.

What’s the BEST thing that have happened lately? i got 6 more Gmail invites which I was able to send off to my friends.

more please + jarret house north + sean bonner

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