top ten reasons why oj is not guilty

number ten: the columbian necktie.

it was no secret that over the last 6-8 months of her life, Nicole Brown Simpson spent more time with friends like Faye Resnick and others who were involved in the typical LA nightlife scene.

Some of those “friends” included drug dealers and hookers. Those associations, OJ claims was what led to the final 911 calls. He says he faught with Nicole because he didn’t want those type of people around his children.

Most of the stab wounds on both nicole brown and ron goldman were in and around the neck.

“Ms. Simpson’s head then was pulled back, perhaps by her blond hair, as the attacker slashed her throat from left to right. The neck position at the point of the cut can be determined by the fact that no blood flowed into her windpipe.

“The cut was vicious. The knife sliced through both carotid arteries – which provide blood to the brain – nearly cut through one jugular vein and left the second jugular vein dangling by a thread.

The cut was clean.” (USA Today, 10/18/96)

This is very similar to what the defense brought up to being the trademark fatal stab wound that is found on some victims of drug-related crimes. Specifically those where the victim owed money to a drug dealer.

The idea of the Columbian Necktie or Columbian Necklace came up several times in the OJ trial.

Mark Furhman was asked by F. Lee Bailey if he had ever heard of the Columbian Necktie


A: NO.






A: NO.






















A: NO.








A: YES. (5/13/94)

Detective Tom Lange was asked by Johnnie Cochran about the Columbian necktie as well:














A: NO.








A: YES.(3/18/94)

the reason that the Columbian Necktie is important is it lends reasonable doubt that OJ might not have killed Nicole and Ron, that someone who actually had practice in killing people probably committed these murders. someone who knew how to kill someone within a minute’s time.

if we are to believe that OJ killed Nicole over a fit of rage, odds are he would have screamed out and slashed all over her body, not just at and around the neck.

also, the Columbian Necktie lends creedence to the theory that the Bronco Chase was a slow chase in order for OJ to hide from the killers by finding an creative way to surround himself with police.

the theory is that OJ knew that the killers wanted money from Nicole, and perhaps contacted him, and after he refused to pay they tried to get the money a final time from Nicole and ultimately killed her. and that’s why he always seems guilty. because in a way he sorta is. if he had only paid off her debt, she’d still be alive.

it also explains why he says he’s still mad at her.

Katie Couric: �Are you suggesting that Nicole was hanging out with the wrong crowd, and somehow someone in that crowd is responsible for her murder?�

OJ Simpson: �I’ve always said that. I made it as clear… that somewhere in Faye [Resnick’s] life, it’s happened before in Faye’s life. Same situation happened before in her life, and it happened again. Now you guys make it like, �OJ’s been hinting this, and hinting that.� I don’t think anybody could be any clearer than me about the judgment, about paying the judgment. About why I think, and who I think was involved with her death, is this group of, I think, just horrible type people that she was hanging around with. People that not only did I not like, people her mother didn’t like. We talked about it often back then before her death. That we didn’t like this group of people that she was hanging around with.� (NBC, 6/6/04)

tech law advisor + vihm + how appealing + jack walraven’s simpson trial transcripts

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  1. Hehe… That trial was fucked up. I think back on it, and it feels like I was watching a T.V. show. Kato, Ito, O.J. and the gang!
    -Didn’t they get a fucking dog on the stand at one point?

  2. OJ has gotten away with murder. The blood evidence doesn’t lie and it wasn’t planted. He beat the shit out of her regularly and she knew he was goingto kill her. He’s a liar and a murderer.
    Columbian necktie…puhleeze.

  3. Tony, Tony, Tony.
    This better get better. Nothing in the Bronco case illustrates OJ hiding from anyone but the law.
    What expert killer stabs Goldman nearly 60 times?
    One through nine need to be funny or you’ll be on the same downslope as GW the ‘C’ student.

  4. King,
    he beat on her regularilly? really? how many times? give us a link. and give us a link on why you think the glove wasnt planted while youre at it.
    its not a Columbian drug gang, its a Columbian necktie.
    Please explain to us how you can tell the difference between OJ hiding from drug dealers and OJ hiding from someone else. And make sure to put your email address or webpage in your comment next time.
    Anonymous negative commentors are lame.

  5. I checked out the stuff at that link and it proves nothing. There is a lot of coincidential evidence that established that there was enough basis for a trial (I would have tried the case as a prosecutor) but anyone who says the stuff on the above page established his guilt are very wrong (as are some of the claims within).

  6. plus #7 “flight in Bronco” is not “evidence.”
    it was never used in any of OJs three trials. probably because he wasnt running from the cops (at 50 mph) but instead trying to get the cops to protect him from the real killers.

  7. <a href=””>DNA Evidence from the OJ Simpson Trial</a>
    So the DNA evidence shows that:
    – OJ’s blood was all over the crime scene, including the walkway, the back gate, and next to the body of Nicole
    – Nicole’s blood was in the footprint made by OJ’s Size 12 shoe at the crime scene
    – OJ’s and Nicole’s blood were both on the Bronco steering wheel
    – Nicole’s blood was on the driver side carpet of the Bronco
    – Nicole’s blood was on OJ’s socks
    – and the glove, which supposedly was never worn by OJ, was splattered with DNA from OJ and both victims
    After the trial, one of the juror’s said, “I didn’t understand the DNA stuff at all. To me, it was just a waste of time. It was way out there and carried no weight with me.”
    Bottom line, if this trial happened in 2004 with the popularity of shows like CSI, OJ would rot in jail. How do you explain the DNA evidence, Tony?

  8. Please explain how this info makes O.J. innocent? Does it clean up the blood in his car? I don’t understand.
    Is this still a black/white issue? Do you feel a need to plead O.J’s innocence due to it’s significance as a racial divider? Is that what looms?
    Or is it purely based on facts/evidence? I’m not trying to attack you. I’m just curious if the people still feel this way about the proceedings, and if that’s a factor in your thought process.
    We all come to our decisions based on emotions. For me, I see it through a woman’s filter, a woman who was the victim of abuse. Perhaps that’s why I think/know he’s guilty. I’ve seen that rage. It’s truly blind.

  9. you know, john, if you disagree with me, you’re more than invited to prove me wrong.
    all i ask is that you provide some reasonable amount of proof, facts, evidence, or best of all: links from reputable sources.
    i have provided links from the actual court cases, including a link to the entire OJ trial which is fully searchable.
    if you can’t prove me wrong then be a man and say you cant prove me wrong. but this constant bullshit of “tony’s always right, just ask him,” or “tony’s always right, the Bible tells him so” or “Go to the bookstore and buy an economics book,” is whining nonsense.
    if youre so smart and so right, and im way off base, find me the chapter and verse and link it. otherwise save us all your naysaying rhetoric which adds zero to the conversation.
    any boring fuck can write the lazy predictable generic sniping rebuttals that you have written in these comments. if you’re so educated, prove it. and since this is the web, prove it with links.
    and that goes for all of you.
    Scott Carefoot had a link and several examples of why he thought the evidence pointed to OJ. in my opinion that is the way intelligent people discuss things rationally and reasonably on the internet.
    how sad is it that a canadian, once again, has to show you republicans how its supposed to work. but there it is.
    thank you.

  10. tony, i love ur site but i have to add my two bits too.
    if oj wasn’t who he was, it’s likely he would’ve been convicted on far less evidence. the points on the blood evidence that scott made above should’ve been more than enough and far out weigh any doubts to the contrary that was brought up in court. so, u must look at the bigger picture and what the feared social implications would’ve been if he was found guilty.
    oj was a black celebrity on trial for murder at a time when people were still reeling from the events of the la riots. many were very afraid we would get a repeat of the violence after the rodney king trial. also, the defense unshamedly used the “race card” aswell as the current mistrust of the la police to fabricate a story of evidence tampering.
    as a student of social psychology, i know we’d all like to think we judge by looking at hard evidence and concrete facts but mostly we don’t. we tend to judge through associations and attributions (ie. of groups of people, past events, etc.). and this is how the jury judged.
    if u’d like, i can forward you a listing of mock jury studies done relating to race and celebrity status. or u can look up the term “power threat hypothesis” in any psychological journal index (the findings in some of these studies are pretty surprising).
    u’ll note here, that i have not said that oj is acually guilty. i just wanted to point out the socio-psychological factors that led to oj being found not guilty.

  11. never in modern us history has one judgement polarized the races more than the oj trial.
    even whites thought the cops were guilty in the rodney king trial.
    if youre suggesting that the jury turned their backs on evidence so as to appease the so-called black community in los angeles i’d say you dont understand the way things work in LA.
    rodney king was <a href= target=new>vindicated with federal trials</a> against powell and koon.
    the slate is clean about rodney king in la.
    oj’s trial was on tv. it couldnt have been better covered or better reported. the prosecution was outgunned by the “dream team” who meticulously picked apart errors made by the police, investogators, and prosecution.
    and, he actually might not have killed nicole in a lovers quarrel due the fact that at the time he was banging a playboy playmate.
    and the glove didnt fit. and furhman lied on the stand and got caught doing it by f lee f’ing bailey. and there were no witnesses, no murder weapon, and two columbian neckties.
    in accordance to the law, if theres reasonable doubt, oj’s not guilty.
    thats why hes not guilty.
    i appreciate your two bits.

  12. I don’t know if we’re done talking but has anybody explained the DNA yet? That’s as close to “proof” as you’re going to get without a videotape of OJ doing it.
    The glove not fitting is easily explained. OJ was wearing a latex glove on his hand when he tried on “the glove” which had shrunk somewhat due to the tests conducted on it.
    I could debate other parts of your argument Tony but it doesn’t seem like you’ve explained the DNA. I just can’t understand how there can reasonable doubt when you logically consider the DNA evidence.
    All the alternative theories you’ve presented (columbian neckties and such) are merely an attempt to do what OJ’s lawyers successfully did: distract from the actual evidence. Unless you think the LAPD planted/rigged the DNA evidence, I can’t see how you can look at that chart I linked to and still claim he’s innocent.
    I’m not upset about this miscarriage of justice because I’m used to these things happening. But I am fascinated how intelligent people can make claims like “OJ is innocent” in the face of such obvious evidence. No disrespect Tony, but claiming OJ is innocent in the face of that DNA evidence is about as disconnected from reality as the Republicans who think Bush deserves a second term.
    If you do respond to this, Tony, please explain the DNA. I don’t care about anything else in this case. Everything else is window dressing.

  13. Just a quick Bronco thought:
    Do you remember the news coverage? The gist (as I recall) was that he was “taking time to think things over” in the Bronco. His buddy, Al, convinced him to stop.
    Wouldn’t it have been in his best interest to jump out of the Bronco and say “the bad guys are gonna kill me too!”?
    He didn’t do that.
    See <A HREF=””>Columbian Necktie</A>. IT involves pulling the tonge down through the wound. Was this done in Nicole’s case?
    Finally, I saw him try on the gloves. Try this experiment:
    1. Get your favorite pair of snug-fitting driving gloves that fit you.
    2. Put on latex gloves.
    3. Try to put on your driving gloves.
    How did it work? Well?

  14. Disclaimer: I know nothing about this case.
    That being said, Tony – you said to stay tuned for discussion about the DNA.. Scott asked again.. Where is the intelligent debate?
    As far as <i>I</i> am concerned:
    – Nicole’s blood was in the footprint made by OJ’s Size 12 shoe at the crime scene
    No biggy, he found her dead and walked in the blood.. Doesn’t make him guilty.
    – OJ’s and Nicole’s blood were both on the Bronco steering wheel
    Again, no biggy.. (but his blood..?)
    – Nicole’s blood was on the driver side carpet of the Bronco
    Yeah yeah, he walked in her blood.. of course it’s on the carpet. Doesn’t make him guilty.
    – Nicole’s blood was on OJ’s socks
    Same as above..
    – and the glove, which supposedly was
    never worn by OJ, was splattered with DNA from OJ and both victims
    Again, I don’t see this as evidence that he is guilty.. Wait, was the glove found in the bronco? I don’t know. Did OJ admit to having found Nicole dead? If he claimed he never found her dead body.. well, shit, he must be lying?
    – OJ’s blood was all over the crime scene, including the walkway, the back gate, and next to the body of Nicole
    Her blood isn’t what makes me wonder.. obviously she is dead. Obviously she bleed everywhere.. I’m curious about <i>his</i> blood. If it really was his blood, where did it come from? Was it ever explained? Did he have wounds to show where blood came from? Could he/ Did he explain his blood?

  15. Gunge, he said he cut his hand on a glass.
    Scott is right on. Its all about the blood evidence. There is no way the LAPD planted all of that evidence. OJ was at the scene and he lied about it.
    Tony’s right that the Prosecution did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Unbelievabe. Talk about inept. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t do it, it just means that he won’t have to pay for it. He was found “not guilty” by the jury, but he’s guilty. We all know it.
    I don’t know about the socio-psyhology of the case, but it is interesting that black people all around the country cheered when the verdict came out. Those same people probably watched his recent interview and are feeling sorry for the poor guy.

  16. King: Johnnie Cochrane claimed that LAPD carried around a vial of OJ’s blood and poured it strategically all over the evidence. It’s a pretty ridiculous theory but apparently the jury bought it.
    As for Mark Fuhrman planting the glove as accused by OJ’s defence team, he was the 17th person to arrive at the murder scene. All of the people who arrived before Fuhrman and were questioned claimed there was no way Fuhrman could have tampered with the evidence. How big of a conspiracy would it have taken to pull this off? It didn’t matter. The jury (mostly African-American) didn’t (or didn’t want to) understand the DNA evidence, so here we are.

  17. Scott
    the DNA evidence would have convinced me too, if the police hadn’t “lost” half of the blood that they collected from OJ.
    when they were asked in court where it went they shrugged their shoulders and said they didnt know where it went.
    so add more reasonable doubt.
    i will go over this in more detail when i am able. but its in the transcripts.
    and im not saying the cops sprinkled oj’s blood here or there, but maybe some of that missing blood ended up in “samples” in places where OJ never was.
    cops either set him up, or blew it. im guessing they did the latter, and hoping they didnt do the former.

  18. A few years ago I heard Alan Dershowitz on a radio show summarize the OJ trial by saying “a guilty man was framed”. Not exactly the words you want your lawyer saying about you.

  19. We’re in agreement that the cops and prosecution both blew it. This should have been a slam dunk. I think we can agree on this point and agree to disagree on the rest.
    Thanks for responding, Tony, and it’s good to see you posting again. My right forearm has been getting pins and needless lately. I hear that’s how CTS starts sometimes.

  20. Sure with all the cocaine parties and its a known fact that Fae who admits in her book that she smoke Cocaine add a bunch more people and get the coke on consignment your bill is way over a hundred thousands way out of most of your guys league.Neck ties are used for not paying bills to in that world.
    Many vials missing of OJs blood.enough for the racist cop to plant around. How does blood go through your shoeon the top and wind up going pass the mass of your foot to the bottom of the sock that was not in the crimescene footage was taken. How does it appear after the fact.
    How does a man who is only in shape to play golf everyday have the strength whole a person for 1 min and 30 seconds while the other one stand and watch .these killing were done by trained killers with skills like seals .
    The first attempt on Nicoles life never happened due to her opening her mouth about OJ and a syndicate on line gambling ring that he was getting paid to spread there number to high rollers.
    Barberi OJs girl freind the blond that look like Nicole car was stolen by the man Wasz last name was caught in a shoot out and Bank robbery.
    Read the Main Idea and the Wasz Documents at

  21. I have always believed this was a drug hit and a set-up. The damage done to those people sounds like a professional tactical hit. Large amounts of debt + drugs + inability to pay = death.
    That is a well known equation.

    • But some idiots want to believe in fantasy that OJ was super human scaled a 10 foot wall and hid in a corner, yet no one saw him and he didn’t think how bad of an idea it would be to murder someone in the middle of the street. How the hell would OJ even know that nicole would be all alone by herself on her front lawn late at night?

  22. DUH!!  It has been shown that all the evidence points to OJ’s son Jason as the killer.  There’s a book and video by a private detective proving this.  Search for detective William C. Dear and judge the evidence yourself

      • the blood contained edta which means it was stored in a tube and then was planted. due to youtube you can find several stories and videos of police caught planting evidence, idk why people to this day think thats a farfetched concept. this was a high profile case and they had no suspects. it was known oj hit nicole. why not blame him for it?

        • No, the witness the defense called testified that EDTA was found in very small traces. But when retested by the FBI lab in Quantico, no traces of EDTA were found at all, and the head of the lab testified to this at the civil trial. The results of the lab test are available on line.

      • And the most famous forensic doc yet, Dr Lee, said there was more than one killer. That’s reasonable doubt as well as all of the above.

      • Well it was a 1 in 170 million match, and it was not exact, and his son would share enough dna with him that they could match up in that manner.

  23. What a bunch of BS. OJ’S guilt is as obvious as the air you breathe without a thought. God is his judge, though. God does not forgive the unrepentant, or anyone who hugs a lie.

    • You are right. God will JUDGE a lot of people in the U.S both past and present. There are facts out there that the open minded look at and the biased minds refuse to acknowledge. Start by looking at people associated with the Goldman family. Start with Marvin and Patty Glass.

      • So you think in your stupid ass feeble mind that attacking the victims in this tragedy is the way to go.
        Typical. You are probably an african american democrat too stupid to form your own opinion.
        Here is one for you. He did it, his ass is in prison, he lost the civil suit, and you still support him.
        Your as big a piece of shit as he is.

    • Here is something that bothers me. Was the murder a crime of passion or planned? If it were a crime of passion then why did the killer dress as if he were a burglar or something. He was dressed in wore gloves. He had a dark colored cap on it and he was carrying a knife on him. That doesnt sound like a crime of passion. It sounds like a planned murder. If the murder were planned then who was or were the intended victims? If OJ were the killer and his intended victims were ron and nicole then how did OJ know ron would be there? Ron was only stopping over there was to give nicole her mothers glasses that she had left at the restaurant. It wasnt a planned date or anything and the only people who knew they would be meeting up was nicole, ron, and maybe nicoles mom. How did OJ know Ron would be there? Did he even know who Ron was? Was he just watching her that night and Ron showed up and in a fit of rage killed both of them? How would he have possibly known to bring a knife with him unless he was planning on killing someone? Since he couldnt have possibly known Ron was coming that means his intended victim was just nicole. If that was the case why not kill nicole the moment she stepped out of her house before making it to the gate to let ronald in? If you say he flew into a jealous rage and wanted to kill them both then how did oj know the person at the gate was coming for nicole? Rons father says that nicole and Ron were just friends because ron was dating someone else at the time. Even if you argue that something was going on between them how would oj know about that? Was he following her all of the time? Did he have a private investigator spying on her? Do we know this for certain? Anyway, if nicole were OJs intended target that night and was able to be outside her door that night how long was he waiting there to kill her? Why wouldnt he have been able to kill nicole prior to ron coming over? His children were with her that night. He easily could have stopped by with that as his excuse. He could have met with her outside, killed her, and then left the scene before ron coming. So why choose the time that happened to be when ron arrived. Remember OJ couldnt have known he was coming. Waiting for nicole to answer the gate to let anyone in would be taking an unnecessary risk. How did he know that the person at the gate didnt have a gun? How did he know he would be able to overcome the person? He wouldnt have known that. This is why i think more than one person must have been involved. Oj was a great football player but he had injuries and he wasnt a spring chick. How did he have such ninja skills?

      • Remember Ron was a 3rd degree black belt! And had significant bruising on his knuckles? OJ was a only 6’1 and well passed his prime. OJ would have serious damage to his body.

        Not to mention we have all seen CSI if you cut 2 people to ribbons with a knife you will be covered in blood, if some was wet enough to drip off hand what about the rest of his body? that car would have looked like a blood bath….and no evidence of cleaning materials were found on the car upholstery?

        • Yes that’s what I’ve always said. With all that blood at the crime scene, where is all the blood on OJ? Wasn’t on his clothing. Wasn’t in his washing machine or drains. Wasn’t at the hotel or traces on or in his luggage. You cannot overkill two
          people like that without a lot of blood on your person.

      • I always have and always will believe he went to her house and when he saw Goldman walk through the gate he flew in to a jealous rage and killed them both. Maybe he was just going over to talk, who knows, but that theory holds water and I think it answers a lot of your questions.

        • The problem is that what you are saying sounds like he had no intention of killing anyone until after he saw goldman. That doesnt sound premeditated. It sounds like he was just stopping by. Then why did he bring a knife with him? Why was he wearing gloves? Why was he wearing a knit cap? Then theres that whole thing about using the flight to chicago as an alibi. All of those things sounds like he was intending on killing her the whole time. This doesnt match with the whole he was just stopping by for a casual conversation. It also doesnt make sense if he had a plane to catch. So basically oj somehow knew nicole would be with another man that night. It just so happened it would be the very night he would have a flight to chicago as his alibi. Is oj a psychic? How did he manage that? Theres no way he could have known goldman was going to stop by. Goldman didnt even know he was coming by until that very night? That means only one thing. He was coming by to kill her specifically. That means the whole he killed goldman and nicole because he saw them together cant be true. The motive for the killing must be something else.

    • There was a mountain of evidence and every piece of it pointed to OJ. Not to mention that Nicole had told everyone she knew that OJ was going to kill her and get away with it, including her psychologist 4 days before she was murdered and a battered women’s shelter 5 days before she was murdered. She even left pictures and notes in her Safe deposit box in case he killed her.

      • And you see nothing wrong with a 35 year old drug addicted woman attending a psychologist? And why would she be in a battered woman’s shelter if she had a condo? Maybe to hideout from drug dealers and blaming the ex-husband is a convenient tool.

        • What drug dealer. You people make up more crap for this case than actual facts exist. You people don’t even realize how many layers deep you and your theories go. Also I know who the street smart ones here are as well. Drug Dealers would kidnap Simpson’s kids and demand payment to which they would get with no problem. But to take out the one who owes you means you will not get that money ever. Drug dealers are hooked on money. murdering someone brings heat. Last, a professional hit would be much cleaner than this and less personal especially in Brentwood.

          • Kidnapping kids is something of the movies. A kid comes home 1 hour later there is an amber alert on every channel, FAR MORE ATTENTION than a murder and far more heat than one. You have to store the kids, feed the kids, have someone watching them 24/7 in a house. Hope no one sees the kids. Dope dealers don’t want to be baby sitters. If you don’t pay, they kill you and move on, to make an example out of you. And sometimes they go their with the intent to rough up but it turns into murder. For instance, it is entirely plausible they want their just to intimidate Nicole with the knife and faye resnick. Faye went into rehab just 3 days before the murder. Ron Goldman shows up, sees two dude with a knife threatenting his girl and he either tries to defend her or fight them off, and they all end up getting killed realizing killing one with a witness is as worse than killing two.

            And the Colombian cartels kill lots of people who don’t pay like Michael Nigg, Goldman’s best friend and drug dealer, or Brett Cantor, Goldman’s boss who had his throat slit in an unsolved murder.

            This was a pretty clean job in my view. The person was clearly experience with a knife, beat up a 7th degree black belt and killed a woman on a busy street and didn’t even get seen. You cannot get cleaner than that.

          • The killer was seen, and left a trail of blood back to his bathroom, attempted to flee to Mexico while leaving behind a guilt drenched suicide letter. Simpson was great at football but not so good at murder.

          • Prosecutor did present any such witness who saw the murder. The drug killer fleed to Colombian. Simpson was terrible at murder, he never did one.

          • Fuhrman was not so good at framing people, even after a lifetime of framing blacks & minority suspects. Fuhrman got the glove size wrong, then took the 5th as to framing OJ. OJ did feel suicidal & guilty, not about any involvement in murder, except that OJ failed to help Nicole pay off her drug dealer debts, that could have avoided hit men killing her. OJ did love her, and told his attorneys not to bring up Nicole’s drug use. That was a mistake given the news media reaction.

          • Lifetime of framing blacks? Who else is he accused of framing that is black? Because not one black person has come forward to make that claim. Again, you have bogus information. Try using the actual case file to prove your position.

          • Fuhrman usually just killed blacks. He bragged about using a chokehold on blacks, the kind NYPD used to murder Eric Garner. Fuhrman is on tape saying he wanted all blacks dead. Fuhrman was not just disappointed OJ won, but Fuhrman was more upset Marcia Clark didn’t go for the death penalty. Clark knew OJ was innocent. That’s why she didn’t ask for death. clark knew Fuhrman framed OJ. LAPD routinely framed suspects, “to give justice a little help.” See the Ramparts Scandal, about the same time as OJ’s case. Witnesses said Fuhrman hated blacks, hated interracial couples. Fuhrman bragged about having sex with Nicole Simpson. Fuhrman’s shoes fit the murder scene shoe prints better than OJ.

          • You said, “Furhman usually just killed blacks.” What Black Person did Furhman kill?

          • Best real suspect in the Nicole & Ron murders was Fuhrman himself. He would have killed OJ, but instead framed OJ hoping to see the State of California execute him.

          • Raymons – Please give us the names of the blacks Fuhrman usually killed. I think you are a nut case who need to double up on her medication and stop posting your senseless babble.

          • Try reading Fuhrman’s application for mental disability. He said he was psychotic, homicidal and wanted all blacks dead. He was denied the mental disability retirement, so he sued for it, and made his application public record. Fuhrman complained he could no longer use the illegal choke hold, the same one used to kill blacks in NYC in the Eric Garner case. Witnesses said Fuhrman wanted all blacks dead. In the Boyleston Heights incident, Fuhrman joined in beating & torturing minorities. When Fuhrman killed blacks, he made sure they were homeless without names or friends. He was the Vietnam marine machine gunner, disappointed he didn’t get to kill more. He was pure psycho.

          • correct oj didnt doit da bleach blonde silicone tits coca – nut Fred Goldman is a racist maybe but certainly greedy for money ya and blanket over the dead body of nickle destroying evidence evidence like more than one killer

          • Ron was there he had his shirt off OJ may have been there but he did not do the killing. also he would have had alot of blood evidence to clean up. also the oj blood in drivway had no direction splatter meaning it was placed. oj used blow but Nicole was a hevier user and so was Ron i think OJ wasnt going to bail her out anymore and/or kill two birds with one stone cartel approached him for cash off his ex-wife and her sleeze bag

          • More likely, Nicole was killed before he got there, but the killers hadn’t left aka bad timing. By the time that he got there, she was dead, came across the men, and fought for his life. I believe that O.J. was always getting her out of trouble with her drug habit and got tired and refused to pay it. O.J. was messing with the drugs too.

            You can take this with a grain of salt, but it is food for thought. Dick Gregory stated that what was not in the autopsy made to the public was, her breast were cut off. And Goldman’s penis was cut off and put into his mouth.

          • Ron Goldman also was involved with drugs. Ron & Nicole frequented the Dragonfly nightclub. Ron was friends with its owner Bret Cantor. Cantor was murdered in the same way, nearly beheaded with knife cuts. Ron worked at the Mezaluna restaurant, a front for drug dealing and money laundering, where being murdered was an occupational hazard. Nigg, another waiter at the Mezaluna was murdered in the same time frame. Nicole lived a lavish lifestyle, beyond her means. It was Nicole who wanted to get back together with OJ, not the other way around. She wanted more money from him. She fabricated the domestic violence to get out of her prenuptial agreement, so she get stiff him for more money.

          • Drug dealers saw OJ as the mother lode, and Nicole their way to extort money from OJ. Nicole didn’t pay her drug debts, and drug dealers threatened her with death. She said she couldn’t pay. They said yes she can, by extorting money from OJ. She tried. OJ almost gave in, but not soon enough.

          • Det. Furhman worked with criminals, drug dealers, working off their charges, usually by turning in others. Or by sharing their profits with the dirty cop. Fuhrman had a special hatred for blacks and particularly blacks in interracial marriages, like OJ. Fuhrman likely used drug dealers trying to evade charges, to kill Nicole & Ron. It’s the most plausible explanation. Little else makes sense. It wasn’t OJ that was jealous of Nicole having sex with others. They had a fairly open marriage. It was Fuhrman who bragged about having sex with Nicole, bragged about seeing her breast implants, who was super jealous of blacks having sex with Nicole. Fuhrman had the motive to murder Nicole and her gay Jewish associate drug addict Ron. Fuhrman hated Jews, hated gays, hated white women who had sex with blacks, and hated blacks. For Fuhrman this was far more than a 2 fer. Fuhrman helped his criminals, they helped him, and 2 people got murdered. Whoever killed Ron & Nicole also killed Bret Cantor, the owner of the Dragonfly, a nightclub where Ron & Nicole frequented. Cantor died with his throat slit, just like Nicole, with a knife, nearly beheaded. Cantor’s case is still open. OJ never knew Cantor, and couldn’t be a suspect in Cantor’s case. Fuhrman could be though.

          • You watch too much t.v. Only certain types of Mafias don’t mess with kids. Italian and Le Eme. Kids are off limits. Now the Mexican or other Hispanic cartels, they will kill entire family. And often, it’s better for them to kill someone who owes them money vs trying to get it back. Check out, “Cocaine Cowboys” where an Italian guy worked for the Italian mafia and the Colombians. He;d broke down the difference. Cartels norm is to kill if money is owed. The children, more than likely weren’t there target. To me, this sounds like a contract hit where someone was screwing someone over, the waiter more than likely knew who put out the hit and got killed. The cops knew who did this too. Their goal imo, was to go there and cover it up vs to solve the crime. Professional cops are not going to a crime scene, to contaminate it. She either owed some money. Or she was talking too much and they hushed her up.

          • Again, going way off into conjecture that none of the evidence admitted supports. You say I watch too much TV but you on the other have written a whole lot of fiction on a real life case. Stick to the evidence pal.

          • Pal these nuts. I am sticking to the case more your way out in left field not knowing it all about how cartels and other mafias work. Irony. So before you spew information. Get your facts right before you debate, “pal.”

          • Who introduced evidence on cartels and mafia? Prosecution or defense? Neither, your entire position is irrelevant to the case.

        • Nicole fabricated the domestic violence claims to get out of her prenuptial agreement. Her attorney told her that was the only way. So she got millions, property, kids and some of OJ’s businesses. Criminals and drug dealers got into those businesses, just as they did into Nicole and Ron’s favorite restaurant, the Mezzaluna, a front for drug money laundering, where death is an occupational hazard for employees like Ron. The drug dealers knew they could pressure Nicole into trying to get more money out of OJ to pay her debts. OJ almost helped her out, and he feels guilty he didn’t. That’s why he was suicidal. OJ told his attorneys not to bring up Nicole’s drug use. Of course, Ron was so into drugs and even more likely to be in debt, that he may have been a greater target than Nicole, for hit men hired by the drug dealers. Domestic violence, even if it occurred, is so more common than most believe, that the jury saw through it. Marcia Clark went for a nearly all female jury to peddle her domestic violence arguments, and the women who knew best, didn’t buy it.

          • Exactly. They don’t want to see the facts. Why would a woman who owns multiple properties with a father and sister in the area go into a shelter? To hide out her drug dealing friends!
            Ron’s best friend michael nigg was killed within 1 year of him, and Ron’s boss also had his throat slashed in an unsolved murder in a similar manner just 6 months from when Ron died. Ron was an LA drug dealer, Nicole was probably collateral damage in Ron’s little drug trade, they must have ripped off someone bad for them to all get wiped out like that.

            I am guessing they rented out a house to drug dealers and then took the coke in their and got high off it, and drug dealer snapped and killed them all.


          • Exactly, but we don’t even have to talk about Fred. Why don’t they like talking about Ron Goldman’s friends like michael nigg and brett cantor who were all murdered within 6 months of him. These guys were all dope dealers together. Either that, or the most unlucky waiters in the entire planet. How often does a waiter ever get killed in Brentwood anyways?

            These people were mafia, drug dealing crackheads. Crackheads wack each other off all the time.

          • I would also add did you see when Nicole’s sister took the stand, told all those lies on OJ and how he was peering from the back of the room giving dirty looks and was ready to kill. Then Cochran got the tape from a person who was filming OJ outside the school that evening, and that same sister runs up to oj and hugs and kisses him and the are smiles and the father is hugging him up. These people are complete liars.

          • She kissed him like she was the wife. She should have been locked up for those lies. The people who make all of these false statements are hurting the entire nation raxe relation went to hell after this case.

          • You are an idiot. I mean, to the point of being comical. It’s obvious that you didn’t give a shit if he did it or not…it’s all about race to you. You are stupid and sad.

          • You are Satanic and should burn in hell. You sick racist shit pod turd. EDTA IN BLOOD MEANS IT WAS PLANTED. NOW SHUT UP. AND WATCH THE TRIAL WITH A BLACK LAW BOOK BY YOUR SIDE.

        • See how people make shit up, Julian. Thank the powers that be that you’re around to knock the wind out of these blowhards. I think we can all agree that if anyone if is going to reply truthfully. AS ought to be ashamed, but she will just try a different tact.

          • She told the truth, so a different tactic would be…lying? That’s how O.J. got off. Don’t see why she’d resort to that.

      • As for Nicole saying he’s going to kill her, there is much speculation over that. The both of them were very volatile with each other. Secondly, if O.J. was going to kill her, this is how he would do it? As for the women’s shelter, how come that wasn’t in court? Because you would be surprised the things people do for fame and fortune! That’s why! Lastly, who calls a women’s shelter anonymously btw in whch they feel they are going to be murdered? It doesn’t make sense! None of this makes sense. I don’t buy it. I also read a witness report wherein the witness said that Nicole ran in the fast lane (her good friend Faye Resnik) said so … they both were in with drugs; Faye was in a rehab place at the time of the murders; cocaine. Mezzalune is well known for its ties to drugs. This witness also said that O.J. knew Nicole was dating, and yes, he admitted to spying on Nicole with any particular man; and that Nicole knew it! But, all of this is hearsay – unproven and not allowed in testimony.

      • I would not waste my time defending a woman beater. He beat Nicole like she was a man. No doubt he was lying in wait to kill her and ended up with a two for one, unless A.C. helped him not knowing he was going to kill anyone.

          • Probably was nothing to show, just like after the murders, he took small punishment in return for his lethal attack.

          • LOL, she was the one who was controlling who stood outside his house in tight dresses hoping to get noticed and who tried to go back to him 20 times and he rejected her because he moved on to a new girlfriend supermodel 10 years younger called paula barberi. So get over yourself.

          • It was Nicole who wanted to get back together with OJ. She wanted more of his millions, to pay off drug dealers. OJ hesitated, even though he loved her. He felt guilty he let drug dealers kill her. He became suicidal, momentarily. Then he came to his senses, But the news media never came to its senses.

          • Of course, the judge ito banned the letter showing she wrote to oj to get back together with him!
            OJ was done with her, he had a supermodel girlfriend paula barberi in her 20s, he didn’t need no old woman with a bunch of kids, drug problem, bad attitude, cheating, liar!

            Oj did not let drug men kill her, her boyfriend ron did that.

            OJ had survivors guilt.

            The news media knew exactly what was going on. In fact there were people lining LA streets supporting OJ when he was getting arrested. When the prosecutor rested her case, cbs did a poll and only 42% of people thought she proved her case.

            Now that number is like 80-90%, so what changed? It was when the defence showed their case, many people did not like it. They did not like that the prosecutors brought up race and that they showed the police (who most americans hold in a higher regard than priest and doctors) were dirty, corrupt, and racist (which is about the worse thing you can call a white person in those days). So because they felt under attack, they just turned against OJ.

        • Actually AC makes a better suspect than OJ. Best suspect though is Glen Rogers, a serial murderer of blonde women, with knives. Rogers confessed on tape. Marcia Clark knew about it, but concealed it. Clark had prosecuted so many innocent black males, she was certain she could convict OJ. She thought domestic violence was enough reason to falsely convict a man of a double murder. Rogers wore a shoe size that fits the murder scene shoe prints far better than OJ, and with the sole design that is not limited to a rare Italian custom made style. Rogers’ work shoes had the same sole design. Rogers worked at Nicole’s doing repair work. Rogers sent his mother stolen jewelry from Nicole’s home. Rogers’ brother is certain Glen Rogers did the murders. Rogers also sent a message to OJ apologizing for letting the public think OJ did it. Ron Ship, AC, Jason Simpson, or Rogers are far better suspects than OJ. OJ’s feet without shoes are a full 12 inches. The shoe prints are less than 11 1/2 inches. It’s impossible OJ did the murders. When the lead police investigator takes the 5th when asked if he framed OJ, it’s all too obvious OJ is totally innocent.

          • Read every comment here not one thing mentioned relates directly to the murder committed by Simpson. The defense encouraged speculation on the lifestyles, helped by the media and any other monetization effort available. But to date no alibi and no true factual evidence to support the lapd setup theory. But karma got him, he is locked up now for committing an unrelated crime.

          • Marcia Clark concealed telephone records showing Nicole was alive, on the phone talking to her mother when OJ was on his way to Chicago on a plane.

          • Huh? I only look at the evidence in this case and it points to a guilty verdict. However, the NOT guilty verdict was ONLY about color. Relax? Lmao, the murderer is behind bars as we speak, trust me, I couldn’t be more relaxed. What I recommend you do, is to give up crack and finds comments more recent than this one that i left 8 months ago…. hahahaha

      • Interesting. Only Nicole wanted this not for posterity, an unusual idea, except for politicians & their “legacies.” Nicole wanted it to extort money from OJ, to pay off her drug dealer suppliers who had threatened her life. She had used the fake domestic abuse before to get out of her prenuptial agreement, giving her more property in the divorce. She thought it would help her get even more out of OJ in the future. She tried extortion, and OJ might have paid her, but not fast enough to stop the drug dealers from offing her first. Nicole made friends with gay Ron Goldman, not for sex, but because he also worked for a drug dealer money laundering front, the Mezzaluna restaurant, where death of its employees was an occupational hazard. They were both so in debt, their days were numbered. LAPD works with drug dealers, gets a cut of their profits, and helps them get off by framing others for the murders of their hit men.

      • There was a mountain of evidence and every piece of it pointed to OJ. Only problem was the mountain of evidence was all fabricated as LAPD framed OJ, planted the glove & blood. They made some mistakes though, and got the glove size wrong, the cap size wrong, the shoe print size wrong, and then when Det. Fuhrman realized he’d been caught, he took the 5th, when asked if he framed OJ. The news media never figured it out though. The criminal jury did.

        • That is not why he took the 5th. The 5th is only relevant against self-incrimination. A witness is not on trial and therefore cannot incriminate himself. But Furhman was facing purjury charges and therefore had a right to not incriminate himself (Constitution Provides us all this right) so he pleaded the 5th so that his testimony in Simpson could not be used against him in the purjury case he was facing charges in. This is where your ignorance emerges, pleading 5th does not equate a lie, nor does it affirm an allegation. If pleading the 5th were to equate testimony as you suggested then pleading the 5th would be irrelevant and meaningless.

      • The book “IF I Did it” shows exactly how it would have happened “IF’ he did it, in a rage, with a loud argument, screaming, yelling. But when Nicole & Ron died, no one heard anything. No neighbor heard anything. There was no argument. The murder scene shoeprints show a slow normal walk, not a hurried rage. Nicole & Ron’s throats were cut, in a manner to stop them from making a sound. Their vocal chords were cut, so they couldn’t scream for help. The murders were a professional killing by hitmen, hired by drug dealers. Nicole & Ron ran up too many drug debts. Ron worked at the Mezzaluna, a front for laundering drug money. death was an occupational hazard for Mezzaluna employees. Ron & Nicole lived far beyond their means. They were deeply in debt, and couldn’t pay. Nicole had taken advantage of OJ before, in the divorce, by pretending she had been a victim of OJ’s domestic violence. That was Nicole’s way out of their prenuptial agreement. She faked the violence before and thought it would work again. OJ never abused Nicole. Det. Mark Fuhrman, convicted perjurer, was the responding officer on the original 911 call, supposedly from Nicole. Fuhrman fabricated the original “domestic violence.” What really happened was Nicole assaulted their maid and the maid called 911. Nicole ran outside & hid in the bushes. Fuhrman shows up, with his racist theory how blacks are always guilty of everything. Nicole listens in the bushes outside for half an hour before she realizes she can just go along with Fuhrman’s fake story. OJ was totally innocent.


        • Goldman and Nicole were cut on a main artery and blood sprayed away from the attacker who was shielded by the victims bodies. Very little blood was on Simpson but there was enough to end up on his socks in his bedroom and the console in the bronco. EDTA was a non-factor (the defense dna expert did not do his own independent test of the blood he only read the fbi report), becuase a, the fbi lab tech tested his own blood as a control to determine how much edta would be found in his own blood and it was so high that the lab tech should not have been alive if the edta levels found were true which means edta was inconclusive. DNA did match however, I would have been ok with the blood evidence being thrown out because there is enough evidence without the blood to convict.

    • Neither did Darden & Clark. Darden was so sure of OJ’s innocence, that Darden refused to be the prosecutor that put Fuhrman on the stand to testify. Clark did it, but she covered up Fuhrman’s racism, motives & opportunity to frame OJ. Clark admitted in closing arguments that Furhman was scum, the worst, the most racist of a very racist LAPD. Darden & Clark just wanted to win, to enhance their career, to make money off book royalties. They both got rich off OJ. Clark made so much money she retired. Darden still pretends OJ is guilty and beat the rap with his attorneys tampering with evidence. Prosecutors are used to winning every case. They control the evidence, hiding anything that helps the defense and coaching witnesses to get a conviction. Darden & Clark were so accustomed to railroading minorities, they felt insulted that they couldn’t get away with it again, with OJ. OJ’s money didn’t get him off. Fuhrman’s racism and motive for framing OJ got OJ off. Darden & Clark did their best to conceal evidence showing OJ innocent. Any ethical prosecutor never would have filed charges.

      • OJ’s case compares with Tokyo Rose and the Dreyfus Affair. The news media still continues to pretend Tokyo Rose was guilty, when the military knew she was innocent, including General MacArthur. Truman prosecuted her for political purposes. Dreyfus was framed. Even after that was clear, half of France continued to believe he was guilty. Tokyo Rose & Dreyfus were eventually freed. OJ Simpson, similarly framed, is in prison. We all hope he gets released, possibly this summer. Doing major time for stealing your own property should offend everyone. The news media with its continual fake news so poisoned the public and jury pools, OJ could never again get a fair trial. Even the first was an unfair trial with a biased news media, but a jury, most women, saw through the prosecution’s charade.

  24. You guys are nuts. Just follow the blood. There is no evidence of anyone being at the scene of the murder except Ron, Nicole, and Simpson. These three people were there and NO ONE else was.

    • ‘Throughout the investigation, there were issues with how evidence was secured. There was about 1.5 mL of O.J. Simpson’s blood assumed to be missing from a vial of evidence. The reason this idea of “lost blood” could not be countered by the LAPD was because there was no documentation of how much reference blood was taken from Simpson as evidence. The person who drew the blood could only guess he had taken 8 mL; only 6 mL could be accounted for by the LAPD.

      To add to the problem, the blood was not immediately turned over as evidence but was carried around for a few hours before it was entered into the chain of custody, allowing for speculation of when and how the 1.5 mL of blood may have disappeared.

      The security of LAPD storage and labs was also brought under scrutiny when it was found that evidence was altered or was given access to by unauthorized personnel. Simpson’s Bronco was entered at least twice by unauthorized personnel while in the impound yard; Nicole Simpson’s mother’s glasses had a lens go missing while it was in the LAPD facility.”

      Simpsons blood was planted there and the evidence from dr. lee demonstrates there were multiple killers.

      “Lee told jurors earlier that he examined photos taken by police but also went to the crime scene two weeks after the killings and did his own investigating. He said that was when he discovered extra “imprints” with a parallel design on the walkway that could be consistent with shoes.

      Using a giant magnifying glass to look at photos, Lee showed jurors the extra imprints. Prosecution experts saw only one set of prints from a Bruno Magli shoe that prosecutors have tried to link to Simpson.”

      • The FBI Lab at Quantico tested every drop of blood found at the crime scenes and none contained the preservative EDTA which was mixed with the blood in the test tube that was taken from OJ. Therefore none of the blood could have been planted. The blood from the crime scene had already been collected and sent to the lab before OJ even arrived back in town to give blood. The only blood found after OJ gave blood was a fingerprint at the back gate, but that fingerprint had been noted in police notes from several officers and the lab techs neglected to collect it until later. OJ changed his story about how he got the cuts on his hand over and over again. At the criminal trial he said he had cut his hand both at his house before he left on the plane and again at the hotel room, but in the civil trial, he denied that he had cut his hand before he left. Complete story change.

        • You are incorrect.

          Dershowitz explained that the bloody sock had EDTA on it, and that was one of the reasons given for why they believe the blood evidence was planted.

          We also have to bear in mind that there is a big backlog on these cases, blood results do not come instantly, and you have a convicted liar swearing that there is integrity in the process. And the police have unfettered access to OJ, blood sample, it is the easiest thing to go and hold back a small vial of blood and plant evidence.

          Additionally the fbi admits there was edta

          “The planting theory is also supported by evidence that the chemical preservative ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (“EDTA”) was found in the stain, the defense argued. The victims’ blood samples were stored at the LAPD laboratory in tubes that contained EDTA. When the defense first raised the theory that the blood on the sock had been planted, the prosecution sent the sock to the FBI laboratory and asked that the stain be tested for EDTA. Absence of EDTA would presumably have been taken as proof that the stain did not come from the laboratory tubes. But the tests performed by FBI agent-examiner Roger Martz did show evidence of the presence of EDTA. When the prosecution declined to call Martz as a witness, he was called by the defense. Martz admitted that the stain showed traces of EDTA but opined that the quantity was too low to be consistent with blood from a reference tube. The defense then presented Dr. Fredrick Reiders, who reviewed Martz test results and expressed the opinion that the quantities of EDTA present in the stain were indeed consistent with the stain originating in blood from a reference tube, and are too high to be consistent with blood from a living human being. The defense argued that Dr. Reiders was a better qualified and more credible witness than Martz, who does not have an advanced degree, and that Reider’sconclusion, if true, proves that the blood on the sock was planted. ”

          “The defense argued that the planting theory was consistent with the quantity and condition of the DNA in the samples from the rear gate. The other samples collected at the crime scene, including those from the front gate, were highly degraded and contained little typeable DNA. By contrast, the samples from the back gate contained high concentrations of undegraded DNA. The defense argued that these samples should have been somewhat degraded had they been exposed to the environment for three weeks before being collected.
          The planting theory was also supported by the FBI tests, which showed evidence of EDTA in the samples from the back gate.

          The blood had edta therefore was planted.

          OJ never testified at the criminal trial, that being said, peoples memories change naturally over the years, no one remembers how they cut their hands years later.

        • The FBI could not have tested every drop of blood. Yamauchi (LAPD) did some blood testing. Not all tests were done by FBI and besides no agency covered themselves in glory in this case, not even the FBI.
          FBI could only test what they were sent by the LAPD and as we all know, there was missing OJ blood which still remains unexplained.

          Regarding EDTA, prior to the testing, Marcia Clarke was so confident of the blood evidence she agreed to drop the case if the tests found EDTA on alleged Oj blood at the crime scene and the blood on the sock. Lets just say she was shocked by the results that found EDTA on only the blood and not on control material but reneged on dropping the case. The fact that EDTA was found is irrefutable if you read the court transcripts.

        • The FBI lab has been a political lab, without reliable quality assurance. FBI chemist Whitehurst was not allowed to testify at OJ’s trials. Whitehurst was ready to testify the prosecution’s witness, FBI chemist Roger Martz lied, perjured himself, and fakes lab results to fit whatever the prosecution wants. That was Marcia Clark’s only real witness, Martz, the perjurer, the whore, ready to lie to help whatever prosecutor wants him to say.

        • FBI chemist Whitehurst was not allowed to testify. Whitehurst would have testified the prosecution’s chief chemist Roger Martz committed perjury. Martz falsely claimed no EDTA in the blood. Johnny Cochran got repeated phone calls from an anonymous LAPD lab tech saying LAPD was framing OJ. Even Martz’ own notes showed EDTA in the blood. Martz tried to help prosecutors frame OJ. Martz was the prosecutors’ favorite, a chemist ready to frame anyone to advance his career.

        • Are you trying to say that oj cut himself, left his blood on the ground, walked in his own blood and left that as a footprint? Because that is one bizarre theory. The blood evidence was tainted with edta, there is no way to explain that other than it was put into the blood to prevent clotting, and that only has one explanation. Either OJ poured blood preservant chemicals on all his property or the cops did.

          • All that stupid bullshit dont mean a damn thing except the piece of shit got away with it because of the stupidity of LAPD and the District Attny office.

          • It doesn’t mean a damn thing? LOL Very intelligent statement – not! I hope you never get accused of something YOU didn’t do. Heaven help you.

          • LAPD & the LA prosecutors were experts at framing innocent suspects, especially minorities. Google “Ramparts Scandal.” Were Clark & Darden “stupid” for thinking they could frame another black man, after such success framing so many blacks? They knew how to frame blacks. They had vast experience and endless resources, including endless police ready to lie, fabricate, perjure themselves, & manufacture evidence, take the 5th if needed. With the best framers ever, they lost, solely because OJ was totally innocent & far more than innocent. Call it 200% innocent, as more accurate.

          • all they have to do Western glove inside out because if he was bleeding inside the glove his blood will be inside the glove as well and if they still have the glove and evidence there still should be traces of his blood inside the glove. There is no way someone is going to drop all that blood through a glove leather gloves at that not to mention if he stepped all that blood there should have been blood on the floor of the Bronco as well

          • Well it would seem to be the case. Except that his fingers are cut but the gloves are not cut. So they now claim he wasn’t wearing the gloves when he did the murder. So we are to believe OJ brought gloves to do the murder scene, took off the gloves during the murder so he could leave a trail of dripping blood evidence from the scene to his bronco.

            Then he forgot one glove at the scene on his non-dominant hand, but he made sure to not turn the glove inside out as is normally done when taking off gloves. Then he made sure he used his non-glove hand to leave stains all over the bronco from his bleeding finger. However when he got to his own house, he packed up the bloody knife and bloody clothes and bruno magli shoes put them in a duffle bag and dumped it in the garbage at the airport, although the limo driver didn’t see it. However, OJ decided it would be too much hassle to keep the glove on his hand from the side of his house to the front door, so he peeled it off and left it on the ground, because that was a very good place to hide a blood glove, on the ground at the side of your house in an open area where the mailman and kato and anyone who walked on the property would easily see. Oh no, it would have been to hard for OJ to throw it in the bushes or stick it under the dirt in the garden or put it with the bloody clothes and shoes. No, so he left it in the pathway because it was a great place to leave it, as no policeman would dear look there.

            See makes perfect sense. This is what these OJ haters believe. It is like they will perform mental gymnastics to deny reality. Someone who wears a glove to a murder obviously isn’t dumb enough to throw that bloody glove at their house side.

            These people offer no explanation of how a tiny finger cut left this huge blood trail evidence.

            They found trace dna on the bronco gas pedal. The problem is though, 40 cops and 5 reporters all went into the bronco before forensics was done on it and it was broken into 2 times before forensics got to it. The cops ruined any case they might have had the moment they stepped foot on OJ property.

            Dna testing is so senstive that if 4-5 cops walk to a murder scene, and then walk over to a murder suspects house, the scene is instantly compromised. You have now transfered via your shoes, murder victim dna to the entire suspects property. The cops didn’t understand, that just by walking to the scene and bloody floor, then walking all over ojs house, going in his bronco, that they basically put dna all over his place.

            I am now working on the conclusion, that the police, who did not arrest oj the 60 times they were called to his house for dv, were secretly trying to get OJ off to spite the prosecutor who had directed the investigation to only focus on OJ.

          • So what you are saying is a man who has just committed a double murder wouldn’t leave the glove in such a visible place but experienced detectives would? Hmmmm…

          • Yes, because the detective is trying to get the glove noticed and put into evidence, the killer is trying to hide his crime. If the detective were to try to hide the glove too well it could create more problems. For instance, if the detective hides the glove under leaves in the middle of a large lawn in fall, people would question how could the detective find it so easily in the middle of the night? Thus he must put it in an obvious spot if he is going to do the frame up right.

          • i think it would be extremely dumb for him to just plant it in open view when he could just put it to the side somewhere, it wouldn’t even have to be hidden, just not smack bang in the middle of where everyone can see. And there isn’t a single logical explanation for footprints.

          • Well is behind a guest house in plain or open view? Its not entirely out in the open, but not entirely hidden either. That is not smack bang in the open view.

            Dr. Lee pointed out there were 2-3 sets of foot prints and the imprints attributed to the bruno magli shoes were not actually footprints at all. This was meerely conjecture from the prosecutor, who is free to alleged whatever she wants.

          • That is completely false, I forget his name but the fbi expert testified that the print at the crime scene was from Bruno Magli size 12 shoe. I actually think there’s a chance the sock was planted and no doubt the cops mishandled the evidence but he is absolutely 100% guilty.

          • No it is true. The fbi agent, not expert, was refuted by his own colleague who said he fabricated reports. Dr. Lee is a forensice expert, the fbi agent wasn’t he was just a run of the mill “Special” agent, but all fbi agents are special agents.

            OJ could not have done it, there is no time he could have.

          • Lol, it seems you are mixing facts with tabloid bs. At the time of testimony, William Bodziak was working for the fbi as an EXPERT on shoe prints and tyre tracks and had been doing for 22 years. There are numerous pictures of the Bruno Maggli print in court. And do you think his book was just a bit of fun?

          • No you are. He has no training to to be an expert above any other fbi agent, all fbi agents are special agents, thats the rub! Its not a bruno magli shoe, it is an imprint, dr lee was correct. His own coleague says he is a liar and falsyfies reports.

          • There is a school of thought that Jason may have done the murders. I’m sure i heard ( a long time ago) that he was the same shoesize as OJ and that Nicole bought two pairs of gloves, one for OJ and one for Jason. He is also similar biuld and height as OJ. Since there is no plans for a reopening of the case, the only way can know for sure is if OJ confessed or someone else we dont know admitted doing it.

          • His name was Bodziak, the man who gave you the exclusive Bruno Magli shoes. He lied under oath because the imprint was consistent with Silga soles that were sold to 19 shoe companies other than Bruno Magli. Without the shoe brand imprint, Bruno Magli is just one of 20 different brand of shoes it could have been.

            Ps. Do your own research on any of the people in this case and you’ll more than likely conclude it was a dirty case with many perjurers than just Furhman. Furhman was used as a scapegoat to save the criminal justice system which was totally abused in this case from the police, the DA’s office, the prosecutors, the witnesses and the Defence ALL OF THEM WERE IN A CIRCUS RATHER THAN A COURT.

          • The shoe prints show OJ 100% innocent. Their court evidence shows a shoe print smaller than the photographed tile, maximum 11 1/2 inches in length. The shoe prints were smaller, closer to 11 inches. OJ’s feet, without shoes, are a full 12 inches. it’s impossible OJ wore shoes that fit the shoe prints

          • The fbi agent was contradicted by his own colleague who said he was fabricating reports and there is a youtube video of it.

          • Thank you. OJ thanks you. You proved OJ innocent. Beyond any reasonable doubt. Beyond even unreasonable doubts and imaginary doubts. If only the news media, police or prosecutors had a fraction of the mental faculties or sanity you have.

          • Some of those “friends” included drug dealers and hookers. Those associations, OJ claims was what led to the final 911 calls. He says he faught with Nicole because he didn’t want those type of people around his children.

          • Because OJ cut his hand in a Chicago hotel, long after someone else killed Nicole & Ron. Police in Chicago found broken glass and blood in his hotel room sink. LAPD Det. Mark Fuhrman didn’t know OJ would cut his hand in Chicago, so he didn’t think to cut the glove. Fuhrman also got the glove size a little too small. A football fan on the flight to Chicago was next to OJ and looked at his hand, hoping to get a glimpse of a superbowl ring (not realizing OJ had not been in a superbowl), so he stared at the fingers, & kept looking, and remembers no blood whatsoever.

          • The edta spin is simply spin. The doctor testifying to it did not test the blood independently and only read the reports from the lab (the same lab defense argued was a cesspool and could not be trusted). On cross-examination this doctor of Simpson’s defense testified that the amount of edta found in the lab techs own blood was not possible because the lab tech would be dead with the tested amount resulted. This indicates the edta levels in the lab reports were inconclusive and not reliable, but the jury did not comprehend the meaning of this DNA testimony.

        • All this fuss about police spreading oj blood around trying to frame him however even if they had where did they get oj’s blood from … Crazy the jury couldn’t understand that .. 100% guilty

          • How about when the lab records showed that the lead detective Mark Fuhrman took blood dna from the lab and that it is unaccounted for? 25% of the blood taken from OJ, nicle and ron vanished into thin air and Fuhrman was the last one with it. The reasonable inference is he planted it. There is no reason why Fuhrman should have ever touched those blood samples. NONE. That alone would get most cases dismissed.

            They got OJ’s’ blood from when they asked him to produce blood samples. Besides, they tainted the scenes and had access to his property and thereby his dna. The jury understood trace dna and cross contamination, something you are too stupid to get.

          • One more little thing that nobody ever mentions: What are the ODDS of O.J. (supposedly) dropping not one but two of the gloves he supposedly wore? One at the crime scene and the other at his home on Rockingham. It was Furhman that jumped his fence, fell against the wall and made the loud thud, on purpose, and planted the SECOND glove.

          • ok can you please tell me how fuhrman framed oj with the bloody footprints? did he go to ojs house, get the shoes, walk around the crime scene for a bit and then dispose of them somewhere? and how did fuhrman know oj didnt have an alibi? lemne guess, he was stalking him so he knew he was in bed and alone

          • Dr. Lee says they aren’t footprints at all. Although ironically, Vannatter was storing oJ’s shoes in his house instead of in evidence.
            You are incorrect, Oj did have an alibi, he was playing golf in his backyard then fell asleep, therefore he could not have been at the murder scene.

          • lol oh yeah the alibi that was so strong they decided to change it which doesn’t look suspicious at all. Funny how no one can verify it. Maybe he was sleep golfing?
            I agree Vanatter shouldn’t have done that but they weren’t the magglis so it doesn’t matter. And they proved beyond any doubt that someone wearing a size 12 Maggli was at the crime scene, that is a verifiable fact. It was impossible for the detectives to plant some of the evidence, the timeline for the ridiculous theory his son did it doesn’t fit, thee are no other suspects, he wrote a suicide letter then tried to flee to Mexico with a fake moustache lol what more do you need?

          • “lol oh yeah the alibi that was so strong they decided to change it which doesn’t look suspicious at all. Funny how no one can verify it. Maybe he was sleep golfing?”

            OJ never changed his alibi. OJ verifies his alibi.

            “I agree Vanatter shouldn’t have done that but they weren’t the magglis so it doesn’t matter.”

            Maglis don’t matter because Dr. Lee says there were no Magli shoeprints anyways. And Vanatter does matter because even if they didn’t catch him planting every piece of evidence, doesn’t mean he wasn’t.

            “And they proved beyond any doubt that someone wearing a size 12 Maggli was at the crime scene, that is a verifiable fact. ”

            No they didn’t dr. Lee the top forensics expert on the planet said they were not maglis and said they weren’t even shoe prints. That means reasonable doubt.

            “Dr. Henry Lee is one of the foremost forensic scientists in the country. He dropped a bombshell Tuesday when he told the court there were mysterious footprints at the murder scene that didn’t come from O.J. Simpson’s Bruno Magli shoes.

            Dr. HENRY LEE: This two-dimensional pattern cannot be come from the Bruno Magli shoes.

            LEWIS: The extra shoeprints back up the defense theory that a person or persons other than O.J. Simpson committed the double murders.

            Mr. ROBERT SHAPIRO (Simpson Attorney): Dr. Lee is the foremost expert in his field, and he discovered something that all the other experts in the country have not seen.

            Unidentified Reporter: Who do those footprints belong to?

            Mr. SHAPIRO: A second person who was at the scene.”


            ” It was impossible for the detectives to plant some of the evidence,”

            Tell me which evidence specifically was it impossible for them to plant? The blood on the Bronco which they lied about in a search warrant was human blood 5 days before it was even tested? Or how about how about the physically impossible bloody handprints on the consoles which was broken into twice and reporters used as a coffee table for days? Or maybe the medical experts testified that blood turns solid within 5-15 minutes minutes on a glove exposed in that environment, this was the PROSECUTORS witness, yet somehow Fuhrman testified the blood was wet when he picked up the glove 7.5 hours after the homicide allegedly occured.

            The overwhelming evidence from edta, to unbelieveable story of the officers taking home evidence, stealing blood samples from the lab, evidence being broken into, not secured, no booties worn on crime scene, bloody finger prints found after the scene was washed down, glove with blood that doesn’t clot after 7.5 hours, the ability for the police to determine that the blood was human on the car without testing it. All of these are strong indicators of planted evidence.

            ” the timeline for the ridiculous theory his son did it doesn’t fit, thee are no other suspects, he wrote a suicide letter then tried to flee to Mexico with a fake moustache lol what more do you need?”

            The defense never really has to explain who does it, they don’t have to do the police’s job and the prosecutors job or powers. Its an unrealistically high standard anyways.

            Innocent people kill themselves all the time after their loved ones die. You hear it all the time, people who don’t want to live in a world without their loved ones, it is a sign of innocence not guilt. There is no evidence he tried to flee to Mexico, as if the most famous man in America was really going to go on the run when he is so easily recognizable. Like all celebrities who are hounded by the press in LA, OJ often wore disguises when he travelled to try to keep the media off his back. The media was so aggressive they murdered princess diana, and Michael Jackson had to stop driving altogether.

            There are other suspects, OJ’s son, The colombian cartel who was connected to faye resnick, ron goldman drug head friend who were dropping like flies, or how about fred goldman’s wife ex-husband who was a mobster and he stole his wife?

            Here are just two more proof of planted evidence the defense raise at trial.

            “Switching of Swatches. After they were used to collect blood at the crime scene, the Bundy swatches were sealed in plastic bags and stored in a truck. At the end of the day, they were returned to the LAPD crime laboratory and left in test tubes overnight to dry. The next morning, criminalist Andrea Mazzola packaged the dried swatches in paper bindles. In a pretrial hearing about two months thereafter, Mazzola testified that she had placed her initials on each of the bindles.

            When defense experts examined the bindles containing the Bundy swatches, they made two startling discoveries: none of the bindles bore Mazzola’s initials, n14 but some bore what renowned criminalist and defense expert Dr. Henry Lee later characterized as wet transfer stains – the sort of stains that would be produced by contact with swatches that were wet with blood. These observations led Dr. Lee to a memorable conclusion: “something is wrong.”

            The Bundy swatches should not have been wet when they were placed in the bindles, the defense argued. According to laboratory notes, the swatches had been allowed to air-dry in open test tubes for fourteen hours before they were placed in the bindles. Dr. Lee testified that the swatches should have been completely dry within three hours. A study produced by the prosecution stated that swatches dry within fifty-five minutes.

            The defense suggested that one of the detectives took blood from Simpson’s reference tube, created swatches, and then stored the swatches in plastic bags until an opportunity arose to substitute them for the Bundy swatches (perhaps substituting the bindles as well). The tell-tale wet transfers occurred because the detective failed to allow the swatches to dry adequately after removing them from the plastic bags. The defense was able to establish, through cross-examination of the prosecution’s experts, that LAPD detectives are trained in the collection of blood samples; detectives have swatches and plastic bags for that purpose and often submit blood swatches to the laboratory. Moreover, the lead detectives in the Simpson case had access to the laboratory.

            Lead detective Philip Vannatter also had access to Simpson’s blood. Blood was drawn from Simpson by Thano Peratis, a nurse employed by the LAPD, the day after the crime. Peratis placed the tube of Simpson’s blood in an unsealed envelope and gave it to detective Vannatter. The defense established that LAPD policy calls for evidence of this sort to be booked immediately, and that Vannatter could have booked it within minutes at either of two locations. But he did not do so. Instead, he kept Simpson’s blood with him for at least several hours and, by his account, drove across the city with it to Simpson’s residence, where he gave it to LAPD criminalist Dennis Fung. Whether Vannatter’s account is accepted or not, the defense argued, it is clear that he had sole possession of Simpson’s blood tube long enough to have removed blood and made some swatches had he chosen to do so.

            Furthermore, blood was missing from Simpson’s reference tube. Nurse Thano Peratis testified at a preliminary hearing that he had drawn eight milliliters (ml.) of blood from Simpson. Under close questioning, he expressed confidence that the amount was between 7.9 and 8.1 ml. n21 However, records in the LAPD Crime Laboratory indicated that the tube had contained only 6.5 ml. when it was received by the laboratory. The prosecution responded that Peratis must have been mistaken about how much blood was drawn.”

            “The defense argued that the planting theory was consistent with the quantity and condition of the DNA in the samples from the rear gate. The other samples collected at the crime scene, including those from the front gate, were highly degraded and contained little typeable DNA. By contrast, the samples from the back gate contained high concentrations of undegraded DNA. The defense argued that these samples should have been somewhat degraded had they been exposed to the environment for three weeks before being collected.

            The planting theory was also supported by the FBI tests, which showed evidence of EDTA in the samples from the back gate.”

            “Nicole Brown Simpson’s Blood Was Planted On the Sock. The blood matching Nicole Brown Simpson that was found on the sock was a large, thick stain, slightly larger than the size of a quarter. It had a slightly crusty appearance and made the underlying material of the sock stiff and puckered. Surely this stain would have been noticed, the defense argued, had it been on the sock at the time the sock was collected. Yet on three separate occasions the sock was examined and the stain was not noticed. On June 13, 1994, criminalist Dennis Fung collected the socks in O.J. Simpson’s bedroom. At that time he was conducting a search for blood in Simpson’s residence. He noted no blood on the socks. On June 22, 1994, the socks were examined at the LAPD laboratory by Michelle Kestler, a laboratory supervisor, and two experts for the defense, Michael Baden and Barbara Wolf. They noted no blood. On June 29, 1994, the socks were examined again as part of an inventory of evidence ordered by Judge Ito. The express purpose of the inventory was to determine what blood samples might be available to be split with the defense. No blood was observed on the sock. The laboratory notes say “blood search, none obvious.” Then on August 4, 1994, the blood stain was discovered. The defense argued that this sequence of events makes it obvious that the blood was planted on the sock sometime after June 29, 1994.

            Defense experts Dr. Henry Lee and Professor Herbert MacDonnell examined the sock and concluded that the blood stain had been pressed onto it while it was lying flat, and not while someone’s leg was in the sock. The blood had soaked through one side of the sock and left a “wet transfer” on the opposite inner wall at a point that would have been directly under the stain had the sock been lying flat. The wet transfer is inconsistent with the prosecution theory, the defense argued, because Simpson’s leg would have blocked such a transfer had he been wearing the sock when the blood was deposited on it during the murders. Based on Professor MacDonnell’s estimates of the drying rate of blood on the sock, the defense argued that by the time Simpson got home and removed the socks, the blood would have dried, making a wet transfer impossible at that point.”

            Sorry those people planted all of the so called evidence, there was no time OJ could have done the crime. She was probably murdered when OJ was on the plane and over Utah. When the cops got on the scene by 12:40 the ice cream of Nicole was not even melted. The ice cream expert testified and conducted testing in the same cup under the same conditions that the ice cream would have been fully melted within an hour and fifteen minutes. Which means nicole was still alive at least 1 hour and fifteen minutes before 12:40 when the officer found the ice cream. Thus she was still alive at 11:25, when OJ was boarding his plane. Thus OJ couldn’t have been the killer. It is forensically impossible.

          • Fuhrman is LAPD’s chief racist, holder of the Racist of the Century Trophy, with Hitler’s book in his bedroom. Literally. Fuhrman did literally stalk OJ. Fuhrman was the responding officer in the original domestic violence case. It wasn’t Nicole who dialed 911 It was the maid. Nicole was physically assaulting the maid. The maid called 911, as OJ tried to stop Nicole from physically harming the maid. Nicole ran outside when she heard the 911 call. She waited in the bushes outside, for half an hour. When she realized Furhman was a total racist ready to blame anything on OJ, she came in, and fitted her fake story to fit Fuhrman’s racist fantasies about black men. Fuhrman wanted to be in on the big case, and this was Furhman’s chance. He didn’t care if he got it right. He’d give it an heroic effort. and Marcia Clark went along helping Fuhrman frame OJ. Prosecutors, especially Los Angeles prosecutors, at the time, wanted to win so much, to advance their career, they’d do anything, including help police frame the innocent.

          • Fuhrman took the 5th as to whether he framed OJ. How many lead detectives do that, and have anyone believe the suspect is guilty?

          • They got OJ’s dna from when he came back on a flight from Chicago the next day. They could have even got it from his toilet as urine has dna and they had access to his house before any “bloody glove” was founded.

          • Maybe? Or maybe Det. Mark Fuhrman framed OJ? They asked Fuhrman if he planted the glove & blood. Fuhrman took the 5th. Doesn’t that raise a few questions?

          • No footprints of blood in the Bronco, Can someone explain this, Ron Goldman put up a fight, this is a fact, his knuckles showed that he threw punches that landed, yet, there was NO BRUISING on OJ Simpson?

          • Because Fuhrman had only so much blood to sprinkle around. As forensic scientist Henry Lee testified something was very wrong, with not enough blood.

          • Police tore apart OJ’s shower plumbing and found no blood, not the smallest residue of blood. But we’re supposed to believe OJ cleaned himself up in the bathroom? Where did the blood go?

        • The truth is boring when you compare it to what these nuts want to believe. It’s the boring truth. You rode in the BENTLEY with Kato dressed to kill, lied and said I am gonna get some sleep for this red eye, gonna play a round of golf tomorrow. Parked the Bentley slid into the BRONCO drove 8 minutes away and his in the bushes like he was known to do, kill her and Ron, drove back home and wrapped clothes and everything in plastic that you covered the bronco in and you thought the gloves were in that plastic. Dumped it in an airport trash can that is emptied twice every hour. Almost got away clean but that damn DNA makes it difficult.

          • After the airport trashcan is dumped, is the garbage evaportated, ethered into fine dust? You know that the garbage is just taken to a landfill right? And you know they have dogs that they train to sniff blood, human remains and any other biological material – including SEMEN, right???

            The killer would have been covered in blood. There would have been blood everywhere, not just drops and smears.

          • nope. The killer slit both throats from behind so the blood under immense pressure shot forward away from victim and assailant, assailant is also shielded from blood by standing behind victim. After the initial cut of the arteries the pressure drops and victims bleeds out in minutes and dies. Most of the blood will be on the ground.

          • There will also be blood on the victim, their killer and the gloves the killer wore and the shoes and everything else. You’re full of it: “so the blood under immense pressure shot forward away from victim and assailant, assailant is also shielded from blood by standing behind victim” loooool looooooooool looooooooooooool

          • I’m not full of shit since I am not the one who re-constructed the murders with 3-D computer animation. Based upon forensics such as blood splatter and where the bodies were found they were able to show how the murders took place. Most of the blood was on the ground. But when you slit a throat a huge artery called the jugular is cut and initially the blood pressure causes an intense pressure like putting your thumb on a garden hose outlet. The blood pressure drops fast after that and victim becomes disabled quickly.

          • That sounds far too much like a professional killing by drug dealers using experienced hitmen, not a spur of the moment enraged jealous lover. The killers also managed to slit two people’s throats before either had a chance to scream or yell for help. That’s another sign of professional hit men. Which excludes OJ.

          • No other dna found other than the two victims and the defendant. Only 3 people present when murders took place were the ones dna could prove.

        • The frame theory fails on the fact that the detectives had no knowledge of Simpson being in Chicago or anywhere else. Why would the detectives risk a murderer escaping simply to frame Simpson? The detectives at bundy were not acquainted prior to working the crime scene, why would any one of the detectives risk prosecution and losing a career suggesting a conspiracy to frame Simpson? There is zero motive to do so, and zero opportunity to do so as well. Your point is also spot on regarding the footprint. Cochran went with this narrative because he had no solid defense. He got Simpson an NG by leveraging the racism in the wake of the riots and Rodney King. It is moronic for people to argue in favor of Simpson being innocent.

        • As world renowned forensic scientist Henry Lee testified, something was very wrong with the blood evidence, as there was too little of it. Lee said if LAPD investigated their murders half as much as they investigated Lee when they discovered he was a defense witness, they’d have solved every murder in LA. Lee was almost solely a prosecution witness. But for OJ, the evidence led Lee to realize something was very wrong with the “evidence” pointing to OJ. The blood evidence (that “mountain of evidence”) was more consistent with planting, framing a suspect than of real evidence.

      • You sound like Cochran. Only difference is Cochran knew he was full of shit, that’s what made it so damn brilliant. An acquittal even if you did it. a not many lawyers can pull that off. snow he may have some work to do for his karmic debt but hope he got out of it everything he wanted. Darden was the real winner in this. He walked away with his dignity and his soul. He never sold out what he believed in. He got dissed cold but he faced and took it like a man.

        • OJ never did it though. Darden helped to try to convict an innocent man for a crime he didn’t do while letting the killers walk free and suppressing evidence, the Republicans didn’t even want him at their convention, they knew what he did.

        • Cochran pulled his punches. He should have gone far more than compare LAPD to Hitler. He should have attacked Marcia Clark & Uncle Tom Chris Darden, and filed ethical complaints & law suits against both. Ok, prosecutors are absolutely immune fro lawsuits, like judges, but Cochran could have set legal precedent, when prosecutors & judges are so evil like Clark, Darden & Ito, they deserved to go to prison. not OJ. Clark & Darden made money with books, while attempting to frame OJ, and got away with helping the real murderer go free. Prosecutors are pure scum, totally evil, if you look at Clark & Darden. Thankfully Clark left law practice, and Darden’s law practice has suffered, not because they were incompetent in OJ’s case, but because they were so corrupt, unethical, and pure evil.

          • Sound entirely emotional. The verdict was about everything but the murder of Nicole and Ron.

          • Only the original jurors, mostly women, cared about the facts, as they were the ones who first looked at the evidence mostly closely, without major news media bias. They found OJ not guilty almost immediately. After that the news media poisoned any rational discussion.

          • This statement right here is what this entire Simpson thing pivots on. The “non-sale out” blacks who demand Simpson’s innocence because a detective used the N word while collaborating on a screenplay years before the double homicide took place. Simpson’s world was white. From Brentwood, to all of his lawyers, agents, friends, doctors, wife, girlfriends, bi-racial friends, Simpson left the hood when he arrived at USC. Darden was an African American who lived in the hood up until the Simpson Verdict, dealt with being passed over for advancement at the DA, Johnnie Cochran was his mentor whose footsteps Darden followed by working in the DA department that Cochran created with the purpose of prosecuting law enforcement misconduct. Darden lived the real life of a black man. His racial status was never in question. Darden had to request the glove demonstration because Simpson Attorney Shapiro sized it up beforehand and was convinced by comparing it to his own hand that Simpson would be able to demonstrate it not fitting. So had Darden not, Cochran would have made the request and it would make the Prosecution look like they were trying to hide something. But the glove alone convicts Simpson. The gloves were only sold in Bloomingdales in Manhattan. Nicole purchased two pair, one for Simpson, one for AC. Two men in Brentwood for certain owned these gloves, and one female resident in Brentwood for certain purchased them from the Manhattan store, and she is one of the murder victims.

          • It wasn’t just a use of an N word decades ago, in a screen play. They had witnesses testify Det. Fuhrman hated blacks, wanted them dead, prosecuted whether innocent or not. One woman witness said Fuhrman most of all hated interracial couples, like OJ & Nicole. Fuhrman was very open about his hatred of blacks to his girlfriends. Fuhrman had stalked both OJ & Nicole for a decade. Nicole bought the wrong size gloves for OJ. That’s why Nicole still had them. Fuhrman thought they were OJ’s & tried to use them to frame OJ. Most of all, Fuhrman took the 5th when asked if he framed OJ, whether he planted the glove & blood. That’s the biggest red flag ever. The glove should have had a cut or hole in it matching OJ’s cut in his hand, but no match, at all. Fuhrman proved to the jury that listened most to all evidence, that OJ was totally innocent. Fuhrman also obviously lied, perjured himself on why Fuhrman went to OJ’s without a warrant. A real judge, with minimal fairness would have precluded all evidence, as unreliable. Judge Ito however was married to and slept every night with Fuhrman’s supervisor. Kangaroo Court, but an honest jury, nearly all women, handpicked by Marcia Clark. They saw through the fake prosecution. There was no domestic violence. Fuhrman was the responding officer on that original case and wrote a fake police report to get Nicole into bed. Fuhrman bragged about having sex with Nicole.

          • Simpson wore those gloves on National Television while sport casting Monday Night Football. ACs gloves were smaller and Simpson borrowed ACs gloves in the days and weeks prior to the murder. Simpson took ACs gloves by mistake when he committed those murders. Problem for Simpson is that those gloves AC or not link him to the crime scene.

          • When Fuhrman framed OJ do you think Fuhrman would choose gloves that at least looked like OJ’s or just any old gloves? Some say Nicole purchased the wrong size and Fuhrman found them to use for framing OJ. So, did OJ use gloves when he supposedly killed 2 people, somehow cutting himself but not cutting the gloves he wore? Or did he kill 2 people, cut himself and then put gloves that didn’t fit over his bloody hand? Neither makes any sense If OJ used gloves, there should have been a cut in the glove corresponding to the cut in his hand. Then OJ loses both gloves, one at the murder scene & one at his home? How likely is that? Most likely Fuhrman planted the gloves. He’s the one who “found” them. He’s the one who took the 5th when asked if he framed OJ.

          • You assume Simpson wore gloves when he comitted the murders. Had he wore gloves his hand would not have been injured. Had he wore the gloves he would not have dropped them at the scene or on his estate. OJ wore the gloves that fit on national TV. ACs gloves were too small for Simpson. No evidence showing Furhman went to Bloomingdales in Manahttan New York to purchase those shoes. Nicole did have sales records in evidence of the purchase of Simpson’s and AC’s gloves.

          • The news media, the prosecution, & every OJ critics assumes OJ wore gloves. Fuhrman stalked OJ & Nicole for over a decade, bragging how he had sex with her, while boasting how he wanted to see all blacks dead. Here’s the best suspects for who really killed Nicole & Ron: LAPD Det. Mark Fuhrman, drug dealers, Glen Rogers, AC, Ron Shipp, Jason Simpson, the same people who killed Bret Cantor or Michael Nigg, and just about anyone, except OJ. If OJ didn’t wear gloves, the only explanation is Fuhrman framed OJ, dropping the gloves, so conveniently, one at the murder scene and one at OJ’s residence. EDTA in the blood proves Fuhrman framed OJ. Why was Fuhrman framing OJ? To point away from himself or away from others Fuhrman knew did it, or pure hatred of blacks & interracial couples.

          • Simpson as evidence has proven was one of two people who knew Nicole that owned those gloves. Simpson could not fit the gloves, for not wearing them one lands on the ground while he comitted the act, the other matching glove was found laying on the ground at his estate. EDTA levels in the blood samples were proven as inconclusive. We also will not ignore that no other blood or DNA evidence pointed to anyone else.

      • you are dumb as fuck…..they never found jasons blood anywhere…it was nicoles and rons and she had another persons DNA under her nails….it fit nobody they new….

        • In 1994 DNA tests were primitive. They couldn’t identify a single person only family blood. So the murders were either done by OJ, Jason or OJ’s father.

          • Wow, you people will say ANYTHING…”Since the advent of DNA testing in 1985, biological material (skin, hair, blood and other bodily fluids) has emerged as the most reliable physical evidence at a crime scene, particularly those involving sexual assaults. DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, contains the complex genetic blueprint that distinguishes each person. Forensic testing can determine if distinctive patterns in the genetic material found at a crime scene matches the DNA in a potential perpetrator with better than 99% accuracy. In 1987, Florida rapist Tommie Lee Andrews became the first person in the U.S. to be convicted as a result of DNA evidence; he was sentenced to 22 years behind bars. The next year, a Virginia killer dubbed the “South Side Strangler” was sentenced to death after DNA linked him to several rapes and murders around Richmond. DNA is also responsible for snaring Gary Ridgway, the infamous “Green River Killer” of Washington State, responsible for a string of murders around Seattle in the 1980s and ’90s. After being implicated by genetic testing, Ridgway pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 48 consecutive life sentences. Law-enforcement agencies around the world are assembling DNA databases, which have yielded matches that investigators may otherwise have missed. The FBI now has DNA records on more than 5 million convicted offenders, and sex offenders in all 50 states are required to submit DNA samples to law enforcement.” DNA testing was no more “primitive” in 1994 than the supersonic jet was. Get real.

          • The first person to be convicted with DNA evidence was in 1988. Clearly if you cant get the year right with google to help you must be wrong about your essay above.

          • “Since the advent of Dna testing in 1985” DOES NOT mean the same thing as “Since the first DNA conviction in 1985”, snarky obnoxious guy who knows so much.

          • Snarky, me. Maybe if you read my comment and knew anything about history. The first conviction from DNA was 1988 not 1985.

          • DNA testing was “primitive” in the sense that crime labs had no idea how to do it in a reliable manner. A Nobel laureate chemist was ready to testify LAPD crime labs were totally unreliable, but Judge Ito wouldn’t allow him to testify. Barry Scheck proved OJ innocent and the DNA evidence totally unreliable. EDTA in the blood proved OJ totally innocent. OJ was framed. Fuhrman planted the blood, but not enough of it as forensic scientist Henry Lee testified, “something very wrong” with the blood, not enough of it. It was far more consistent with someone planting it, than real evidence of a guilty man. LAPD tore apart the shower and plumbing and didn’t find a drop of blood, not a fraction or residue of blood. Yet OJ supposedly showered there & cleaned himself up? Traces of blood in his bedroom, but none on the staircase leading to his bedroom? Det. Mark Fuhrman who planted the blood forget to leave a convincing trail, and forgot to plant some blood under Nicole’s fingernails, where she clawed the real murderer. That blood did not math OJ.

          • Only problem with this theory is jason Simpson had something his father did not, an alibi that could be verified by multiple people. OJ is missing after dropping off kato until before the limo driver who testified that the bronco was not present when he first arrived. If you have ever been around celebrities then you would know they are rarely alone or have chunks of time unaccounted for.

          • Kim Kardashian was alone when she was robbed in Paris. So i guess she was lying then wasnt she.

          • Here we go again. We have to go outside of the evidence in the case to argue in support of Simpson being not guilty. We have stretched all the way to the Kim Kardashian. Your theory is faulty because you are comparing the victim of a robbery to a double-homicide defendant. Victims do no require an alibi, the accused however do to rule them out as a suspect. In your example, relevant alibis from Kardashian’s attacker are central, the victim is always the scene of the crime. We are concerned with the relationship of the accused with the crime scene and that is an alibi’s function. Simpson attempted to create an alibi by telling Kato he was going to McDonalds. He again attempted by lying to the driver about being asleep and/or in the shower, and/or chipping balls. Focus on evidence in the case. You will learn that the defense exhibits were not concrete, not a single piece of defense evidence.

          • OJ had a perfect alibi. It only seemed faulty because the LAPD & prosecutors faked the time frame of Nicole & Ron’s murders to make it look like OJ had no alibi. Even then, with the fake time frame, it was nearly impossible OJ could have pulled this off and go on a prescheduled airline flight & still appear normal to people who saw him on the airline flight. OJ’s maid gave OJ the perfect alibi, but the racist news media, racist police, racist prosecutors and racist public chased her out of America. She had no ax to grind. Racist America did.

          • You make a lot of assertions that you cannot have proof of such as lapd and prosecution faked timelines, how can you prove that? The charges of racism also show you have the same bias in favor of Simpson’s innocence as did the jury. You reveal that your belief as was the jury’s is based upon emotion and not fair and impartial consideration of the evidence.

          • The jury, within the first two prosecution witnesses, knew OJ was innocent. The police lied, committed perjury. Det. Mark Fuhrman was convicted of felony perjury. At the time that was a capital offense. Lie in a murder trial, and it’s the death penalty for the liar. But Los Angeles courts were so lenient, they had routinely allied lying police to convict innocent blacks, for so long, prosecutors expected a conviction. Police lied several times, about their reason to go to OJ’s residence without a warrant. If they had any excuse to scale his gates to search his residence, all they had to do was get a warrant. They didn’t, because OJ wasn’t a suspect. People think this is some “technicality.” The warrant requirement protects the innocent against dishonest police who frame people, like OJ. Judge Ito had no balls, or he would have excluded all the blood evidence. Judge Ito was married to Det. Mark Fuhrman’s supervisor. Judge Ito slept every night with Fuhrman’s supervisor. Ito should have recused himself, but he was in this for the publicity, like the prosecutors, all thinking this would promote their careers. None had any ethical concern for justice or even finding the real murderer. Furhman lied, under oath. That alone is enough to be skeptical of OJ’s guilt. Name one other case where we believe the defendant guilty when the lead detective lies under oath, perjures himself?

          • The countless times Simpson had LAPD on any given Sunday to use his pool recreationally, they never needed a warrant for Simpson’s residence as his guest. Simpson was a friend to the Los Angeles Police Department. Furhman was not tried or convicted for perjury, Furhman took a plea deal offered by the prosecutors of his purjury which included his resignation as a detective. Last, perjury is not a capital offense, it is only a capital offense if the perjury results the execution of a wrongfully accused and convicted defendant. As far as naming a one case, why don’t you name one case that corroborates the events Furhman claimed to have happened? The L.A. District Attorney while railroading Furhman for perjury investigated everything said on the tapes and not one story was true, all made up to assist the screenwriter write a fictional work. Also, not one framed defendant of the thousands of criminals collard by Furhman came forward. The Racist Furhman is as phony as hands up don’t shoot was in Furgueson. So far you have gotten every fact wrong that you have written. But since you believe fiction, you may as well write your own fiction.

          • Phone records show Nicole alive talking to her mother, when OJ was on his way to the airport. Marcia Clark concealed evidence and witnesses showing OJ had ironclad alibis. Prosecutors live to win convictions, not to do justice. their career, salary, lifestyle, advancement depends on winning, at any cost.

          • Marcia Clark knew OJ was totally innocent. Clark knew phone records showed Nicole was on the phone with her mother, long after OJ was on his flight from LA to Chicago. Clark concealed the evidence. Prosecutors are known for nearly 100% conviction rates. It’s a major embarrassment for a prosecutor to lose. Clark knew it ended her career to lose this case. She would do anything to win. Lie, steal, cheat, fabricate, conceal, whatever it takes. And she still lost. So she gave up her legal career, after making millions in her book royalties fabricating more on how OJ was supposedly guilty.

          • Prosecutors have a high conviction rate because they do not prosecute defendants who have a solid alibi. If Nicole could be proven to have been alive while Simpson was in flight he would have had an alibi that rules him out and would not have been prosecuted. That phone call claim is bogus, where do you get your facts?

          • Jason had no alibi. He claimed he was working, but he left early. No witness verified his alibi. Jason gave conflicting stories as to where he was. Multiple people supported his alibi? Name one? No one verified either of his contradictory “alibis.”

          • The reason no one validated Jason’s alibi is because no one was ever required to. Dear did an independent investigation that was not evidence to the Simpson criminal case or the wrongful death case where it was proven Simpson was liable for the double homicide.

          • The blood under the nails of Nicole was not OJ’s nor was it Ron or NICOLE’S. WATCH THE TRIAL OVER AGAIN.

          • DNA analysis was so new, so unreliable at the time, that a Nobel winning chemist was ready to testify that LAPD’s crime lab was dangerously unreliable and could not be trusted. It was worse than useless. Judge Ito wouldn’t allow the Nobel winner to testify.

        • Since 1995, a man named William Dear has been spreading the theory that it was Jason Simpson who killed NBS and Ron Goldman. He’s been following Jason Simpson and recording him and surveilling him. He has published books accusing Jason Simpson of this and its one of the old standbys now – that if OJ didn’t do it, it HAD to be his son. Jason Simpson has been investigated thoroughly. He didn’t do it.

          • No, it was not thoroughly investigated. Never investigated. Totally ignored, intentionally. But you’re right, Jason didn’t do it, although he looks very guilty, far guiltier than OJ. Glen Rogers, who confessed looks very guilty. Joey Ippolito looks equally guilty. William Wasz maybe. LAPD doesn’t like to work, it closes its files, focuses on black “suspects” and frames them to save further investigation or work. LAPD is so bad, so racist, so lazy, half the defendants in Los Angeles are probably innocent, who are now in prison.

          • You’re right. Even though all evidence points to Jason, that’s just mostly blood evidence that Fuhrman used to frame OJ. DNA does match close relatives. The real murderer(s) is or are Glen Rogers & Det. Mark Fuhrman, both whose shoe sizes more closely match the crime scene shoe prints. Both Fuhrman & Rogers have far more motives than OJ or Jason. But Fuhrman & Rogers are white, so LAPD never came close to considering them suspects, even though both have no alibis for where they were that night. LAPD was as racist as Fuhrman, the most racist police officer in history.

      • Because he took off his shoes, they were in the bag he left outside with murder weapon the glove was in that too but it fell out when he jumped fence

      • OJ was torn between believing Jason did it and drug dealers did it. Either way OJ felt guilt, for not controlling his son or for not helping Nicole pay off her drug debts. OJ went suicidal and depressed for a while. That explains his suicide note and supposed “confessions.”

        • The cops did a sloppy job and did not take dna from any other potential suspect, Brad Roberts was thrown off the case by the DA for trying to look at other people because they feared it could give the defense ammunition.

          The real travesty of the OJ case is that OJ was tried for a crime he didn’t do but the real murderer walked scott free, because the DA got tunnel vision.

          “The LAPD found 15 separate unidentified fingerprints at the crime scene (none belonged to O.J. and police never compared Jason’s fingerprints)”
          ““Investigators found blood and skin under Nicole’s fingernails … along with blood drops on her back that didn’t match those of O.J.””
          If the police had investigated the other shoe prints at the scene, we might really have an answer.

          • The police and prosecutors got it right. Jury let them go, just keep it simple.

          • I agree Brad Roberts got it right when he said that it was the Colombians and I agree that Johnnie Cochran who was also a prosecutor got it right.

          • finger prints identification is not a reliable method. the so called experts actually simply look at both samples under a magnifying glass which is an unreliable method its not like in the movies where they use a computer. so those supposed 15 separated fingerprints are irrelevant. Simpson did it

          • That’s the STUPIDEST thing ever written!!! Fingerprints are absolutely reliable evidence. You people are just lying now. Why would the so-called experts only “look” at both samples when there’s an FBI in this country and the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) is the most sophisticated fingerprint testing system on the planet. STOP LYING to make your point!!!

          • there is absolutely no evidence that fingerprints are unique it is also an absolute fact that police do not use computers like in TV series. its an irrefutable fact that they look at a copy of the fingerprints side by side NOT with a computer

          • They have a huge data base today, with nearly instant fingerprint matches. Why won’t LAPD do the matches now?

          • thats 100% wrong. its not like in the tv shows and movies. they don’t use computers to compare finger prints. a lab tech compares the Finger print found at a crime scene with a finger print of the suspect. they do this all by eye site and a magnifying glass. this is an irrefutable fact. watch Adam ruins everything and he explains why finger prints are not a reliable source of evidence in a crime.

          • It would take police minimal cost to run the prints against the data base. When they get computer matches, then you can have your “expert” with magnifying glasses look at the prints like Florida election officials looked at Al Gore’s hanging chads. It may take an expert to distinguish a close match from a real match. But anyone, including a computer can eliminate prints that aren’t even close enough to look at. The main reason police won’t do it? They know OJ is innocent, and don’t want to allow any evidence that shows they tried to frame an innocent man. Racist police are like that.

          • you are delusional first off ABSOLUTELY NO POLICE FORCE uses computers to test finger prints. if they did there would never be a false positive on a finger print test. absolutely every police force on the face of the earth uses humans and only humans. they do not send it through some database. only big law enforcement agencies even have access to such computer systems and its not a quick thing you can’t go through 20,000 suspects in an hour. and even then the federal law enforcement agencies still use humans to compare before they ever decide to use a computer. as such this means that human error is present ALOT. also youa re delusional if you think OJ is innocent

          • Then there was that Muslim in Washington arrested for terrorism in Spain, due to fingerprints. Spain responded America was wrong, because Spain had the real terrorist in custody. Fingerprints can be good. But not infallible. To some extent I’d trust computers over “experts,” but mostly to exclude the innocent more than find the guilty. If you have an ironclad alibi, then the most conclusive fingerprint experts will be wrong. still fingerprints are very conclusive on excluding the innocent. That’s what LAPD is afraid of, conclusively excluding OJ. That’s why they won’t do tests on the fingerprints, no matter how inexpensive, no matter how easy to do. LAPD & LA’s prosecutors knew OJ was innocent. OJ had alibis, but the prosecutors moved the death time line to avoid his alibis. Prosecutors, Marcia Clark especially, moved the time line to a false time, to make it look like OJ was guilty. LAPD was highly racist in mid 1990’s, so was the prosecutor’s office. They had framed so many blacks, they assumed that any black was guilty of something, so it didn’t matter if they falsely prosecuted them for anything, including murder. LAPD was angry over Rodney King, and they wanted to burn a high profile black in return. The liberal news media fell for it, with the women’s angle, domestic violence. Add racist conservatives to pro women liberals, combined with black activists who don’t like blacks like OJ who was not “black enough,” and OJ went down for crimes he never did.

          • you are a dumbass. OJ is guilty as fuck and if you don’t believe that than you are delusional. and the police were not racist in this case. many of these cops had man crushes on OJ and didn’t want to arrest him. you also don’t read properly do you? like i said ABSOLUTELY no computer on earth can do a match. they need human eyes to compare the finger prints found to the suspects finger prints. and human error occurs all the time. there is plenty of evidence OJ is a murderer
            1Nicole’s pet dog kato, a FEROCIOUS AKITA, did not attack the killer, the only reason this would occure is if the murder was someone the dog knew IE OJ
            2. Police found two sets of keys to Nicole’s condo on OJ’s possession. Nicole reported a set of keys missing a few weeks before the slayings
            3At 9:37 p.m. on the night of the murders, houseguest Kato Kaelin said he saw Simpson wearing a dark blue cotton sweat suit, the same kind of suit that produced the fibers found on Ron Goldman’s shir
            4. Limo driver Allan Park testified he saw five bags loaded into the car before he left Rockingham but skycap James Williams counted only three bags when OJ got out of the car. He said he noticed Simpson standing by a trash can afterward which led prosecutors to speculate that Simpson stuffed the small bag into the bin. Defense attorney’s failed to produce the missing black bag.
            5A week before her death, Nicole tells friend Cici Shahian: “He’s going to kill me and get away with it and charm the world because he’s OJ Simpson”.
            5DNA evidence proved that five blood drops found near the killer’s footprints at the Bundy murder scene belong to OJ.
            6. DNA evidence showed that OJ’s blood trail from his Bronco to his Rockingham estate included: one blood drop behind the Bronco on the street (Rockingham), one on the driveway just inside the Rochingham gate, three more on the driveway leading to the front door of Simpson’s residence, five on the floor of the foyer and one on the bathroom floor
            7DNA test proved that spots of blood on the driver’s door of the Bronco was OJ’s.. DNA test proved that three blood stains found on the rear gate of Nicole’s home belonged to OJ, DNA tests proved that in atleast one blood drop found at the bundy murder scene, the chances of it belonging to anyone but OJ are about 170 million to one.
            Just on the blood evidence alone, there’s only one out of 57 billion chance that Simpson is innocent. Fifty-seven billion is approximately 10 times the current population of the entire world.
            8At the Bundy premises, Simpson’s blood was found at the exact spot where the murders were committed.
            9.Blood on socks in OJ’s bedroom matches OJ’s and Nicole’s.
            10.ests show that three stains on the Bronco’s console were a mixture of OJ’s blood with that of both of the victims. Another console stain is a mixture of OJ’s and Ron’s blood, and Nicole’s blood was found on the driver’s side carpet.
            11.DNA from Ron Goldman’s blood found on the Rockingham glove, has only a 1-in-41 billion chance of belonging to someone else.
            i can go on and on and on. in the end anyone who believes OJ is innocent is delusional

      • Has never been explained, does not suit people to want to know whose DNA it was. British experts analysed the crime scene and stated that OJ should NEVER HAVE BEEN TRIED.

    • OJ’s fingerprints were not at the murder scene. Ten or more sets of fingerprints at the murder scene were never matched to anyone. The autopsy showed blood under Nicole’s nails where she scratched & clawed the murderer. The blood didn’t match OJ. Ron’s autopsy showed bruised knuckles where he fought off the murderer. There were no corresponding marks on OJ. If OJ cut his hand on the knife during the murder, there should have been a corresponding cut or hole in the bloody glove. There wasn’t.

    • 17 fingerprints at the crime scene & none matched OJ. Blood & flesh under Nicole’s fingernails where she clawed and scratched the real murderer, fighting for her life. The blood & flesh didn’t match OJ. EDTA in the other blood proved Furhman framed OJ. Ron’s knuckles had bruises where he fought off the real murder, but no corresponding marks on OJ. OJ is too clearly innocent, & framed.

    • Because he didn’t do it. What sense does that make to cut the back of your own finger through a thick leather glove and no corresponding scratch be on the glove?

      • I’ve had cuts on my hands through work gloves many times. Usually it is a heavy object with an edge or a pinching mechanism.

        I skinned my knuckle almost to the bone and the gloves were fine.

        • Except it is a cut from a clearly very sharp object and not a cut from blunt trauma. And your work gloves are not leather gloves most likely, and a knife is not a heavy object with a pinching mechanism, we are talking a knife, not a big crushing or pinching type object, they cut would be different.

          • No one considers that they came off his hands because they didn’t fit. With the gloves already removed he caught lacerations.

          • They didn’t fit because they were planted. The gloves would be inside out if they were peeled off, they weren’t. The odds of borh your gloves coming off before you make it home is astronomically low. OJ never had a cut large enough to produce that huge volume of blood.

          • I and many people remove gloves without them being flipped inside out. That’s just more smoke and bull to distract from the hard evidence. 30 reference samples collected because it’s all they needed. People try to ask why he had no defense wounds on his hands , he wore gloves, the defense wound he did have was not large enough to produce that much blood, pretty sure a glove provided great protection on his hands and a small cut certainly left a trail of blood drops all the way to his home where he was sleep, oh wait no he was chipping golf balls, oh no he couldn’t be chipping golf balls since he had an arthritic condition when the murders happen. What was his final lie of where he was before the driver finally made contact with him? I lose track of his lies.

          • Explain to me how the cut drips through the glove. It is physically impossible to have that much blood from such a small cut.

          • He slit his throat from behind with his left hand de-gloved from the struggle and slit his finger in the process. Ron Died where he fell, he was picked up off the ground with the knife being used like a fork on the back of his skull, this was a fatal move that happened before he knew what was up, the space was too small to use martial arts and OJ was lying in wait plus had the high ground being at the top of the stairs while Ron was steps lower and fell to the ground the first time after he was struck initially.

          • What was OJ jackie chan in a movie, one punch paralyzes his opponent, how did he hide in such a small area? How did he get behind him and why wouldn’t he turn around. Its unlikely that he’d get degloved, but a knife wound thaat went in 5 inches wouldn’t make such a baby cut on your hand. And that baby cut would not pour out any blood.

      • there was no struggle supposedly. oj allegedly knocked nicole and goldman out at the same time and then killed them. this is why it doesnt make sense, the gloves were likely planted. no dna was found under nicole or rons fingernails.

        • Incorrect. Nicole was knocked out, evidenced by the coroner’s report, and the final wound to her neck.

          Ron Goldman was not knocked out, he had defensive wounds, and cuts to his face which some believe were to check if he was still alive. He was also in an area where there was no escape (a 6′ x 4′ fenced in area), a clue that during the confrontation he was trying to move.

          Nicole couldn’t have DNA under her fingertips, she was unconscious. Ronald was a man and probably didn’t think to scratch, or was defending himself from the knife.

          Oj did it, they may even have found the knife, TODAY. Good luck trying to defend this monster now.

          • Some say Goldman was knocked out. Some say he was hit really hard and tried to defend himself ergo the defensive wounds to his hands. I often wonder if OJ did do it….how did…he do it without nicole or ron noticing he was there. A man who believes ojs son jason was the killer actually went to bundy and did a video of the crime scene before they remodeled it. There is nowhere to hide between the back entrance and the gate area where Goldman entered. There are no bushes or anything to hide behind so when nicole left her condo to let goldman in she should have seen oj unless you just leave your condo at night not thinking of the possibility of being jumped. Who does that? I cant imagine nicole exiting her condo without looking around. Thats just stupid. Likewise i cant imagine goldman not looking around. One of them had to notice oj. Its not like he is a small guy. Why didnt either of them yell or scream? Even with all of the “evidence” that could have been planted by lapd how did a 46 year old man with bad knees and arthritis kill two people in their prime with one being a third degree black belt in karate?

          • Karate is a fucking joke. They get shitkicked at bars across America by blue collar guys all the time. OJ Simpson was one of the greatest athletes in NFL history not some waiter who did Karate on weekends.

          • Ron goldman was a 7th degree black belt, and therefore most likely, was taught the knife-hand block technique. Ron Goldman was a very big guy and OJ was an old man who was forced out the NFL due to his busted 9 knee arthritis surgeries. He was 46, hadn’t played in years.

          • Where in the world are you getting Furhman took blood??? That’s only ASSUMED because they believe 8mL was taken and only 6 could be accounted for. It’s never been proven he did. There was only a tiny tiny amount of OJ’s blood which is why the DNA sample was so small. He had cuts on both hands and a large gash on his left which is believed to have happened after the glove came off. The gloves were XL which was his size. It’s been proven they shrunk a full size because of being frozen and saturated with blood. He had latex gloves on while trying them on in the court room. OJ filmed an exercise video and was trained in knife combat for a movie that was never released. He clocked Nicole on the head while swinging the knife and stabbing her. The bottom of her feet were clean which meant she died in place and did not walk in blood. The Bruno Magli shoe imprint was there from OJs shoes which could never be planted by Furhman because he did NOT have them. It’s believed Goldman walked up at the end of the struggle and OJ in a rage wrestled him to the ground and began stabbing him. A computer model was made using the angle of injuries and predicted Goldman fought from his knees which explains the bruising he withstood. His clothes absorbed most of his blood and if you look at the photos you will see his pants soaked and his shirt pulled up like he was wrestled with and also blood soaked. Simpson took 5 bags on his trip with 2 of them disappearing including a small bag OJ told no one to touch. The limo driver tried 10 minutes to contact the house from the driveway. Circled both sides and reported the bronco was not there. Sees a large man walking up to the house and when the front door opens voila it’s OJ saying he fell asleep. At the same time Kaelin appears with a flash light saying he heard a large thump outside his window. Well gee whiz who could that have been?? Furhman could never have framed simpson because he didn’t have time and had no clue where OJ was when he came upon the scene. He would have needed to travel between the crime scenes to plant gloves in an impossible amount of time. OJ is as guilty as you can get PERIOD. The problem you have is you are trying to explain a killer’s actions using rational thinking which is impossible. We’ll never know what set him off although some believe it was OJ seeing Nicole preparing the bath tub with 2 glasses of wine. This was a crime of passion which is why her neck was cut. Even Robert K stopped talking to OJ because he knew he was guilty. That speaks volumes given their friendship.

          • It is not assumed, Fuhrman, according to lab records, took blood from all three in the case. Well to OJ haters, nothing is proven, frankly if EDTA in blood isn’t enough, there is nothing worth discussing with such brainwashed people.

            OJ did not have cuts on both hands, do you want me to post the picture again, one small cut on the left middle finger? The gloves did not fit. OJ couldn’t have done it, you just have conjecture that ignores reality.

            Shoes the police have still not recovered. Lots of dope dealers wanted nicole dead. No one could find these magically shoes.

            Funny how OJ had no bruises. and if he had a knife in one hand, how did he wrestle him to the ground?

            The police would easily recover such bags, but you really think he took blood filled bags through airport security?

            If the Bronco wasn’t there when the limo driver came by, that is just proof oj couldn’t have done it, because if he did it in the bronco where all the blood evidence was allegedly, then the driver would have seen OJ drive up, and he didn’t/

            The limo driver was unable to identify the sex of the person at the door under oath at trial. Stop making up facts.

            Funny how first you say OJ’s bronco wasn’t there but at the same time you say he was there making noise that kato heard.

            Fuhrman went to the house IMMEDIATELY, with about 6 other detectives after they all marched through the crime scene. They did not wear booties nor understand dna. They saw OJ was not home, so it was quiet obvious once they arrived no one was home. How long does it take to figure out no one is home, 2 minutes maybe? They knew OJ was in Chicago.

            He did travel between the crime scene on the night of the murder, the whole dam police force did, they marched all over that blood, then marched over to OJ house and spread dna of dead people all over his property.

            “The problem you have is you are trying to explain a killer’s actions using rational thinking which is impossible.”

            You are right, I should be illogical and emotional like you, I should throw facts out the window and just say he is guilty for no reason.

            “This was a crime of passion which is why her neck was cut” It was a drug hit, that is why her neck was cut because colombian cocaine drug gangs she owed $50,000 to gave her a colombian necktie as is the practice of these guys.

            Robert K was a lawyer and was in the LA circles, he wanted fame and popularity like Shapiro, they took OJ’s money, argued he was innocent, then gave him a cold shoulder because they wanted to get back into the west LA hollywood rich crowd.

          • You obviously have NO clue what you are talking about on this. It wasn’t Furhman that took blood it was Vanatter that took the blood home and then to the crime scene the next day and turned it over to Fung along with the other evidence that was collected. You don’t take a swab of MY blood place it in a bag overnight and then BINGO it becomes your blood. And Nicole didn’t owe money it was alleged Faye Resnick did and AGAIN that wasn’t proven. EVER. The gloves did in fact fit. They were XL which was his size. They shrunk a full size because they were frozen.

            I never said the Bronco wasn’t there, but Kaelin heard Simpson. This is all timing. The Bronco wasn’t there at 10:40. At 10:50, Kaelin hears a thump. Then the limo driver sees someone walking up the driveway shortly after. And OJ finally answers the phone. OJ had just pulled the Bronco in from the murder scene which was 5 minutes away. That span of time was the only time span OJ could not account for the entire day.

            Furhman had no clue if OJ was alive, in the country etc. etc. The shoes were not found because OJ destroyed them along with the clothes he was wearing which happened to be in the bag that went on his trip but was never found.

            You say the police could recover such bags. OH MY how brilliant you are. The skycap remarked that OJ was standing near a trash can and that there were only 3 bags unloaded, even though Kaelin and the limo driver testified there were 5 bags loaded into the limo. You make so many assumptions because you need explanations to prove your BS.

            The limo driver most certainly DID identify the sex of the person you idiot I’m not making up facts. He saw a LARGE MAN walking up the driveway to the house, and then when the door opened and the lights went on he called again and voila OJ answers. Who the hell else was it??? The detectives did NOT know OJ was in Chicago until Kaelin told them. That was well after the murders happened and OJ left town. The bronco wasn’t there at 10:40pm because OJ was at the murder scene. The limo driver waited 10 minutes and circled both sides of the street NEVER seeing the bronco. But gee that low life Cochran first said OJ was sleeping, THEN oh no it was… he was hitting golf balls. What a bunch of BS. I have 10 feet of bridge I will sell to you if you actually believe that crap.

            As far as this trampling shit you are talking about AGAIN you have no clue about DNA. If they trampled as you say then there would be blood all over the fucking place which there wasn’t. It was in a few selected areas that only OJ touched at HIS home. The door of the bronco, the carpet, the driveway, foyer, socks and bathroom floor. The police would have had to somehow get hold of OJ’s blood and place it at his house to MIX with the trampled blood from your theory. THEN go back to the crime scene and place it at the exact spot of the murder. How did they do that when they did NOT have his blood????????? He was in Chicago!!! The cut on OJs left finger and droplets at the murder scene are found to the LEFT of the shoe print. GEE what a coincidence.

            Stop making up your own facts and introducing your own hypothesis like how OJ couldn’t get blood through the airport and other shit that is unfounded.

            OJs hands most certainly DID have cuts on them. They were consistent with fingernail cuts in addition to the gash. Ron Goldman had 36 slicing injuries from a knife, one of which almost took his ear off, the other hitting his jugular which weakened him immensely. Then he incurred 4 major stabbing wounds one of which was to the thigh which looked to have happened while he was kicking. The others in the chest and gut.

            As far as Goldman having bruises you are full of SHIT. Goldman had defensive injuries to his hands consistent with them being OPEN and slashed. The abrasions and bruising did NOT come from striking a human. They came from falling backward to the ground and are consistent with that type of injury. READ the coroners report and testimony.

            Robert K was not looking for fame. He was a long time friend of OJ and OJ’s children referred to him as uncle. AGAIN stop making up your own shit. Robert K stopped talking to OJ because he thought he was guilty. He received NO money from the trial. Shapiro is on record as saying he thought OJ was guilty but could get him free on reasonable doubt. The civil trial was unanimous in its decision. Petrocelli tore OJ a new ass during the deposition for the civil trial. OJ tripped over his words left and right. Saying the Magli shoes were not his after admitting it WAS in fact HIM in the pic at buffalo stadium. But let me guess YOU actually believe the shoes were air brushed in even after the photo was proven to be authentic. They MUST be because they were never recovered and therefore support your ridiculous theories.

            AC was on record as saying the knife that was used to kill Nicole and Ron “sleeps with the fishes”. OJ writes a book about how he would have done it IF he actually did do it. WHY oh WHY would you do that if you are innocent.

            But let’s state some other facts. Jill Shively says she saw OJ driving his speeding Bronco from the Bundy murder scene around the time of the slayings. Kato hears thumps outside his window between 10:50 p.m. and 10:51 p.m. near where the bloody glove is found. Just after that the limo driver sees large man walking up to the front door. Then there’s the domestic violence and Nicole’s fear that OJ would kill her. OJ was caught spying on her several times hiding in her bushes. He was wacko. The blood drops at the bundy murder scene were in fact OJs. They were at the exact point where the murders occurred. That cannot be denied. There was a drop behind the bronco, also just inside the gate, a few on the driveway leading up, a few in the foyer inside the front door where OJ entered, which also is where the limo driver saw said large man entering. But gee according to you it could have been a woman. Then there was a blood drop on the bathroom floor.

            So your theory is that the cops trampled the murder scene and then went to OJs residence and somehow very carefully placed these droplets of blood to incriminate him. All the while not knowing where the hell he was. THEN they went back to the murder scene and somehow placed blood droplets at the exact spot of the murders.

            ONE final thing with regard to the EDTA. It NEVER existed. NEVER. Here is the direct quote from Martz from the FBI: “Everyone is saying that I found EDTA, but I am not saying that,” said Mr. Martz, chief of the F.B.I.’s chemistry toxicology unit, with a hint of frustration. “I was asked to determine whether those blood stains came from preserved blood. Those blood stains did not come from preserved blood.”

            Case closed. There was NO EDTA. It was OJs blood from his injuries from committing the murder. He’s GUILTY. END of story.

          • “At 10:50, Kaelin hears a thump.”

            “Furhman had no clue if OJ was alive, in the country etc. etc. The shoes were not found because OJ destroyed them along with the clothes he was wearing which happened to be in the bag that went on his trip but was never found.”

            If OJ was dead it be front page news, he assumed he was alive. Explain to me how OJ “destroyed” the shoes, the clothes and the bag changed his clothes, washed up, had a shower, the washed out the shower of all trace dna and wiped down the bronco in the span of 10 minutes, o and scaled a 14 foot wall twice.

            “The skycap remarked that OJ was standing near a trash can and that there were only 3 bags unloaded, even though Kaelin and the limo driver testified there were 5 bags loaded into the limo.”

            Which is proof the skycap has bad memory.

            “The limo driver most certainly DID identify the sex of the person you idiot I’m not making up facts. He saw a LARGE MAN walking up the driveway to the house, and then when the door opened and the lights went on he called again and voila OJ answers.”

            The fact you would lie about a fact that is so easily verifiable is only proving OJ haters are inherent LIARS.






            MR. PARK: NO.”

            So you are making up facts, and you deny it when you are doing it, you are a liar of the worst kind. Then you wonder why OJ got off. You just make up facts in your mind, and pretend they are the case. Well if that is the case hell he’d have to be guilty because evidence be damned to you, you make up the facts as you go along.

            ” If they trampled as you say then there would be blood all over the fucking place which there wasn’t”

            “The police would have had to somehow get hold of OJ’s blood and place it at his house to MIX with the trampled blood from your theory” Well when the detective take his socks home and the blood home, obviously they will cross contaminate.

            Actually there was, this was the claim of the idiot prosecutor, dna was everywhere so he must be guilty.

            “THEN go back to the crime scene and place it at the exact spot of the murder. ”

            Which the defense proved with the disappearing socks and edta.

            “How did they do that when they did NOT have his blood????????? ”
            Blood on the socks was found 30 days after they already had OJ’s dna. You are confusing the time line. The result were not instant, and neither were the test. No test was performed until they already had OJ’s dna. After all, there would be no way to even go after OJ without a dna sample first.

            “The cut on OJs left finger and droplets at the murder scene are found to the LEFT of the shoe print. GEE what a coincidence.”

            It is actually such a strange coincidence that

            In this huge pool of blood they find a single droplet that traces to OJ. It is such a coincidence that the more logical explanation would be they planted the blood because they knew how to find a droplet that is invisible to the naked eye in over 600 square feet of blood, and have vision the power of 1000 electronic microscopes and frequency testing to just pick the right spot of literally 100 billion trillion different spots to find that single droplet of Oj’s blood in a pool of it. That isn’t coincidence, that is planted evidence. It is statistically impossible for someone to walk up on a crime scene like this and just pick the exact right spot to find an invisible droplet of blood in a pool of visible blood.

            “As far as Goldman having bruises you are full of SHIT. Goldman had defensive injuries to his hands consistent with them being OPEN and slashed. The abrasions and bruising did NOT come from striking a human. They came from falling backward to the ground and are consistent with that type of injury. READ the coroners report and testimony.”

            There you go lying again with easily verifiable facts.

            ” Baden, a former chief New York City medical examiner who served on the House committee that in the late 1970s reinvestigated the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr….Baden said Nicole Simpson probably struggled and was not lying unconscious on the ground when her throat was slashed. He said she appeared to have defensive wounds on her hands. Goldman’s wounds also suggested a fierce struggle, Baden said, noting that Goldman bruised one of his knuckles, possibly leaving a mark on the assailant’s body. Defense attorneys have displayed photographs of Simpson’s body the day after the murders, showing no obvious bruises.”

            Jill Shively says she saw OJ driving his speeding Bronco from the Bundy murder scene around the time of the slayings.”

            And the prosecutor excluded her from the case because she viewed her as lying and not credible.

            Martz was in his own scandal for falsifying his colleagues reports.

            “Analyzing Mr. Martz’s data on Monday, Dr. Rieders said the two blood samples did contain EDTA.”

            nice try liar.

            “It wasn’t Furhman that took blood it was Vanatter that took the blood home and then to the crime scene the next day”

            I AGREE. He did take the blood from his house to the crime scene the next day. There is no better proof of planting evidence than that. That is the whole case, and now that you agree there is really no need for further discussion.

            Oj was innocent.

          • If he were such a strong and powerful athlete then why use a knife? Why not kill with his bare hands? Its so out of character and it doesnt fit well with OJs background. You dont just wake up one day and start slashing people open. Those who do these crimes have done it before and have psychological problems. OJ wasnt mentally ill. He was seeing other people and could easily find a new nicole. They had been divorced for years. So one day out of the blue for no apparent reason decides he is jealous and filled with rage? He needs to kill his ex wife, the mother of his children? Im not saying its impossible just not likely. Another point i want to bring up is that oj had arthritis and was pushing 50. He retired from the nfl in the 70s. Lets not pretend he was an nfl player in his prime.

          • Oj knocked out nicole then where is the bruise on his hands.

            Nicole did have male dna under her finger nails though.

          • Did OJ produce the knife he purchased 2 weeks prior at a cutlery store? The model of knife was consistent with the wounds on the body.

          • Nope. this was evidence the prosecution did not use. Along with the guilty suspect running from his arrest while he contemplated putting the gun in his hand at the time to his head and pulling the trigger, that should have also been evidence. Sorry partner but your hero Simpson is a murdering loser.

          • The knife was produced as evidence in court and found to have still contained the oil applied when it was sharpened and sold. The knife was spanking clean and unused.

          • “Nicole couldn’t have DNA under her fingertips, she was unconscious.”

            Even the prosecution concede the medical examiner found blood tissue that was even tested for dan, to refute the irrefutable is plain idiotic or at the very least shallow research if at all.

      • Let’s get this straight: what are the odds of losing one glove at the crime scene and the other glove at his house? Pretty far out.

        • Gloves don’t make much of a sound when they hit the ground. air they were stuffed in his pockets when getting back he wouldn’t know where they were in the dark. Probably why he pounded on Kato’s wall 3 times, saying where those fkn gloves go? Damn I better change and meet the limo real quick.

          • better quickly change out of his bloody clothes, shower and not leave a trace of blood in the shower or shower plumbing? Police tore the shower plumbing apart searching for the smallest sign of blood and found nothing.

          • All of the blood was on the ground at Bundy the crime scene. That is what happens when you cut the juglar standing behind someone, the blood shoots out under pressure away from victim and assailant. This explanation is in the evidence.

      • Speaking of which, how come OJ has no bruises despite being in this great struggle, but ron goldman’s knuckled are bruised? Whose gloves come off in a struggle? And why would a person leave behind such an obvious piece of evidence.

          • Nice try, a hit on concrete provides an entirely different cut. It would look more like a scrap pulling skin, rather than a sharp narrow and deep cut. And again, whose gloves come off in a struggle? And if they do come off, why weren’t they inside out? Why would someone leave behind such obvious evidence? Why would someone murder 2 people in the middle of the street, when the neighbours know who they are? And of course, OJ had no bruise knuckles, or no bruises period, which is very bizarre given that the victim had bruised knuckles.

          • Doesn’t matter, that fools hair and blood is on the male victim. A cop didn’t plant that, that is ridiculous. If he was gonna frame OJ, he could pull him over and “find” cocaine on him. Of course it would be suspect that a cop that took a call at his residence pulls him over and finds this, and get his ass fired. OJ wasn’t worth losing his job over. That is a fantasy Cochran planted in y’all head.

          • I will just keep saying it until you provide an answer.

            Why did Mark Fuhrman take OJ’s blood from the lab, why did he take all three victims blood from the lab and why can’t he account for it? Why does the blood have edta? Why did Lang take oj’s socks and shoes and store them in his house? Why doesn’t OJ have any bruises? Why would OJ have the sense to wear gloves and discard the clothes and murder weapon but take off his own glove and throw it behind his own house? Why can’t the police find the murder weapon, the murder shoes, the murder clothes? Why is the dna evidence inconsistent have arbitrary blood mixtures? How does a half inch slit on the back of you finger produce such a huge volume of blood, why is there no blood on the steering wheel, how did OJ wipe off most of the blood from the car seat? Why wasn’t the blood trace dna found in the drain and sink and bathtub of OJ?

            You do not understand dna. If an officer is going between a homicide scene to a suspects house, the scene is now tainted and unusable. If the cops don’t understand putting a sheet wit OJ’s dna from Nicoles house onto Ron Goldman will put Oj’s dna in the scene they are stupid as you are.

            There is no way that tiny finger cut produced that huge amount of blood evidence. You wouldn’t even get two droplets from it.

          • OJ DNA evidence at the scene and OJ has no alibi. OJ ran and contemplates suicide. You can tickle yourself all day with all of those theories designed for people like yourself to be made a fool of. It is not that complicated. OJ had motive, OJ had opportunity and OJ has no alibi plus DNA on the bodies. It’s not that complicated.

          • We expect to see his dna at the scene, the police put it there. Oj did have an alibi, he was at his house alone, that was his alibi. OJ had no motive, he had a hot younger girlfriend, and lost $6 million dollars on that trial. Lost all his endorsements and tv shows and movies. He lost probably in the range of $15 million from that. OJ had no opportunity. DNA was put on the bodies when the cops put sheets from nicole’s house onto the bodies.

          • An alibi is having a verifiable means of establishing where you were when the murders took place, Simpson being alone does not qualify. Simpson was an ex-spouse with a history of violence, that is a motive, Simpson lived close enough to the murder scene to have pulled it off, that is opportunity, Simpson knew Nicole’s dog so it didn’t react in fear, he was also documented as having broke into her home in an angry rage, he had access. OJ DNA at the scene, Victim DNA in his car. That equates a murder and supports Simpson as the killer. All that other bull you talking is tabloid garbage that might work on you and that jury but some of us don’t fall for the okie doke Johnnie Cochran put on all of you.

            “noun, plural alibis.


            Law. the defense by an accused person of having been elsewhere at the time an alleged offense was committed.”

            Oj indeed said he was elsewhere. You don’t know what an alibi is.

            The colombian cartel has a history of violence as well, and she owed them drug lords alot of money. Ironically, the police never arrested OJ those 66 times they were called, he was never arrested or convicted nor found guilty of any of this alleged abuse. Lets not pretend Nicole was some flower, she was verbally abusive, physically abusive to OJ, she was a crack addict, she ripped off drug dealers, was working at a well known drug trafficking point and was dating a drug dealer from chicago called Ron Goldman, whose multiple friends like his boss brett cantor and michael nigg were winding up with slit throats and bullets in their head. What they had was fights, this was not abuse. Why don’t you talk about how fred goldman stole a mobsters wife who had a lot of motive to murder ron goldman in revenge?

            Simpson didn’t have the opportunity to clean up the bronco, clean up himself, hide the murder weapon, murder shoes, murder clothes and he was too old and weak to beat up some young buck.

            The police did not arrest OJ, nor did the courts convict him for this alleged break in. So what does that tell you? The people’s whose job it was to be suspicious (especially of african american men) couldn’t even gather enough evidence to arrest him. The level is just probably cause, he doesn’t even have to be guilty, the cops could find no evidence of this.

            If Oj dna at the scene and victim dna in the car = murder, then the entire police force and foresenics team is also guilty by the same bad logic for having the same dna in contact with them.

            No one is falling for you phony baloney, not even the cops.

          • Have you actually ever tried or witnessed a murder trial or any criminal trial based on circumstantial evidence? You seem to be assuming everything works like it did in this case, I can assure you this case had leeway that you will never find anywhere in a criminal trial. this is not about Oj, its about a critical analysis of the criminal justice system and how it was applied in this case so please stop the name-calling it exposes your credibility or lack of it.

            e.g. why was Amanda Knox acquitted other than poorly collected DNA which was deemed to be compromised but only after Hillary Clinton’s support was sought.

          • Very true. OJ brought the criminal justice system into the world of celebrity. The People, Law Enforcement, Judge Ito, had careers that were not celebrity bound. Once the cameras came into the court room, it was no longer a trial for the murders of Ron and Nicole. I was glad though that The Goldman’s got Justice for Ron, and Nicole Brown’s children.

          • Yes I have tried hundreds of cases and now how rules of evidence in California Criminal Cases work. Consider the level of critical thinking in your comments and many others when the attempts are made to reconcile racism, criminal justice system, forensic science, and celebrity in a single threaded discussion of whether or not Simpson did it. You will find a hodgepodge of lifetime television feminist drama, Oprah, Law and Order, and homosexual TMZ star struck paparazzi crap. Eventually people will need to substitute the names of victims, defendant, and personality of all involved with alphabetical reference. Then apply rule of law and evidence to remove bias for and against those involved and see if those people believe the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to a moral certainty.

          • DNA test were primitive in 1994. They couldnt have been 100% positive it was him. It could have been a blood relative (father or son).

          • You have to say all of that to tell yourself he did not do it. That smoke and mirrors they have you believing is tremendous. Cochran could have made you believe Santa Claus and unicorns exist.

          • If he was gonna frame OJ, he could pull him over and “find” cocaine on him.

            You obviously are not aware of how rich neighbourhoods are policed. Besides, a cocaine “bust” is not good enough to retire or risk one’s job if they were to be fired as Furhman was.
            One of Furhman’s assessment after he was posted to brentwood was that he had potential but seemed too preoccupied with getting the big case.

            “OJ wasn’t worth losing his job over.”
            Lost his job still and he wasn’t the only one.
            Given what was presented in court you could be right but I find it unbelievable that this case passed without any drugs evidence. My only guess is that was a strategy to protect many others some of whom could have been narcotics informers.

          • Most conversations about this case go deep into the abyss of things not proven or even proffered. Things proven and/or proffered are generally dismissed with the following logic: racist detectives are not capable of performing their job without corruption. That is an oversimplified way of thinking and falls heavily in favor of Simpson. Let’s even assume Simpson slaughtered both victims, with this mode of thinking it would not matter because not one of these persons are concerned with the double homicide. They are only concerned with the idea that a racist detective has not the ability to collect and process evidence properly and the way he is trained to do so. Until Johny Cash performed Nine Inch Nails song hurt, I would never have believed a country western artist could perform something other than country western music. I simply have no trouble accepting that Furhman could hate blacks and yet still not plant evidence. I can accept that a heart surgeon who hates blacks would perform life saving surgery on a black patient. I can accept that Crips and Bloods could co-exist on a rap music label called Death Row and not kill each other. life is simply not as simple as simple minded people want to argue that it is. It’s far more complex of a world than most choose to accept.

        • No one knows the intensity of the struggle and whether or not he had to overcome some other force aside from OJ. It’s all theory. But the fact is Simpson’s hair is on Goldman’s shirt. That is hard physical evidence that takes precedence over why something is not there such as bruises. People should be asking why are these things there? Racist cop frame job is also absent any evidence of being the reality. In fact I no longer consider it a reasonable doubt. I forgot about the one juror that gave the black power sign to OJ after the verdict was read and jury dismissed. That’s what really went down. a the majority of the jurors bullied those guilty votes out of the deliberations.

          • Incorrect, Nicole had a 4th unidentified male dna under her finger nails, Ron had a big 3 x 2 inch bruise on his knuckles and another bruise one the knuckles, he was a 7th degree black belt and he got who ever stabbed him really really good. We have an autopsy. The killer would be bruised, and likely have some broken bones. This wasn’t a small bruise.

            This forensics evidence in inconsistent. You cannot have two men fighting to the death, one has huge bruises on his knuckles and the other is scratchless except a deep scratch on his left finger. Doesn’t work like that.

            Simpson’s hair on Goldman shirt doesn’t matter, police tainted the scene by going in the house and using blankets from the house where oj been hundreds of times to cover the bodies.

            And no, it doesn’t take precedence over hard physical evidence that there is a 4th man’s dna under nicole fingernails, that OJ was not bruised but the murder victim clearly had bruised knuckles, and clearly injured the attacker.

            Everyone knows that the dna evidence is there from improper police conduct.

            Except Fuhrman admitted on tape to frame suspects and you have the LAPD ramparts scandals were the fbi caught them framing suspects and they were convicted by a jury of their peers and plead guilty to framing suspects and people were released from jail under that exact fact. So no, it is not absent any evidence or reality. There is lots of facts and evidence that show this is a widespread practice. Further, the edta in the blood, the testimony from the fbi agent that his colleague had falsified his report on the oj case, the records of fuhrman taking blood from the lab and not being able to account for it, detective lang taking OJ’s shoes and storing them in his house, the disappearing and reapperaing socks and conflicting testimony are all evidence of planted evidence.

            You just don’t like facts.

            You conveniently forget all those white women on the jury who voted not guilty?? And no one was bullying them, that old white juror she had flipped a jury before 11-1 not guilty to 12-0 guilty. If anything, maybe she bullied the rest of the jury. The evidence wasn’t there man.

            What the heck is a black power salute

          • Everything you focus on is irrelevant to a murder case. Murder is almost impossible to get away with because of all of the forensics and scientific evidence. Problem is people believe what they want to, when it’s the impossible they just need something credible to believe in. Cochran provided something you and many others could believe in, a fabricated theory that no one could justify. But it was possible. In fact you and others believe it’s far more possible LAPD framed him than it being possible his blood was there, he had no alibi, his footprint matches, trail of blood on his path straight home, possibly because maybe he did it.

          • You hate facts. EDTA doesn’t occur in nature, did OJ plant the EDTA? Only two people could have done it OJ or the police. Cops stored his shoes in their house, so it would be easy for them to fabricate footprints. Ironically where are the shoes, why haven’t the police recovered them?

            Trail of blood because the cops ran through the scene.

          • So the experts who testified to the EDTA never tested the blood. They used the test the crime lab did that the defense claimed was contaminated corrupted or compromised. It is moronic to criticize a lab and then rely on that labs reports. The jury never thought about that and a lot of you Simpson worshipers think like they did, fooled by a slick lawyer.

          • MARTZ just dismissed the edta, the test wasn’t wrong, it was the interpretation of it that was wrong, I’ll have to double check if they retested, but it was clear that their own test showed edta, retesting was probably unnecessary.

            The DA holds the evidence, you don’t get to make up and test your own samples though. If they put edta in the sample, you don’t get to test your own sample, testing is destructive, it it removes the evidence and destroys it in the process, depending on how it is done, in some cases retesting is impossible.

            EDTA doesn’t occur in human blood naturally, all test showed it..

          • Whitehurst would have testified Martz perjured himself, but Ito denied Whitehurst testifying. Whitehurst knew Martz was a prostitute for prosecutors, willing to lie and say whatever convicts anyone.

          • The Lange shoes in the trunk turned out to be irrelevant since it was Simpson’s Bruno Magli shoes that he no longer had. Those shoes must be where the murder weapon is.

          • Cops storing evidence in their house is irrelevent, you really are dumb

          • That particular evidence was not germane to the case at all so those shoes are irrelevant. Although they want you to focus on him taking evidence home he didn’t take evidence that was critical to the case so you are the dummy, dummy.

          • That just what they been caught with, what about them storing the shoes in their house and the blood evidence.

          • “That particular evidence was not germane to the case at all so those shoes are irrelevant.”

            Anything taken from a suspect is pertinent to a case otherwise the police have no right to confiscate someone’s property. Its either pertinent to the case or it was attempted theft until the day/time it was booked in.
            You seem to be very blasé with the expectations of the rule of law as a part of the social contract we all adhere to.

            Do you acknowledge that there are cases where the police have railroaded people to false convictions???

          • My recollection of the shoes was that the bloody shoe print was made by reebok size ten. they found reebok size ten shoe in Simpson’s closet and naturally collected them. Later it was determined the shoe print was not made from a reebok. At that moment the mishandled chain of custody regarding the reebok shoes was not relevant. Were those the Bruno Magli shoes then it would have been problematic and tainted evidence. Using the poor management of collecting the reeboks with the narrative that all the evidence is tainted by the very same practice was effective in this jury because they could not compartmentalize the irrelevant evidence from the collection of the relevant evidence. On your other question, I believe Geronimo Pratt was railroaded into prison by a racist FBI organization. This was a clear cut case of an innocent man convicted of a crime he did not and could not have committed. Pratt had a solid alibi that put him 400 miles away from the murder scene. The FBI had Pratt under surveillance and had audio tapes of the surveillance that proved his alibi but the FBI would not provide the evidence for obvious reasons. Pratt did approx. 30 years behind this. So yes, I certainly acknowledge that to answer your question. If Simpson had an alibi, I would arguing that he did not do it. Nothing at all in this case lends itself to Simpson’s innocence except a jury that did not convict.

          • Prosecution’s official position is the DNA under Nicole’s fingers was her own. Experts testified to the footprint and the sole pattern. Simpson had several deep cuts on his hand and they were fresh cuts that happened approximately the same time as the murders only Simpson claims it was cut from getting cell phone components out of his bronco. Although initially he said he didn’t remember how he got them. He also did not tend to the cut immediately as most people would do when discovering a cut hand. But he bled a trail from his bronco all the way to his master bathroom. But again, he cut his hand during the same exact hour Nicole and Ron were killed. There are no facts that support Furhman planted evidence. Those tapes were investigated and never matched any of Furhman’s cases so it was all fiction. Cochran played you and the jury. All he needed to do was hold up Furhman as a racist and show possible opportunities to tamper with evidence. Even the EDTA was proven bogus by an FBI agent drawing blood from his arm and not using the preservative and it showed identical EDTA levels so Reiders was full of bull.

          • “Prosecution’s official position is the DNA under Nicole’s fingers was her own.”

            You are making things up again. This is a pattern of yours. Just like you made up the limo driver saw a man.

            “Blood taken from beneath the fingernails of the body of Nicole Brown Simpson could have come from someone other than the murdered woman or her accused killer, O.J. Simpson, a police scientist testified Thursday.

            Greg Matheson, chief forensic scientist at the Los Angeles Police crime lab, reluctantly conceded that scientific literature indicated the blood, determined by test to be type B, could not have been type BA. Nicole Simpson’s blood was type BA.

            “And if this is true, then it has to have come from somebody else. Correct?” attorney Robert Blasier asked at the end of a lengthy cross-examination aimed at bolstering the defense theory of a conspiracy to frame Simpson.

            “It could have come from somebody else,” Matheson replied.

            Matheson testified that the purpose of taking scrapings from Nicole Simpson’s fingernails was to determine if she had tried to fight off her assailant.

            He agreed that neither Simpson nor the victims had type B blood, as identified by a procedure known as an EAP test.

            “So you would agree that if your results are accurate, that there is blood under Nicole Brown Simpson’s fingernails from someone other than Mr. Simpson?” Blasier asked Matheson.

            “If the B is an actual B, yes, that’s correct,” replied Matheson. He testified Tuesday he was not positive the test results were accurate because of the poor condition of the blood. When blood begins to break down, he said, it is possible for the EAP test results to show a B when in fact the type was BA.

            But Blasier produced volumes of scientific literature to show that in the EAP test performed by Matheson, it was not possible for BA blood to degrade to B type blood.

            ” Experts testified to the footprint and the sole pattern.”
            Dr. Lee was considered to be the top forensic expert in the country at the time working over 5,000 criminal cases by that point, he said it was not a shoe print or footprint. Either way, when you have a discrepancy where the experts don’t agree, there is no way you can take this evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. So that still goes in OJs favor.

            “Dr. Henry Lee is one of the foremost forensic scientists in the country. He dropped a bombshell Tuesday when he told the court there were mysterious footprints at the murder scene that didn’t come from O.J. Simpson’s Bruno Magli shoes.

            Dr. HENRY LEE: This two-dimensional pattern cannot be come from the Bruno Magli shoes.

            LEWIS: The extra shoeprints back up the defense theory that a person or persons other than O.J. Simpson committed the double murders.

            Mr. ROBERT SHAPIRO (Simpson Attorney): Dr. Lee is the foremost expert in his field, and he discovered something that all the other experts in the country have not seen.

            Unidentified Reporter: Who do those footprints belong to?

            Mr. SHAPIRO: A second person who was at the scene.

            “Simpson had several deep cuts on his hand and they were fresh cuts that happened approximately the same time as the murders only Simpson claims it was cut from getting cell phone components out of his bronco.”

            The cut theory has been dismissed multiple times. Multiple people met OJ, shook his hand, saw his hands and examined his fingers, no one saw the cuts until he checked out his hotel and was on a plane back to LA. Lol, there is no proof nor evidence to support it was cut near the time of the murders, kato, the limo driver, the sky cap, the hotel check in clerks, the pilot, the 2 couriers, the man across from him on the plane, and the 6 other witnesses who all saw OJ either walking through the airport or on the planes hands did not see any sign of a cut. That is not a cut you can hide.

            “He also did not tend to the cut immediately as most people would do when discovering a cut hand. But he bled a trail from his bronco all the way to his master bathroom.”
            The small half inch cut could not have produced such a large volume of blood. But if it did, he would have been unable to hide it. By your logic, this would be a cut that bled for at least 40 minutes. From the 10:15-20 time they said he did the murder and left blood at the scene, to the 10:55 time they claim the limo driver saw him walk into his house. Do you understand how unrealistic that is, he would have passed out from blood loss.

            “But again, he cut his hand during the same exact hour Nicole and Ron were kille”
            And the proof of this is?

            “There are no facts that support Furhman planted evidence.”
            EDTA. Gloves with wet blood 7 hours after the murder that cannot be replicated under lab conditions.

            Those tapes were investigated and never matched any of Furhman’s cases so it was all fiction. ”
            Well it did match the OJ case.

            “Cochran played you and the jury. All he needed to do was hold up Furhman as a racist and show possible opportunities to tamper with evidence.”

            Not really, even without Cochran the case was doomed because the evidence exonerates OJ. Even if not fuhrman tape was ever found and he wasn’t on the case. There is enough on the dna alone to exonerate OJ. The chain of custody issues were enough to get this case thrown out in 99% of other cases ie people vs paul bergin.

            ” Even the EDTA was proven bogus by an FBI agent drawing blood from his arm and not using the preservative and it showed identical EDTA levels so Reiders was full of bull.”
            The FBI agent was contradicted by his own colleague who said he had falsified reports. even without the edta, we still know evidence was planted because the blood patterns are inconsistent in the bronco, impossible hand prints on the console, a bloody glove that stayed liquid for 7 hours and a glove that didn’t fit whose shrinkage cannot be replicated by dr. herbert macdonnel or any scientist to this date under any condition.

          • I have gone back and forth with enough of you Simpson defenders and it always comes down to the truth, they know Simpson did it but giving a Not Guilty verdict was simply payback for all of the injustices a racist justice system has done unto blacks. I just hate when these people try to justify he is not guilty because even his own lawyers knew he did it.

          • Well at least you show your true colors. When the transcripts and facts and evidence from experts doesn’t support your claim you are forced to tell what you really think. You people like Mark Fuhrman don’t think OJ is guilty because of evidence or facts, you think he is guilty because of his skin color. Thank you OJ hater for revealing yourself as a racist. When you run out of lies, you just have to go to what it really is, your hatred of African American men who have more money than you do.

            It is actually the OJ haters who try to make the case about race. Oj never took the stand, OJ never said it was about race. It was Mark Fuhrman who introduced race into the case, not OJ, not the defense. His lawyers were right that Nicole and Ron were druggies killed for not paying the Colombian Coke bill. Nothing more, nothing less, tons of people get killed for not paying their coke bills, ask Brett Cantor and Michael Nigg, Ron Goldman’s boss and best friend who got shot and necktied for not paying up.

          • One thing you ought to realise about scientific experiments is that it is well known rule of thumb that you never ever test your own samples, a scientist must only use PROVIDED samples otherwise it becomes a slippery slope to malfeasance.

            whoever tested his own blood as evidence of anything must be a very low level academically qualified scientist and nowhere near a scholar who writes peer reviewed experiments. You just do not test your own blood for an experiment, absolutely NO NO NO. Science must have integrity and that is not only unethical but blows the word integrity to shreds.

          • His own blood was not evidence. In scientific testing that is called a control. He could use anyone to provide a control sample. It demonstrates that EDTA readings were inconclusive. The defense could have done an independent test of Simpson’s blood but that would be a mistake. The defense case is stronger using the test the shows EDTA levels because it fits with their theory and supports their argument of reasonable doubt. Had they test Simpson independently and it too showed EDTA presence then that would blow the defense case.

          • It was African American hair, how many African American males frequented Nicole’s house, had a key to get onto the property and was familiar with her dog. That narrows it down. We’re Simpson on a plane 1 or 2 hours prior to the murders or even at the airport while the murders took place I would say he did of do it but that just isn’t the case is it? Do you know how quickly a celebrity of his status could get to a domestic flight if late? he could have arrived 15 minutes prior to take off and made it. This was pre-9/11 days mind you.

          • “It was African American hair, how many African American males frequented Nicole’s house, had a key to get onto the property and was familiar with her dog.”

            How did you jump from African American hair which could have come from the blanket taken from the house (big mistake by experienced detectives) to having keys to the house. The crime scene evidence gives absolutely no basis for that non- sequitur.

          • I am not sure I understand your question as framed. As a Los Angeles native familiar with Brentwood, I know the African American population in Brentwood is scarce. Simpson would have been the only African American male that the Community of Brentwood would see around Nicole ‘s residence and think nothing of it. Simpson had access to her residence because his kids lived there and her dog was their dog at a time prior to the separation. This would make the probability that his hair would be on that blanket even greater. As far as cops covering Nicole so the children didn’t see her that was absolutely not a mistake and was probably the most humane and thoughtful things any cop could have done that morning of the crime scene. I said cops because they were uniform cops not detectives as detectives would not have made that mistake.

          • I might suspect Ron Shipp or AC. Or Jason. But best gut reaction is Glen Rogers or Det. Mark Fuhrman himself. Fuhrman has the best motive to frame OJ.

          • “But the fact is Simpson’s hair is on Goldman’s shirt.”

            Technology to match hair strands to an individual has yet to be developed and the FBI has been called out for suggesting otherwise in prior cases. Only hair follicles (roots) can be examined for DNA.
            They could only determine the racial consistency of the hair strand as it had no follicle, anything else you read is a lie.

            “That is hard physical evidence that takes precedence over why something is not there such as bruises.”

            There is no such principle in forensic science. By definition forensic science means scientific scrutiny and no stone is left unturned. Forensic science does not seek to convict or acquit but to tell the scientific truth which either party can then use in court. A medical examiner determining cause of death would therefore be expected to take a critical holistic approach and discount nothing.
            Btw a police detective uses no science and relies on scientists whom he/she can decide to ignore because he/she has the powers to do as he/she feels best. Trust them with a pitch of salt.

            “Racist cop frame job is also absent any evidence of being the reality”.

            There’s a reason why LAPD were investigated at least three times since the case including rampart crash investigation where almost 100 convictions were overturned and LAPD being taken over by the FBI. Racism is only one aspect of the corruption that was uncovered. And in all these cases, there was no evidence of malfeasance when the people were convicted until some officers were caught doing something wrong which led to investigations and plea deals where they agreed to expose their police force in return for shorter sentences.

            Btw an in-depth FBI investigation report 2005/6 exposed infiltration of white supremacists in police forces across the country.

            “I forgot about the one juror that gave the black power sign to OJ after the verdict was read and jury dismissed.”

            Not forgetting we were presented with a “genocidal racist” who Marcia Clarke described as “the worst the LAPD had to offer” as the key prosecution witness who found much of the evidence in the absence of Vannatter and Lange who were leading the investigation.
            If one juror was perceived as biased but 11other jurors voted not guilty how relevant is the bias?

            Besides, the salute meant nothing because OJ was not black , he was Oj which is why white America had embraced him.

            “That’s what really went down. a the majority of the jurors bullied those guilty votes out of the deliberations.”

            Conjecture unless you have facts to prove this. Your facts seem to be selectively adhered to.

          • Facts all point to Simpson. But because a racist detective used the word’ N66er’, the facts cannot be the facts and therefore Simpson’s entire acquittal is based upon conjecture. See my comments on Pratt if you are genuinely interested in a black defendant being set up, and this was a real black man unlike Simpson. The Simpson case is irrelevant in the conversation of a racist law enforcement organization;whereas, Pratt’s is completely on point. But everyone prefers this bull$&t case to a real one such as Pratt. Cochran also represented Pratt by the way, of which he was an honorable attorney. I pinch my nose on the Simpson case, though the world only knows him for Simpson. I am a Native Angeleno and knew of Cochran since I was 4 yo which is 40 years ago.

          • Cochran screwed up Pratt’s case Cochran is a civil attorney dabbling in criminal cases. OJ’s mistake was not hiring F. Lee Bailey as lead attorney. Bailey would have convinced not just the jury but the nation. Cochran tried, but he is really just a civil attorney.

          • That was a nearly all women jury “bullying” the rest? Women saw through Marcia Clark’s fake domestic violence arguments.

          • It was a nearly all female jury, just what Marcia Clark wanted, for her women’s rights prosecution, but the women saw through it. Hair analysis is the weakest forensic science. The FBI has recently reviewed hair analysis and found they routinely made matches that never existed.

        • Maybe you should read the Coroner’s report or reread the testimony. The County Coroner testified that the abrasions and contusions on Ron Goldman’s knuckles were not consistent with punching another human. Instead they were consistent with them rubbing and flailing against the tree bark and iron rods of the tree and fence he was cornered against during the attack.

          • The medical examiner that conducted the autopsy did not testify despite being available owing to a catalogue of mistakes in his work that would have led to perceptions of a conspiracy.

            Name one homicide where the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy was not brought to court by the prosecution!!!!

          • Name one? Eric Garner’s murder in NYC. You’re right, they didn’t bring in the medical examiner because the prosecution didn’t like the examiner’s conclusion.

      • They said it was very dark with the tree cover so finding a black glove would be difficult without a light. Ron might have pulled the glove off hoping it was enough for the killer to leave evidence behind.

      • The crime scene is just too perfect to be true. My take is that the gloves and hat could have come from the house and thrown outside either by the killer after the murders to deflect attention or by laps to simplify the investigation.

    • I always wondered had the glove stayed on his hand would it have been cut. But they didn’t fit so apparently They wouldn’t stay on. Probably couldn’t find them on the ground in the dark so guess he pounded on Kato’s wall three times saying where are those fkn gloves? Damn I’m gonna miss my flight.

    • Cochran is dead. Can you prove to anyone other than yourself that guilty came from Cochran mouth. Did you tape Cochran saying OJ was guilty. Do anyone other than yourself actually see you and Cochran at Elaine’s in Manhattan. I call your statement hearsay. Hearsay cannot be submitted into evidence. I know OJ wasn’t there we were at Elaine’s the night Nicole got killed.

  25. I saw throats cut like that in nam I don’t thank they . had Columbian drug lords there. If you watch crime shows its common in throat slashing that great rage can almost sever the head. You guys need to get real ,Grow up smell the shit you putting out.Get a life, oj oj they calll you the juce,your so slick you bet the noose. If you hire the right lawyers and they put out enought crap you can beat any rap. The ladies will feer you and not want to Qurail with aknown killer who has no morials. you can run you can hide are take another slow ride. but on the the day you die,the lord will send a message down below OJ Simpson will be there next show George L (i know i don’t spell well)

  26. I want to know what DNA testing showed on the INSIDE of the gloves..that was never brought up and you KNOW the prosecution would have swabbed it. They didn’t introduce it because the inside of the glove DNA was not KNOW there are skin cells and sweat on theinsideof the gloves! so what about that??

    • Well clearly you are lying, because you are using your brain, facts and evidence now, and getting all uppity on us. You are just defending a murderer. Given how tainted the scene was, it would not surprise me if the dummy detectives wore no gloves or the same gloves and compromised any potential evidence. But given that OJ was asked to wear plastic gloves under the leather ones, I believe the DA was aware his dna was not there.

  27. OJ didn’t kill Nichole. Someone who REALLY loved her, killed her, for religious reasons. Just look for a really religious guy in a cowboy hat who actually called a news conference and confessed–inadvertently. Listen carefully for the emotional quake in his voice as he pronounces the the word… “butcher.” which has its own Biblical meaning. Then read the Biblical story about a man who had to sacrifice his daughter to God because of a stupid vow that helped him win a battle. ( story of Jephthah, Judges, 11.)

  28. Not sure if he’d did it or not but it was Definitely more than one person or a professional killing it was to close to the street and no one heard anything?? Sounds fishy. if you watched the court case which I did . they said she fought and she was running away and she had gashes in back of her head and defensive wounds cuts on her hands. the killer wore gloves OJ had a small cut on hand but gloves had no cuts . Ron Goldman put up a good fight but they said the killer was quicker and stronger and went for kill points on body . Oj had arthritis in hands and knees from playing football if you have arthritis you can’t hold a grip to long. Then mark Thurman pleaded the fifth when they asked him did he plant evidence. He had responded to the Simpsons home before and saw nicole battered he went to oj house after he went to crime scene. And there was so much blood but only drops in bronco and Oj house then both socks soaked with blood just laying there. Just wish these two get some justice.

    • Sadly they won’t get justice, just like the other friends of Ron Goldman, murdered in similar manners like Michael Nigg and Brett Cantor never got justice. About 4-5 other employees at that place all got killed, they were involved in drugs at the Mezzaluna. People took drugs, didn’t pay for them, ended up getting colombian neckties, and when there was no obvious suspect, the cases were just left open. It is obviously a professional hit, for a single guy to stab to death two people so quickly, that they can’t even let out a scream. In my view, it didn’t take more than 30 seconds for him to dispatch the two of them. No stabs to the genitals, no stab to the areas where a ex would stab like the breast. Instead, just slit throats, stab in the leg artery and side and the hands and left like nothing else mattered. An angry person couldn’t be so professional.

  29. Oj was proven innocent because the hat didn’t fit his big old head and the gloves didn’t fit they only got half way on .the prosecution was a bunch of dummies. Marcia dumb dumb Clark says oh the gloves shrunk because they were in blood smh I think leather stretches when wet that’s how we used to stretch our shoes , put wet paper inside shoe overnight next day shoes feel better. Oj is a jerk anyway . I only care about the victims and their families. Sad that they only focused on Oj and not looking for more suspects to make sure they covered everything. Nicole and Ron died in vein no justice and why wasn’t the case reopened.

    • The VP of Aris Isotoner got on the stand in the civil trial and testified that those gloves shrink when wet and dried out. Furthermore, Nicole bought OJ 2 pairs of those exact gloves in size XL, the same size as the gloves found at the scene. OJ’s manager said OJ stopped taking his arthritis medicine so his joints would swell up and he also wore a pair of rubber gloves when trying on the gloves.

        • Hahahhaha you’re a joke. Literally everyone knows leather shrinks when wet, you idiot. Stop talking about stuff you know nothing about. Lmao at you thinking you know more than the VP of the company who created the gloves! It’s not a big conspiracy- all of these people aren’t out to set OJ up. You’re just defending a murderer. He doesn’t give a shit about you.

      • You need to critically analyse any statement or book written and put pout in the market. Analyse their motives and credibility before you believe them otherwise you’ll have to believe all of them to avoid being seen as biased.

        For example Mike did call himself Oj’s manager, he was not his manager but his marketing agent who knew Oj’s worth for him had diminished so may have conspired in the robbery setup and wrote a book to make his money. If an agent lies about being a manager in order to boost his credibility how credible is he??

    • The fact that obvious drugs lines were totally excluded from the case alludes to either protecting one or more of the people involved or avoiding the case turning into a narcotics investigation at the expense of justice.

      The case cannot be reopened or even re-investigated because it was a conspiracy and case materials were confiscated by Hodgman to avoid any member of the public investigating the case.

  30. I just wrote OJ a letter at the Lovelock Corr Center about what I think happened. First, OJ was not a stupid man. her didn’t become a multi-millionaire by being stupid he would have known that he would be the first person the cops would interview for this crime, especially with his history of abuse. Do you honestly thin he was going to throw all the away for a woman who really was just a plain Jane, she wasn’t as gorgeous as everybody said she was. She was a freakin wastress when OJ met her for Gosh’s sake.

  31. OJ was known for spying on Nicole. That came out in the trial. he went over to Nicole’s place to spy on her before in left for Chicago and saw the murders going down. He tried to intervene, got nicked by the murderer and realized he was no match for a very professional killer and did what he did best. He ran.

    • And according to Faye Resnick a close friend of Nicole’s and admitted drug addict, Nicole knew he was spying while she was having sex w men. This was published in her
      Book after Faye went to rehab.

  32. rather than the tell the truth and have the whole world know he was a pepping time who left the scene of his former wife’s murder knowing his children were in the house, he choose to take his chances in court. Let’s face it. The real killer had to have blood a lot of blood on him. What was OJ, a professional killer who could stab a man 26 times in the face, next, chest and kill a woman by nearly cutting her head off and manage to get almost no blood on him?

    • The blood was on the missing dark sweatsuit that both Kato Kaelin and the chauffeur said OJ was wearing the night of the murders. The chauffeur saw OJ run into the house wearing the sweatsuit right before the lights came on and OJ answered the phone. OJ just stuffed hiss sweatsuit in the missing small bag and threw on some new clothes and ran back down to the limo. A witness at the Chicago airport saw OJ throwing the small bag in a garbage can.

      • Why no blood in the Bronco? This what I found on the matter…..Small spot of blood found near driver’s outside door handle of Simpson’s Ford Bronco; other blood found smeared inside on console, door, steering wheel and carpeting; DNA tests showed some of the blood apparently a mixture with genetic markers of Simpson and the victims.

        Apparently? What is that supposed to mean? If he did wear the clothes during the altercation and he did get into the Bronco wearing those clothes, why wasn’t more blood found in the Bronco?

        • That is a very good question, because he would have been soaked in blood, as if they are correct he did it, the socks were blood soaked, so why just itty bitty spots of blood.

      • You cannot get rid of that amount of blood even if you did change into other clothing. He showered. There would be blood in the drain. There would be blood under his nails. On his hands (after all one glove was lost at the scene). There is also the window of time to clean all that up and not leave a trace. It’s nearly an impossibility. Where is the knife? Someone would have seen OJ somewhere. I think it was a professional drug hit.

      • That makes no sense. OJ took the bloody clothes and knife on a plane to Chicago? The last place to go with evidence is through airport security.

      • Not believable at all. The chauffeur said he could not even recognize if the person at the door was a man or woman. Additionally he would have to have seen the big huge bronco drive by him. You assume it was OJ, the chaffeur never said that. As for the witness, you do realize, that the garbage system is one of the most highly organized systems, particularly within the airports on the planet right? If there was a bag with a bloody knife and clothes, the cops would have no difficulty going to sanitation management, and being able to locate every piece of garbage BY THE HOUR. Most people think you throw things in the garbage and it disappears into a big black hole that is unrecoverable. This is untrue, I had several friends who worked in the management side of sanitation, careful records are kept, every piece of garbage is hand sorted for different materials, not everything can go into a landfill. And airports are the most scrutinized because you have foreigners often bringing in invasive species so the garbage is searched through a third time.

        • OJ admitted that it was him that the driver saw and that he walked out the house and dropped his bags. The driver marked the spot where he saw the figure come to and that was exactly where OJ dropped the bags.

          As it relates to the airport trash, the trash bags are clear and would have been easy to identify any evidence.

          • OJ did not admit that, please produce a source.

            Good and if it was easy to identify, show us the murder weapon and bloody clothes and Bruno Magli shoes. Look the prosecutor claims OJ did the murder between 10:15-10:20. They also claim the bang outside of Kato’s guesthouse at 10:50 was OJ. They claim the limo driver never saw his bronco and suggest it was because he wasn’t there at 10:30. Why did it take OJ more than 30 minutes to complete a 5 minute drive?

            Well the prosecutor would likely say it is because he spent those 30 minutes hiding the evidence or wiping down the bronco, and changing his clothes. Well that is a maximum 15 minute drive, because he had to drive back. So how many places are there within a 15 minute drive of Brentwood that someone can hide something like that? It shouldn’t have been difficult for the police to recover.

            Why would Oj dump his bloody shoes, bloody shirt, bloody pants, wipe down the bronco, but leave on his bloody glove until he got back home and throw it down just 15 feet from his front door and leave on his bloody socks? How is there no dna on the steering wheel?

    • That’s exactly what I’ve been wondering for years. Even if it was on his clothing that he got rid of….he still would have been soaked in it and would have gotten more of it in the car. I once cut my self shaving in the shower and it looked like a massacre!

      • Thanks for the reply. I like talking about this case. If he did do it, he surely would have wanted to get rid of his clothing before he got in the Bronco. That means he would have had to have an accomplice who would be very nearby. so, OJ kills those 2 people, he runs to where the accomplice is (I’m thinking Al Cowlings) hurriedly changes out of his clothes, puts the new clothes on, runs to his bronco and drives home. But he still has the bloody gloves on? And don’t forget. nobody sees him do this! Would you plan a murder like that? Could OJ have stabbed the shit out of Ron turns to Nicole, she gets stabbed 4 times in the neck before delivering the final throat wound. I don’t know, is it possible to do all that stabbing and slashing and not get bloody? Was OJ a master killer?. You really have to start stretching things almost to the point incredibility to make OJ the killer. Oh how I wish I could find a window in time where I could look back on that fateful night and see what really happened. Wouldn’t that be nice?

        • Probably murdered over their involvement in drugs. I don’t think OJ was involved. He’d have to basically do the perfect murder. When did he have time to dispose of the murder weapon and all those bloody clothes? He would have to dump them in some lake or river. But that wouldn’t work because clothes float. So he’d have to dump it in a garbage bag with something heavy to sink it and hope the bag never tears. Its not a believeable story. The person who did the murders was probably a pro, clearly didn’t care if they were seen, and was probably from out of state or the country. To murder someone in the middle of the street like that, not caring if passer-bys see you or if people hear screams or cops show up. Doesn’t sound like a smart killer to me. And to get away with murder, well one has to be smart.

  33. But everybody thinks he did it based mostly on what said by the talking heads on Fox News. Some much information was discussed where the jury was not present and the news stations didn’t have access to that the information that did make it was only a part of the story. The jury had all the info, much more than you and I and the rest of the world had, and they found him not guilty. But most people said I don’t care what the jury said. “He did it”

    • Uhhh excuse me what? Every day of the trial was aired on national television. The jury didn’t see ANY that the viewers didn’t see. It was just a racial issue. That’s why he should have had his trial in Brentwood with a jury of his REAL peers which would be upper class whites. OJ didn’t hang out with any low income blacks and very few black people in general. He didn’t give a shit about the black community until he needed them to get him off for murder. Hasn’t given a shit about them since then either.

      • Hi there sweetheart. First, let me tell you I have read almost every written about the freakin case. A lot, and I mean A LOT of things were talked about when the jury was not there and a lot was talked about in Ito’s private chambers. Did you know that that Mezzaluna restaurant where Ron worked had some really shady things going on to say the least, people who worked there feared for their lives and a couple of people were so scared they qut, left town with no forwarding address. That kind of stuff never made it onto tv but if your read enough about the case you will see that there was a whole lot of things you never even knew about the case that was common knowledge among the major participants.
        It is entirely possible the killer knew Ron was headed over to Nicole’s to return her mother’s glasses and was waiting for him in the alley when he arrived. All those people did drugs and you probably know Faye Resnick’s sorted past (Nicole’s friend and housemate). I think the killer was there waiting for Ron in the alley, OJ was doing his peeping Tom thing when the killer attacked Ron, Nicole came out when she heard the commotion, the killer bopped Nicole on the head and knocked her out, OJ came out of the shadows to try and stop this guy, got slashed by the killer on his gloved hand (hence his wound) knew he was no match for this guy and simply did what OJ did best…he ran..touched the gate on his way out with his now bloodied glove and took off like a bat out of hell. The killer then proceeded to kill nicole by almost cutting her head off (he had to, she saw him and may have knew him).
        Why didn’t OJ admit this to the police? Because if he did, the whole world would know he’s a peeping Tom pervert who ran and left the mother of his children in that situation and his kids in the condo upstairs. In other words, a freaking coward.
        That would have destroyed his career for sure. The trial destroyed his career but he didn’t know that at the time.
        OJ was a jealous, co-dependent, abusive jerk when it came to his relationship with Nicole. But he was not a stupid man.
        He would have known, like we all know, that the very first person the police are gonna want to talk to, especially with his record, is OJ.
        Nicole was just a waitress when OJ met her. And despite all the glamorous pics of Nicole and OJ, she was basically what I call a plain Jane. Those looks were the best that money could buy.
        And in my opinion, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate her a 4.
        OJ probably could have had any one of thousands of good looking white women, especially in LA. But, his ego couldn’t let go of Nicole.
        Some men are like that. They just don’t know when to let go.

      • The relationship between black people and Oj is an internal matter for the black community and not anyone else’s business to play God. The criminal justice system was supposedly colour blind!!!

  34. But most people don’t care anymore. OJ is sitting in the Lovelock Correction Center and won’t even be eligible for parole until 2017. Got 33 years for those trumped up charges where all the co defendants agreed to a plea deal if they testified against OJ. Those prosecutors were going get OJ for the murders they think he did and got away with.

        • OK. Glad you know all about it. Thank you for your comment. (Everyone knows he was set up to retrieve his own property.) Now – watch for the stuff coming out. have a good day! And keep on watching the media without doing your own research.

  35. OJ may have been an abusive, possessive drug addicted a-hole off camera but he wasn’t an idiot. You had to believe that OJ could think her could drive over to Nicole’s place in the short window of time he had after coming back from McDonalds around 9 pm with Kato Kaitlin, cut her head off, drive back to his place, get all cleaned up so he could meet his driver at 11 pm to take him to the airport. I guess he must have high on drugs.

    • He had from 9:40 pm when Kato last saw him to about 10:55 when the chauffeur saw him run in the house. Nicole’s house was only 5 minutes away from OJ’s. Furthermore both the chauffeur and a next door neighbor testified that OJ’s Bronco was not at his house during this period of time, and witness Jill Shively almost had a collision with OJ at an intersection right down the street from Nicole’s about 5 minutes before Kato heard the thumps on his guesthouse and the chauffeur saw OJ run into the house. All he had to do was strip off his sweatsuit, stuff it in the missing bag and throw on some new clothes.

      • did you read my latest blurb. I say OJ WAS there, peeping, like he did on occasion before, saw the murders go down, tried to intervene, was unarmed, got cut by the killer, turned and ran, got in his bronco and the rest we know. You really have to believe that OJ was not so stupid to think he could kill Nicole (Ron just happened to be in the wrong place at the very wrong time) and not be the #1 suspect. The cops would scrutinize his whereabouts down to the minute. From what I have read, OJ and Nicole had a meeting earlier that day that did not go so good for OJ. Now he may have hired someone to rough up Nicole a little, to scare her for what OJ perceived as being dissed. But the guy he hired was volatile, maybe a drug addict. This guy, the killer, is hiding in the bushes, looking for the opportunity to get Nicole. Ron comes down the walkway, the killer gets nervous. What is he gonna do NOW. He figures the only thing he can do it mess this guy up and beat it out of there. he figures he’d stab Ron a few times and then take off. But Ron is a young man in good shape, he fights back. This guy keeps on stabbing because Ron is not getting the message. By now, Ron has his jugular cuts, he been stabbed in the chest, abdomen, thigh, he’s losing a lot of blood fast and he’s starting to become semi-conscious. Nicole hears some noise and walks out back to see what’s up. The rest I outlined in my other blurb. Come on now. Do you really think OJ is going to kill the mother of his children. Have to endure the investigation and try to come up with an alibi? Risk losing everything he has worked so hard for. I think OJ is basically a selfish guy. He has a big ego. Now the real question is, why didn’t he just tell the cops the story I have outlined. He was there, peeping, saw the murders go down, tried to intervene, got cut and ran. Because you see, OJ has too much of an ego. The whole world would know he was a peeing Tom and that he left the scene knowing his too children were in the condo. He would have been see as pervert, a coward. That, for OJ, was not acceptable. He would never get another job or endorsement. He’s be like that guy who was caught masturbating in the theater, Pee Wee Herman., only a lot worse. I just can not see OJ killing Nicole.

        • And don’t forget Furhman lied and was a racist. Cops plant evidence all the time. If not the husband, who? Happens every day. I still say the odds of losing BOTH gloves are minimal. One at the crime scene. Other at OJs house. And if he cleaned up somewhere else, which some claim since no blood was found in drains and he put all the bloody stuff in the missing bag, then how could he lose the bloody glove at Rockingham? Can’t have it both ways. Reasonable doubt.

          • You’re right never thought  about it like that if he cleaned up somewhere else why did he still have that glove with him they did only find the 1 glove, right? I just don’t think he did it. But I think he saw it go down and tried to intervene and got cut and realized he was no match for the dude or dudes and just did what came naturally to him……he ran. Oh how I wish that somehow we could see how that night went down maybe some body will make a death bed confession and then we will know better happen soon I’m 60 now.

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            “And don’t forget Furhman lied and was a racist. Cops plant evidence all the time. If not the husband, who? Happens every day. I still say the odds of losing BOTH gloves are minimal. One at the crime scene. Other at OJs house. And if he cleaned up somewhere else, which some claim since no blood was found in drains and he put all the bloody stuff in the missing bag, then how could he lose the bloody glove at Rockingham? Can’t have it both ways. Reasonable doubt. ”


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            And don’t forget Furhman lied and was a racist. Cops plant evidence all the time. If not the husband, who? Happens every day. I still say the odds of losing BOTH gloves are minimal. One at the crime scene. Other at OJs house. And if he cleaned up somewhere else, which some claim since no blood was found in drains and he put all the bloody stuff in the missing bag, then how could he lose the bloody glove at Rockingham? Can’t have it both ways. Reasonable doubt.

            1:04 p.m., Tuesday March 1


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            did you read my latest blurb. I say OJ WAS there, peeping, like he did on occasion before, saw the murders go down, tried to … Read more

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        • 1. The cuts on Oj’s fingers were NOT knife cuts—-(Donald Freed/Raymond Biggs PhD)
          2. The murders took place 11pm at the earliest owing to the blood not being clotted when police arrived at 12.15. it takes 45min to 1hr for blood to clot.
          Also the last person to call Nicole was her mother who left Brentwood at between 8.50-9pm to drive to Dana Point 75-90 miles away. That is at the very least 1hr 45mn drive. By the time the calls have been made and Ron has gone home to get changed before dropping off the glasses, its definitely after 11pm. This explains why Juditha Brown’s authentic phone records were hidden away from the trial.

      • I believe that Jill’s testimony was thrown out since she was paid a huge amount of money for it by Hard Copy. You’d be surprised the people that claim
        They saw this or that to make money. Also OJ showered and changed into
        Denim. There would have to remnants of blood from hair, hands, etc in drain. There wasn’t.

      • Not enough time to clean up and hide evidence, and as if the moment OJ got there, how the hell would he know that nicole would be standing on her front lawn?

    • That’s rite. And don’t forget during this short window of time that he changed into the black sweatsuit right after he murdered them. Uh huh.

  36. Anyone who thinks OJis innocent is just in a state of denial and probably still believes in the tooth fairy. Th civil trial was conclusive. It’s a pity the dots were not connected for the first criminal trial. Give it up already, it’s a joke these people think he’s innocent. Not only blind, but prejudice

        • Well if the whole view is that the person is killed by drug associate or drug dealing gangs like the colombian cartels, has a colombian necktie in what looks like a professional hit, for drug debts owed, it becomes really really relevant. Especially when you are accusing a completely different person which forensic evidence seems to exonerate.

          It becomes even more relevent when one victim was a user who racked up $50,000 in debt, the other was a dealer at a well known drug trafficking hot spot, whose boss was murdered in the same manner and whose best friend was murdered not too long after and whose dad basically took away the wife of a drug dealing kingping who got out of jail early and was looking for revenge. There were alot of people who wanted Ron Goldman dead. In fact, it is far more probable that he was followed from his work place to nicole house for the drug hit.

          You don’t think it is relevant that the victim lived a criminal lifestyle and sister was married to a mobster? Most people do not have that many criminal connections. You don’t think it is relevant that the roomate faye resnick checked into rehab 3 days before the murder?

  37. I do not think OJ killed Nicole and Ron, I think he was peeping on Nicole when Ron arrived to return the glasses. The world is so weird. Think about Ron’s mindset the moment he’s walking to Nicole’s condo…I think he thought maybe he could have some intimacy with Nicole, so he’s walking up then all of a sudden somebody is stabbing the shit out of him. He knows he is hurt bad, he knows this guy is hell bet on killing him, did he know him? He slumps down, stabbed and cut multiple times, his left jugular vein is transected, he is in shock and losing blood, he probably can’t believe what’s happening to him. Oj sees what’s going down, comes out of his hiding place, the killer now attacks Nicole, this guy is good with a knife, she is just overwhelmed with the force and suddeness of the attack. The killer gets behind her and almost cuts her head off. OJ enters the scene, the killer now makes oj the center of attention. Oj gets close, the killer slaches at oj, nicks him in the hand, cuts thru his glove, oj realizes he is no match for this guy, all he can do is run.And he runs like he never ran before. Gets into his truck and races back home. Shaken, he stumbles thru the alley by Kato’s cottage, drops one of his gloves, runs into his house and is probably in a state of shock himself. This kind of shit just doesn’t happen to people! Is this real? Man, what am I gonna do? Wouldn’t is be nice if the killer did come forward some day and at least tell us why he killed both those people. Was it over drugs that were supplied but not paid for. Faye Resnick was Nicole’s roommate and she admitted to useing drugs regularly. This is my theory. Hopefully I will live long enuf to see and hear confirmation of what I have said above. If I am wrong about this I would be shocked. I think OJ was too smart to know that he could not kill his ex-wife and not be the number one suspect considering hopw many times the cops were called because of his abuse. His whereabouts would be scrutinized once the time of death was established. And remember, these guys are LA Detectives. These guys are the toughest of the tough. If you have a shitty alibi they will tear it apart.

    • And as to the peeping, lest we forget
      Nicole’s friend Faye Resnick, an admitted drug addict, writing a book telling that Nicole would bring men home, have sex and knew OJ was watching. Their relationship
      Was volatile.

      • And there was shot going down at that restaurant I read some people just disappeared whether they just took off for parts unknown because they feared for their life or worse.

        Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Smartphone——– Original message ——–From: Disqus Date: 3/1/2016 12:53 PM (GMT-05:00) To: Subject: Re: Comment on top ten reasons why oj is not guilty
        “And as to the peeping, lest we forget
        Nicole’s friend Faye Resnick, an admitted drug addict, writing a book telling that Nicole would bring men home, have sex and knew OJ was watching. Their relationship Was volatile. ”


        A new comment was posted on busblog


        And as to the peeping, lest we forget
        Nicole’s friend Faye Resnick, an admitted drug addict, writing a book telling that Nicole would bring men home, have sex and knew OJ was watching. Their relationship Was volatile.

        12:53 p.m., Tuesday March 1


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        I do not think OJ killed Nicole and Ron, I think he was peeping on Nicole when Ron arrived to return the glasses. The world … Read more

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  38. The blood and glove were planted by the two sociopaths, Fuhrman and Vanetta. This was a drug hit. Resneck ran to rehab the day before. American public is so naive.

      • This is the third post you are not stalking me on. Keep it up Johnny. The FBI has been notified and you are being monitored. This is a legal notice and please be advised that cyber stalking is a Federal offense.

        • That is funny. Here I thought The Director of The FBI testified last summer that he did not have the resources to completely monitor Jihadi Terrorist yet Internet Trolling they got that covered. Hilarious.

          • WRONG! It is Federal Codified law passed by the U.S. Congress. Got it now pal?

          • Relax man it’s hilarious. Posting on Disqus !! oh my God why won’t these people stop replying? I am going to report you repliers to the FBI!!

    • Furhman sure lucked out when he found out after he planted the glove the OJ had not left to Chicago before the murders happened. He also lucked out that he picked the right hand glove to plant since Simpson luckily cut his left hand. He also lucked out by picking the bronco of all the vehicles Simpson could have used to drive over and commit the murder. Furhman was set to be the luckiest man of 1994 were it not for Cochran. Cochran was just too smart for those dumb detectives.

        • It wasn’t his biography or autobiography. He thought he was writing a movie and was trying to get laid as the bad boy tough cop. You people are too damn sensitive.

          • Wow! You are indeed a sociopath. Marky also was an avid WW2 collector of NAZI memorabilia. Bye Bye.

          • I have a few Hitler Movies and Books, that doesn’t make me racist. A lot WWII collectors of Nazi memorabilia including weapons, uniforms, even tanks.

          • Marky collected NAZI memorabilia. Don’t stray from the issue and don’t insult my intelligence. He was and is a racsit piece of garbage and got everything he deserved.

          • Fuhrman wins Gold Trophy in the Olympic event for Most Racist Police Officer. He got less than he deserved, a mere $200 fine for perjury in a murder trial? In California, at the time, you could have gotten the death penalty for lying in a murder trial. Fuhrman went free because of the racist LA prosecutor’s office.

          • Marine Fuhrman loved killing Vietnamese with a machine gun. But he didn’t get to see them die, close enough. Then came LAPD, a chance to personally kill blacks, hear them gasp their last breath as he choked them to death. OJ was different. Fuhrman had to do it surreptitiously. Fuhrman hated gays, Jews, interracial couples and most of all blacks. With Ron & Nicole, Fuhrman got 3. Ron was gay & Jewish. With OJ, Fuhrman got a full 4, the jackpot. You can hear the Las Vegas slot machines going wild. Apologies to marines. Trump’s Marine Mad Dog general is Patton. Fuhrman is far closer to the guy Patton slapped in WW2. Only Patton would have done far more to Fuhrman. Far more.

          • why are you bothering? the level of delusion is so high, its hard to argue with. all of that has nothing to do with this case, period

          • Fuhrman put a swastika on a fellow officer’s locker when Furhman learned the officer was marrying a Jewish woman. Fuhrman is beyond racist. He’s top of the line racist. They had 300+ tapes of Fuhrman using the N word, plus witnesses saying Furhman hated interracial couples & blacks, Jews & gays. Ron Goldman was Jewish & gay. Nicole had been in an interracial marriage. They were Fuhrman’s most hated targets. Fuhrman may have framed OJ because Fuhrman murdered Ron & NIcole. Fuhrman is the prime suspect. Fuhrman’s shoe size comes closer to the murder scene shoe prints than OJ. Forget Jason, look at Fuhrman.

          • That is probably the most sensible thing that you have posted. Problem is you don’t apply to the one that murdered Ron and Nicole.

          • Only he did the “act” a little too convincingly. He was a natural, because it was the real Fuhrman.

        • Not just that, LAPD routinely framed non-white minorities in the Ramparts Scandal, about the same time period. Fuhrman led the pack. It saved LAPD endless time, resources, just framing people rather than investigating cases. The prosecutors, who like to win cases more than seek justice, loved lying police, who helped prosecutors convict so many innocents in the past, all largely unknown, still in prison in many cases. When Furhman took the 5th when asked if he framed OJ, didn’t a red flag go up anywhere?

      • If OJ cut his hand with the knife that killed Ron or Nicole, why is there no cut or hole in the glove corresponding to his cut hand? He supposedly wore gloves in June summer heat? Det. Mark Fuhrman outdid himself trying to frame innocent blacks.

      • Fuhrman had stalked OJ & Nicole for decades. Fuhrman bragged to other officers that he had sex with Nicole. Fuhrman hated interracial couples even more than Jews, gays, or blacks. Fuhrman got to have Nicole murdered, and blame it on OJ. Fuhrman is the one who needs an alibi for where he was that night. As a police officer he works with drug dealers, and Fuhrman made a deal with them to have them kill Nicole & Ron, promising to frame OJ.

        • So you say Furhman hates interracial couples, yet you say he fantasizes and claimed to have has relations with a women who blows, blacks and jews? You are a walking contradiction.

  39. A Colombian necktie is when the throat is cut under the chin and the tongue is pulled down and pushed out through the wound, giving a “necktie” appearance. Not just cutting the throat and calling it a “necklace”. Think Bailey made that up while sitting on the can. That said, OJ is guilty as hell. The biggest blunder by a prosecution team in the history of law.

    • A necktie is when they slit the throat actually not just under the chin, but quite far down the neck, and they pull the tongue out the neck, not under the chin, that is why it is called a necktie, whose necktie is under their chin? And bare in mind, Ron Goldman’s presence might have made it hard to pull the tongue out, he might have just slit the throat and ran off, after he realized he spent 2 minutes fighting and someone was probably going to call the cops.

  40. Have you all forgot the Police Chase? He ran from the cops for days lol. Not to mention the suicide threats to Det. Lange and the “attempt” that his friend stopped when he arrived at his home.

    Before he gave himself up, he did everything a guilty person does.

    Set aside evidence, what innocent person runs from the cops? And then threatens suicide?

    • How about an innocent person who was being extorted for money from drug dealers who just killed his wife and blackbelt boyfriend who he thought were trying to kill him?

    • If he’s running, instead of them going to Nicole’s gravesite like they claimed, how come he was found heading northbound on the freeway? Mexico via Canada, perhaps? lolol

      What drugged, confused, beleaguered person who thinks he is being falsely accused for committing a horrible crime would run? Think about it a bit…

  41. Some people will believe any conspiracy theory thrown out without question but give the same people facts and evidence to backup your statements then they are skeptical. Completely amazing! Some people get all of their so called “knowledge” from fictional TV shows and then take the fiction they watch and turn that into facts. Unfortunately our country is becoming more and more home of the ignorant.

    • And some people believe what the media says in high profile murder cases without possibly hearing every single bit of evidence. Works both ways. And btw in America, you are innocent until PROVEN guilty. But we tend to forget that since sensationalized
      Murder cases come to the media. Remember poor Dr Shepard? Highly sensationalized case wherein TV program The Fugitive was derived from. He spent years in prison until the real killer was found. Very sad. So maybe it is you that is ignorant since all of this discussion discussion raises plenty of reasonable doubt.

  42. the reason blood trail had large and suspicious interval between what you said was because he switched hands that he was holding the bag that had with murder weapon, etc.. thus causing drops to fall on bag instead

  43. your top 10 reason is a hell of a stretch… dead people cant pay. and dead people cant continue to be clients…they wouldnt do that, espiecially to a rich person.

      • I agree with Turnt. Nicole’s murder was literally the heat score of the century. Usually people killed over drug debts are other dealers who lose large sums. Did Nicole own her Ferrari outright? I’d be selling that car QUICK if I thought drug dealers would kill me. And as was mentioned then she can’t pay. And if she thought dealers would kill her who did she tell?! All she ever said is that OJ would kill her.

        The drug dealer angle was a Cochrane story. OJ was one of the best athletes in NFL history but he can’t kill a waiter who did Karate? Cochrane had people eating out of his hand.

        • We don’t know and there is more to come. How about these few things (which are only a few things): The blood on Nicole’s back gate had the additive in it – which only could come from a vial. So it had to be placed there. That brings up reasonable doubt just in and of itself. There was missing blood from the vial – which also lost the chain of command from one of the detectives. We all saw the bloody pictures …. a massive amount of blood ….. yet there was only a drop in O.J.s; a couple of drops on his driveway; a smear in the car. Barely detectable. Yet, the scenario is that he went home to “clean up” all the blood which should have been massive all over him (so much blood AND the apparent, proven fight with Ron Goldman). His carpeting was snow white! Yet no blood – anywhere EXCEPT the two socks. With EDTA. No blood in the drains or washing machine. Also, he had no bruises whatsoever on him …. which, according to autopsy reports, Ron fought for his life and was a huge man as well I believe with a black belt. So, there would have to be injuries on O.J. if he did it. There is too much reasonable doubt. I believe that more evidence will come forth. Whether it was a drug hit or O.J.’s son as has been alluded to. Too too much reasonable doubt. And, as is often the case, if not O.J. then who? Must be O.J. Defense did not prove their case.

        • There is evidence that she was paranoid that Oj would kill her but also that her mother would kill her. Obviously for prosecutorial reasons only the Oj fear came out in court.

  44. My theory is LAPD crime lab was not accustomed to this level of scrutiny. They became lazy and lackadaisical from a criminal justice system where most criminal cases are plead down and never make it to trial. Honestly more probable than not Simpson did it but not enough evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt. Even the civil case did not find him 100% liable. 70% liable is consistent with reasonable doubt.

  45. Oh look, it appears they may have found the knife (or at least rediscovered it). Wonder how many people will try to defend OJ the murderer now. Can’t believe so many dumb people haven’t been killed by simple accidents yet, but believe OJ is innocent, lol.

  46. The only question I have concerns the assumption that OJ or some assailant was lying in wait to kill Nicole and Ron was just unlucky that night. My question is how did OJ or anyone else for that matter know that she would even be coming out of her home? None of the evidence indicated that she made regular trips outside her home that time of night. It seems absurd that OJ would head over there fully dressed to kill and sit and wait in the bushes for her to come out of her home. The only way this theory would work is if someone tapped her phone knew Ron was coming over at that time and that her buzzer was inoperative that forced her to travel outside. The better theory I think, is perhaps someone followed Ron Goldman.

    • OJ didn’t know she was coming out of her house. He was stalking her and looking into her windows. Some speculation that he came in her house and that’s when an altercation began. He had the missing house keys to her home. And no one planned to kill Ron. Ron walked onto the property while OJ was attacking Or had already attacked Nicole…then he went after Ron. He thought they were having sex and OJ told Nicole he would kill her if he caught her with another man. This has crime of passion written all over it. He’s spying on her, loses his mind over Ron and they both end up murdered.

      • Its not believable though. He goes over to a place hiding in the bushes waiting to kill her when he was a key to her place? Why would he kill her in the streets and not in the house?

        Crime of passion and kills her in public when he could have done it indoors? Doesn’t make any sense. Crime of passion are not well hidden like that.

  47. Wow. People like to make stuff up lol. EDTA was in fact found in the blood. Mark Furhman virtually admitted in court he planted evidence by taking the 5th when asked if he planted evidence. And, how could a team of experts search the crime scene only to have Furhman go back in a day or two later and find all the key evidence lol…with EDTA and blood on it? C’mon people, there is no jury on the planet that would convict OJ considering all that.

    It is true the Police latched on to OJ early and stopped other investigations even against the wishes of some in the department. The ties Goldman had to drug dealers and the reported debt he had racked up to some of them was a good lead. If the LAPD had of investigated this and it came to a dead end, fine…but they did not. They abandoned the investigation while it was still hot and now we may never know.

  48. So after many years the individuals who supported the killer now are coming out of the woodwork for their new 10 minutes of fame.
    This time to say the POS is guilty.
    Every Juror, defense attny, and ITO should be indicted for obstruction of justice.
    There has never been another suspect, there never could be they know who the killer is. OJ Simpson.
    He used race and police perception to manipulate the simple, stupid, ingnorant masses into putting the LA PD on trial, White people on trial, history on trial and they won. The prize a POS was set free after killing 2 white folks.
    Tragedy. Tragedy for the victims families.
    But, who cares about them, certainly not the self centered black community. They could care less all they saw was a black man stick it to the white man, represented by the system.
    Dont tell me about botched evidence, horrible prosecution tactics, police brutality BULLSHIT the POS is guilty plain and simple. He should have gotten the death sentence, instead he was revered as a hero.
    That is until the civil trial.
    That is interesting. No pomp, no circus just plain facts, and the facts are he was found to be responsible for the deaths of two white people.
    Anybody who thinks otherwise is a racist fool and you can go fuck yourself and die.

  49. These murders almost remind me of the Manson murders. Those aren’t what people think they are, either. Look up Nikolas Schreck Manson File on You Tube and listen to an interview he did with Brian Davis of TLB radio.

  50. I would like to offer my two cents into this debate. I have several of comments that has been made and think people aren’t asking the right questions. In court I believe someone said that was observing O.J Simpson Broncos they notice blood print on the car door and on the console. On the door it was only O.J. Simpson. However, on the console it was a mixture of O.J. Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. How is that possible to have one set of blood on the outside and have a mixture inside? Correct me if I’m wrong. But to get inside a car you must first open the car door to get in. So according to that knowledge there must be a mixture of the blood on the door which is clearly not the case.

    Another topic to think about is the children. They were still asleep while this was going on. There no way a father would knowing kill the mother of his two children when they were inside sleeping.

    Here is a legitimate reason for the Broncos car chase and the suicide letter. O.J. was a people person. He loves being in the spot light and it nearly destroyed him when he was first put in handcuffs. He knew that the public will be against him. Always thinking that he is a killer. Which a lot of individual still do to this day despite the evidence that was proven in court. He lost a lot during the trial and he knew he would never get it back.

    To agree the whole issues that O.J. must have killed his ex wife because he was a spousal abusers is full of baloney. People understand correlation does not prove causality. I guess the prosecution attorney should have dust up their psychology skill before feeding that garbage to the jury. And a course they did not by from the get go

  51. Ron Goldman was a cocaine dealer and his dad is a sleeze bag money greedy that is why he sued OJ in civil court it was for money end of story.if OJ was guilty he would have killed years earlier he would not have killed her after the children school event and he would not have killed her when he had to meet up with his limo driver just minutes after the murders and he would have just killed Nicole when she was alone. ron Goldman was not a good Samaritan he was a cocaine dealer. Nicole was paranoid if she thought OJ was going to kill her whats what cocaine does to people paranoia and many people who spoke up saying Nicole said this or that got paid money and yet these statements could never be witnessed by two people at the same time hearing Nicole saying oj was going to kill her and get away with it sounds convenient to convenient these remarks why because its hard to get two people on the same page telling lies becuase they could be separated by police and interrogated and get caught telling lies

  52. The shoe prints prove OJ totally innocent. Their photographs in court exhibits show them within square tiles, measuring 11 1/2 inches long. The shoe prints are even smaller, closer to 11 inches long. OJ’s feet, without shoes, are a full 12 inches long. Also, the shoe prints show a normal slow walk, not bowlegged, pigeon toed, or with a limp that OJ had from football injuries and childhood rickets. Also the shoeprints show a normal slow walk, the kind you would get from a professional hit man, working for drug dealers, not an enraged man hurriedly moving. When LAPD Det. Mark Fuhrman took the 5th when asked if he planted the blood & glove, it was obvious OJ had been framed. As internationally respected forensic scientist Henry Lee testified, something was wrong with the blood, there wasn’t enough of it. It was more consistent with someone framing OJ. A Nobel laureate chemist said the LAPD crime lab’s DNA tests were useless, as the lab was not reliable. Whitehurst, the FBI chemist was not allowed to testify. He would have testified prosecution chemist Roger Martz lied, perjured himself about not finding EDTA in the blood. EDTA proved OJ innocent. Fuhrman also perjured himself, and was convicted of perjury for his testimony for the prosecution. Even Chris Darden refused to participate in questioning Fuhrman, as Darden knew Fuhrman was a racist perjurer, who framed black suspects. Fuhrman is on tape bragging about framing suspects. The Ramparts Scandal showed LAPD, in this time frame, routinely framed suspects. OJ was framed, clearly.

  53. Nicole & Ron’s throats were slit, cutting their vocal chords, so they couldn’t yell. That’s hard for one single murderer to do, knife one victim, while the other remains quiet? This was a professional killing by hired hit men, experienced in how to murder deadbeat drug addicts. They threatened Nicole to pay, and they knew she could get money from OJ. She wanted to get back with OJ. OJ wasn’t ready. He could have virtually any woman he wanted. He was free & single. That’s OJ’s only “guilt,” that he didn’t help Nicole out with her drug debts, so the drug dealers wouldn’t have killed her. OJ did feel very guilty about that, explaining some apparent statements of remorse. The hitmen, at least two, knifed both Ron & Nicole in their throats first, so they couldn’t yell or scream. No neighbors heard any yelling. The autopsy shows their vocal chords cut. An enraged OJ, angry, would have been yelling and not under enough control to manage to cut both their throats in this precise manner. He didn’t even know how. Then the forensic experts said there were other knife cuts, teaser cuts, designed to inflict maximum pain and torture. After some torture, the last cuts were deeper, designed to kill. This is pure evidence of professional killings. OJ just doesn’t fit that category. OJ is totally innocent, except that he might have paid Nicole’s drug debts and saved her. He might even have done that, had Nicole been nicer to him. She lied about him pretending he abused her, to get out of their prenuptial agreement, so she could stiff him for more money. When that wasn’t enough, she came back asking for more. OJ wasn’t quite ready for that. OJ might in some sense have contributed to her death by allowing drug dealers to do it, but it was Nicole and her drug addict friends & family who caused it. As Faye Resnick said, “Let’s hope OJ did it, or we’re in trouble.” Faye knew she could be next. The hitmen knew there would be an autopsy and they wanted the teaser cuts, so they’d get paid. It was their signature cuts. It provided an example to other customers of the drug dealers to pay their drug debts, or else, not just death but a very painful death. As in “IF I did it,” if OJ had done it, there would have been a loud argument, yelling, angry voices. But that never happened. No one heard anything. Because OJ didn’t do it. Best suspected hitman is Glen Rogers, who confessed to killing them both. There was another hit man who had just been released from prison and looking for “work,” in his “occupation. He was associated with AC. LAPD knew about him too, but instead chose to frame OJ. LAPD preferred to frame innocent blacks rather than pursue cases against guilty whites or nonblacks. The drug debts weren’t just Nicole’s. Ron was also in deep over his head.

  54. Joey Ippolito had just escaped from prison and needed money. He was a hitman for drug dealers collecting drug debts from deadbeat drug addicts, like Nicole. Another suspect is William Wasz. LAPD ignored all evidence pointing anywhere to anyone other than OJ. OJ had perfect alibis, so LAPD fudged the murder time frame to try to fit OJ’s schedule. It almost worked at the criminal trial. Fortunately the jury was far brighter than the news media or American public.

  55. One major reason, not often mentioned, why OJ is innocent, was his total unwillingness to even consider a plea agreement, especially when the evidence at the time seemed iron clad, open & shut. Shapiro, against OJ’s wishes, secretly tried to see if a plea agreement were possible. Guilty people who know the evidence is overwhelming, at least want to know if some plea agreement may be possible, before they risk it all against near certain odds. Only a really innocent person insists on a trial, in those circumstances, without even wanting to know what plea deal might be possible. The prosecution was supremely confident of a conviction. The news media made it seem OJ had no chance. OJ risked it all, and never entertained any thought of a plea agreement. That’s remarkable, and strong indicator of total innocence. The only reason OJ went to trial was because he alone knew best that LAPD had framed him, and he hoped against all odds that the truth would somehow come out. He was right, and the jury realized police had framed OJ. After that the news media so poisoned the facts that OJ never stood a chance in future trials, the civil case or Nevada, where judges allowed jurors who said they believed OJ guilty of murder to serve on the jury.

  56. We’ve replaced trial by jury with trial by news media. Once the news media have convicted someone in the press, there is no appeal. The news media are the final court of judgment. How dare anyone not accept the final verdict of the news media. They tried & convicted OJ, with their objective news reporting for 20 years. Once the verdict has been read, no one may question the news media. It is the ultimate authority. We all trust the news media, with our lives & the lives of others. They found Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman and OJ Simpson, all guilty. Forget juries and their not guilty verdicts. They’re just stupid people. It’s time to amend our Constitution, replacing trial by jury with trial by the press. The press knows all, sees all. Who dares to doubt their judgment? Same with Amanda Knox in Italy. The European press portrayed her as a she devil. The American press recognized the wisdom of the European press and refused to second guess them. Truth is whatever the press says. No one knows better. Juries just sit there and watch the demeanor of witnesses, take notes, and deliberate. The Press is beyond such simple minded processes. Our News media works hard to convict, more so than our prosecutors. We can all thank the news media for its hard won right to replace juries.


  58. When a private citizen takes the 5th, it doesn’t mean he’s guilty. But when a government official, IRS head, Fast & Furious prosecutor, or lead LAPD detective on the OJ case, Fuhrman, takes the 5th, it is the biggest red flag imaginable. In each case, Lois Lerner, an Arizona Obama federal prosecutor, and LAPD Fuhrman, taking the 5th meant they resigned and their career ended. They don’t take the 5th just to invoke a constitutional right for the principle involved. They do it to cover up, conceal, and evade confessing guilt or to avoid perjury in pretending they’re innocent. But far worse than Fuhrman taking the 5th was Marcia Clark not offering Fuhrman immunity. Her failure to do so to force him to testify was an admission of Clark that Clark knew Fuhrman had framed OJ. If Clark wanted the truth, all she had to do was give Fuhrman immunity. Then he’d have to answer questions or go to jail for contempt. Clark didn’t want to know the truth. Clark constantly covered up the truth, because Clark fully knew OJ was innocent & had been framed, by Fuhrman.

  59. Faye’s comment gave it away. Right after the murders & OJ was arrested, Faye said, “Let’s hope he did it.” She meant if OJ didn’t do it, then drug dealers did, and that scared her. She knew Nicole & Ron were deep in debt to drug dealers. Faye then went on a campaign to claim OJ did it, so drug dealers would feel she was helping them out.

  60. Ron Goldman’s father is married to Patti Glass former mafia wife. She ran off with Fred stealing money from her mafia husband. Ron Goldman was deep into the fastlane of Brentwood’s drug life. Look at the six other employees of Mezzaluna that ended up shot or slashed months after Ron Goldman, two of his friends died the same exact way. Fred Goldman is the lowest scum of planet earth and he knows he is lucky that the mob didn’t come after him and Patti. All the racial problems in America because of this case is just like Emmitt Till and the lying demon from hell who lied on him. Now she confesses the truth. Soon the evils of Ron Goldman will be revealed, and the GTE phone records sealed by a federal judge for 75 years will also prove OJ innocence.

  61. The evidence presented was terribly flawed and some of it planted. He has a bad temper and did things that were awful but that does not mean he is capable of commit ting murder. Moving beyond that fact that the evidence was flawed, OJ loved his children very much. I will never believe he would have brutally murdered their mother when they were in the house sleeping. He would never endanger his children’s souls. He was extremely generous with his family and also with Nicole’s family. I will believe he is innocent until he is proven guilty with truth and real evidence. Glad he has been paroled.

  62. Nicole could not have been dead when Goldman arrived. She had to let him in the middle gate–she could not buzz him through the middle gate; she had to come out and manually let him in. Plus, the blood spatter patterns indicate that Nicole and Goldman were standing near each other during part of the fighting. In addition, Goldman had lipstick on his cheek, which means Nicole gave him a kiss when he arrived (he showered before he came over). The fact that Goldman and Nicole were standing near each other during part of the struggle, of course, strongly suggests there were two killers, especially since Goldman was very strong and athletic. Google “15 Surprising Facts About the O.J. Simpson Case.”

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