yes it’s true i just had breakfast

with the mysterious and glamorous zulieka from zulieka dot com.

i am not all that crazy about meeting people from the blogosphere generally but i have been known to make exceptions. and when you have revealed your soul in your writing And revealed your flesh in pics, and you contribute to Lick and send me sweet emails then my arm has been known to accept the twisting.

zulieka is in town to make her dreams come true. her nights were booked as were her afternoons so we agreed on a breakfast meetup at the pantry, which is very close to the standard downtown, where all the cool kids stay when theyre in town.

for some reason i always expect people to be taller in real life.

zulieka isnt what i’d call tall. probably normal sized. very smart. gorgeous eyes. i liked the way she did her hair. much thinner than her nudes. she had pancakes and eggs and bacon. eggs scrambled. grape juice.

i had the eggs, also scrabbled. bacon, hash browns, sourdough toast that i didnt touch cuz we were yapping away too much.

we talked about blogging, and hollywood, and sex. even ventured into some not-really-meant-to-be-talked-about-sex-over-a-meal topics and she not only hung in there but smiled and encouraged the conversation to stay over there.

i think if she moved to LA she would do very well here.

again, very smart. im very happy i met her.

and i didnt get into the office too late so alls good in the hood.

she did ask me about the xbi and after i told her i erased that part of her memory with a sprinkle of “Splenda” in her juice.

sorry, hottie.

og blay + jozjozjoz + jeff mcmanus

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