around the horn

jazz keyboard great jimmy smith is dead

flagrant has a confrontation with a “dog-faced secretary with snacks laid out inappropriately on the desk before 9:00am.”

Google reinvents maps. after you’re done typing in your address, type in things like “hollywood motels 90029”

Just A Girl has a cool new layout

ms. iverson isnt having the best day. send her some good vibes.

the instapundit admits that he’s been ignoring the story about the right-wing plant who has been asking softball questions during the white house press conferences and who has recently stepped down from his post after liberal bloggers exposed him for being the fraud that he is (and for being tied to gay conservative military websites). the question is, why do you think insta isn’t celebrating the power of the blogosphere for identifying this phony and causing a congressperson to ask Bushie for an investigation? it’s only linkworthy when the focus is on CBS and dan rather? or is this simply honor among tools? developing…

anti keeps it really real.

xtraxyx celebrates the year of the cock

terra posts a cute pic of herself eating a cupcake. more cupcake pics, blogosphere!

a Google employee was fired for blogging about work? poor sap shoulda bought my book, which i understand is on sale for $19 plus $5 s/h, and it’s autographed if you get it from me. just send an email and i will send you an invoice.

bunny mc‘s appearance on mtv is aired and she makes fun of it on her blog.

raymi‘s best header yet. understated, if you can believe it.

the rabbit names dirty clowns. My fave? Scrumpler Guffawsky.

dave navarro reminds us that he’s the king of la bloggers. unconvinced? when was the last time you typed, “Not too long ago I shot some pictures of my friend, Suicide Girl, Voltaire.” or got 76 comments. or announced that your side band will be opening for ozzy?

stereogum shows us that britney, and her hubby, are doing their best to get the look of madpony kristin.

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