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Your writing is very good and I enjoy reading you. I’m just a little confused about the whole virgin “fetish” you seem to have. If you’re looking for the true love of your life, she’s most likely not going to be what you think you want. Know what I’m saying? It’s kind of like Matthew Perry’s character says in “Fools Rush In”, “You’re everything I never knew I always wanted.” This is probably getting a little confusing for those of the male persuasion, so lemme explain. You’re NOT going to find love chasing a certain “type”. You’re not likely to find it at all when you’re looking for it. And you almost certainly will not find it with someone you lust after. (But lusting after your true love will come later and be the most intense lust ever.) Also, quit trying to make love to a body, and make love to a mind. I say all this with the deepest respect. Good luck in your endeavors.


Gentle Reader,

Thank you for your comments it’s always nice to hear that people enjoy what I write.

As for your confusion… I am a man of many fetishes, but none include being with virgins.

I have had the opportunity of being with three virgin women in my long life. Although I cared very much for each of these sweet angels, the experience of having the pleasure of sharing one’s first encounter is something that I have never been much interested in.

All of the bizarre psychological reasons that some men find exciting in regards to being the first lover of a fair maiden dont fascinate me in the slightest. Call me crazy but I like to be with someone who knows what theyre doing in matters of cooking driving and rocking, so definately I would want someone experienced the in emotional and physical realm of banging.

Virgins arent the best ones to be on top of when you pull their hair and whisper dirty nothings while awakening the intel inside.

With that said, I’ve found that oftentimes it’s not the man who chooses his mate but the woman who chooses hers. The gentleman can approach the woman and announce his intentions, but it is generally the gentlewoman who accepts or rejects. In fact in some cases it is the woman who approaches the man to notify him that he indeed has been selected. That has sometimes been the case in my so-called life.

Longtime readers know that I aspire to be an openminded person. I try not to discriminate due to age or nationality or appearance or religion or political leaning, therefore I also wouldnt discriminate due to sexual experience. I think some young women find that appealing and consider me, therefore, a good candidate to be with on their first time, particularily since I am pretty good about not judging while beneath the sheets.

I have no idea where true love will come from in my life. If I die without finding a wife or a longtime love, and I go to Heaven and complain, I would hate for the Lord to say, “bro, we sent you a few virgins who would have been perfect for you had you given them a chance, instead you went for those flashy hos.” That’s why I don’t turn away girls that I have enjoyed dating once they reveal their past, or lack thereof.

As for making love… I think any of my past partners could attest for the fact that I don’t know the first thing about making love. What I do usually requires motorcycle helmets, padding, and large amounts of alcohol. Afterwards first aid is usually de riguor. Music is played at deafening volumes to drown out the shrieks and feelings are usually hurt and sensibilities are often damaged to the point of no return.

Why they return for more is a mystery.

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