black history month 2005

next month im going to be speaking at SXSW on the black bloggers panel.

im a very light skinned brotha who doesnt talk “black” who doesnt have many black friends who never grew up around many blacks and so therefore doesnt come across as “black” to people who havent had many lightskinned blacks around them.

which is why im perfect for such a panel, because the african american experience is as varied as a box of chocolates.

102. ray g

103. brooks

for over 400 years black folk have been in america. some say that this country wouldnt be anything like it is today if we werent part of the mix.

is that what black history month is supposed to celebrate?

who knows. seems to me that everyone not only knows, but appreciates all the things that african americans have given to this country and to the world. maybe not everything is appreciated, but most of it is.

i hate today.

i dont want to be here.

i dont want to write about fucking black history month. i dont want to be flying in chopper one. i want to be down on the ground at the beach or in a park or in my house or trying to figure out this swedish girl who really has lived in the most amazing bubble. quite fascinating.

she called me this morning and said that she liked the ac/dc that i played for her. she had never heard of ac/dc if you can believe it.

and being a born again, of course i played Hells Bells to introduce her to the dark world of metal circa 1980.

i said welcome to the dark world of metal circa 1980

she said i was born in 1980.

i said, so cute. what a cute girl. kiss me cute girl.

she said, who is that singing.

i said thats mr brian johnson

and she had distracted me once again.

so anyway black history month: mlk, the lady who wouldnt sit in the back of the bus, george washington carver, blah blah blah.

i hope someone shoots at me today cuz im tempted to shoot back and not stop.

kitty bukkake + farmer in the deli + j. mo

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