hi little mermaid girl

hi tony pierce. i love you so please dont make fun of me.

why would i make fun of you?

oh i dont know, because my legs are stuck together!

baby, we all have our little crosses to bear. shit, im a blogger, you dont think thats embarrassing?

good point.

so can you swim fast.


no really?

no i cant swim fast. im not a fish. im a little girl.

do you have gills?

tony, im a girl.

can you breathe underwater?

im going to kill you.

i was just kidding. do you like fish?

yes, i like bass, shrimp, crab. i love seafood.

no, like do you liiiiike fish, as in if you see an eel do you think oooo sex-ay?

come here so i can slap you.

what do you do if you cant ride a big wheel or skip or… even walk?

i crawl around a lot. my mom carries me. but mostly i watch tv.

what are some of your favorite shows?

squarepants spongebob, punk’d, lost, anything on cnn.

you follow politics?

i fucking love politics.

wow. well the president is speaking today. what do you expect from his speech?

lies. false promises. scary threats of american imperialism disguised as idealism where peace and freedom can only be spread via military influence imposed by the us army.


and no mention of the fact that we went to war based on wmds and found none. no mention of the fact that the election results in iraq will be counted in secret by men with an american agenda.

says who?

thats the word on the street.

thats a pretty cynical perspective from a cute little girl.

lifes a bitch tony, i just calls em like i sees em.

i think youre rad mermaid girl.

i think youre radder tony pierce.


sk smiff + the deputy + virginia

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