people have been asking, so here you go.

for valentines day dinner we went to Maggiano’s Little Italy in the controversial Grove shopping plaza next to the historic Farmer’s Market on Fairfax.

our reservations were at 5:30p. we arrived at 5:35p and i was a little nervous because the woman who took my reservation warned me that if i tardy we might end up on the “heated” patio outside.

my date is a fragile little lass who will shiver if the slightest breeze catches her the wrong way, even if it’s in my living room.

when we checked in the hostess took my name and told us that we would have to wait a few minutes in the bar as they prepared our table. inside, the dining area was nearly empty. but i took the news graciously and eyed a pair of cozy barstools.

before i could decide whether i was going to order a double or a single baileys the floor manager said, tony pierce? im sorry mr pierce we can sit you now.

and i winked at my girl and coughed, bloggers get anything. its our little joke.

after salivating over the menu, she chose the chicken with capers. i got the angel hair pasta with shrimp.

both dishes were great but the chicken only gave you chicken. no veggies, no potatoes, no nothing. a little spinach underneath each flattened half breast but certainly not a side dish.

not sure im cool with that. will it kill ya to throw some mashed potatoes on the plate?

meanwhile my bowl of pasta could have fed half of roma. even though the half order only saves you $3, it’s probably the best bet.

afterwards we strolled through the grove. she asked me if i hated it, i said, nah, LA is known for its cheesiness + fakeness + disneyfication standing side by side with history + charm + uniqueness, so im down with it, and then we went to the apple store.

and then we poked our head into anthropologie, which just happens to be right next door to victoria’s secrets

on valentines day

but they didnt have anything cute in my size

so we drove home empty handed but with smiles on our face to screen 1987s “raising arizona” by the light and warmth of the fireplace.

a few times i hit pause and made a little valentines night move on my date who, if you recall, hadnt even kissed a man in five years due to being holed up in an ivory tower with no one to keep her company other than her handmaid

and you’ll be happy to know that inbetween soft thises and softer thats progress was made.

until a firey log fell from the fireplace prompting her to laugh and say, the angels obviously want us to keep our distance and return to the movie

to which i shook my fist at the sky and replaced the log and resumed my seat and pressed play.

and the angels can cblock all they want cuz everytime this girl has left my pad i have the goofiest smile on my face where i think how can one man be so lucky.

and i sleep like a rock wishing for the day her momma will let her spend the night with me.

radio humper + big tanky + xtraxyx +bing

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