the white house bent over backwards for nearly two years

to get a gay male prostitute a press pass

but it remains firm in cockblocking him from getting married

and despite being allegedly pro gay marriage, the instapundit keeps beating the dead horse named eason. the cnn exec who resigned recently after misspeaking at the closed door off-the-record starchamber in switzerland

instead of patting him down for his laminated credintials, why isnt insty beating his chest proudly that the president is doing exactly what he promised: creating new jobs.

never before this administration has a gay male prostitute with a fake name writing for a fake news service been allowed such access to the west wing.

after years of being more conservative than your typical conservative, now it turns out that dubya was more liberal than even the most extreme liberal.

no wonder he’s so loved all across the country and around the world.

now i see why he deserved that second term.

now we know why iraq attacked us on 9/11.

for our gay bald male hooker press passes.

some say its almost like the republicans are trying to see how far they can slam the pinball machine before it tilts.

im going to punk you with a gay male prosititute and see if the red states even blink

but why would they blink

it’s not like the president ever says anything worth shit at these press conferences anyway.

and it’s not like the press actually packs any power anyway.

and it’s not like half of the right wing press havent been male escorts in one way or another for decades.

so really, what’s new under the sun, son.

expose one balllicking right wing lying faker today, another one is bound to pop up the minute the first one goes down.

and they’re still laughing at you for letting them get away with going to war over wmds

when there were none.

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from Wonkette, 2/14/05

Free (Hot, Naked) Jeff Gannon
“Well, we asked for full frontal on fake conservative reporter Jeff Gannon, but we didn’t really think we were going to get it. Seriously, looks like all of Karl Rove’s plans are coming to fruition! Step one: distract the lefties with pictures of cock!

In any event: Jeff Gannon/JG Duckert is our hero — and he should be a hero to bloggers everywhere. If a loon hooker, working under a pseudonym for a made-up news organization, can spend his days being buddy-buddy with Scott McClellan and George Bush, why, anything can happen for the rest of us!

So we raise our glasses to Jeff Gannon. We want more ass-fuckers in the White House, not fewer! Also? Anyone who apparently commands $1200 for a weekend of outcalls demands our respect.”

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from Ken Layne 2/14/05

The only mystery regarding the “Jeff Gannon” scheme is this: Why was it so easy to find out he was a fraud, and a sex-hustler, too? What is the value in getting caught running this homosexual whore who markets himself as a U.S. Marine? Obviously, this kind of character doesn’t meet the “family values” of our leaders. If you even admit to being homosexual in this nation’s military, you’re dismissed. And while the anti-gay-marriage Constitutional Amendment pushed by the Bush Administration didn’t specifically address renting a homosexual Marine for a night of anal sex and erotic wrestling, you can make certain assumptions.

The White House will pay no penalty for this, obviously. They can do whatever they want. If Bush appeared at a Social Security press conference dressed as the Indian Chief from the Village People and repeatedly referred to himself as “Americuh’s Number One bitch,” there would be no penalty. But if anybody on the wrong side had relations with “Jeff Gannon,” they would be finished. This must be the angle. The White House can buy whatever “real” journalist or columnist or anchor they want. “Jeff Gannon” had to either have a Special Purpose or such a Special Duty that he was rewarded with this phony White House Correspondent position. What our National Leaders teach us again and again is that there’s no limit to their personal depravity.

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