i think the girl and i are getting a long

went to pillates with her last night. it was eh.

the good thing about the vista is even when its not $5 its only $8 so when you see an eh overrated summer blockbuster whose special effects were amazing but its plot was so thin you could count the goosebumps on its areolas.

herees how i might knwo that im in trouble with this gurl. meeting her at the theatre, actualy going to the theatre i was walking but i wasnt walking i had a hop in my step but more than that i had a smile and a hop and if ever there was an intersection that needed a diagonal walk light it is the six way buddy where sunset hollywood hillcrest virgil and sunset drive collide.

i looked at her as i walked across from sunset to hollywood, i looked at her as i walked across hillhurst and i checked her out as we were getting popcorn.

miss anna kournikova had just told me that she broke up with enrique, you heard it here first. and i was all so. and she was all im going to cry for a while and i said come to the upper crust with me on friday and she was all youre going to have your hands all over me.

i was all my hands are supposed to be all over the bodies of young women. you should see how well they match up with various parts. its fascinating.

but i had my mind on this other one so somehow i ended my conversation with anna agreeing to the ridiculous concept that if we are in a public place and im checking her out and the mood comes over me to you know feel whats going on over there, and if she says knock it off i actually have to knock it off.

what did that one chick say, oh yeah, as if.

but i agreed and im a gentleman so i will live up to it but keep in mind that someone snuck in some rum to the pirates movie and even that didnt help it and technically i agreed to something while partially buzzed if not fully buzzed which means if another agreement is made while the other party is buzzed if not drunk it too shall be binding.

i think im going to santa barbara tomorrow.

rotten tomatoes only gave it a 54% + today metafilter turns 7 + evil china doll is getting hitched

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