before i forget

make sure to call in to the internet tv show that im going to be on today at 11am pacific time. 323.603.6312

today is august 1. it’s 4:43am. i spent some of the night with clipper girl i spent some of the night with clipper girls cousin then i spent some of the night at Lucy’s laundromat which is my new favourite place because its 24/7 and has a 24/7 Subway sandwich place in it.

not that i eat subways i just like how they smell. even in dirty hollywood. late at night. super sad because of some mean things said by anna kournikova as she told me that she was going back to enrique before the tabloids discover that she was ever gone.

mean things like gasp she never wants to get boned by me again. whore.

the hits here on the busblog have steadilly dropped since march. not by a lot but its down. meanwhile at LAist the hits are up. june was a record breaker and july was even better than june. whats interesting about july was it wasnt one huge day from one huge blog that helped us. it was several days where we had the right story at the right time. miss universe, something else, and now mel gibson. for some reason people are coming to LAist to read those things.

i must say one of the headlines was good, Mel Gibson Apologies for Drunk Driving, Not For Hating Jews

which is still even better than tonight’s There Goes The Holocaust about how ABC is dropping the miniseries helmed by the actor/director.

everyone i talked to today said that the way to get a girl is to be mean to her. crummy to her. disinterested. aloof. and i have seen it in the internet. girls who will write me who i forget about will write me again and again. and then as soon as i open up theyre all yeah k bye. which is one reason im not super into new chicks in the first place.

likewise even though i loved ashley deeply, the fact that she knew that i was trying to break up with her only intensified her desire for me.

we are some fucked up people.

the ones who love us best are the ones we’ll lay to rest
and visit their graves on holidays at best
the ones who love us least are the ones we’ll die to please
if theres any consolation, i dont begin to understand it

replacements/bastards of young/tim

we are the sons of no one
bastards of young

any time something serious goes down at the xbi i run over to clipper girls house afterwards to forget about what i was involved in.

sometimes just the smell of the beans shes boiling will sooth me. sometimes its the line her velvet sweats imprint on her tan hips, which i notice as i slide that shit off.

sometimes its simply the fact that theres one girl on earth that knows

and feels bad about it

and makes up for almost everything

like the sparkle from a new tongue ring.

thought mechanics + pitt + neil

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