Univeristy classes this week.

Tell us what used to go through your head in those first few days of the semester.

even if we were starving, summers in isla vista could not be topped. youd wake up and someone would hand you a lighter so they could wake n bake and youd run downstairs and light the twelve foot bong and when he was done youd change places and then someone would discover beer in a closet. and you would drink it.

then youd skateboard to cliffs, ollie over an old person, and dive into the sea.

until i was admitted into the college of creative studies that had no grades no tests and no finals i would look at the first days of school as an annoyance, but once i could just focus on learning as opposed to getting grades i totally looked forward to school.

the first weekend before school started and the first weekend after school started were the hugest party weekends at ucsb. rivaling halloween in some cases. with no homework worries or committments, it was nice to just sort of check each other out those two weekends and make delicously brand new friends.

back in those days bands were allowed to play in the driveways and living rooms and front yards.

the first time i did shrooms was on the first weekend back to school. when the chick at woodstocks threw the pizza dough into the air

it hung a little there

zona boy + binsk + aaron

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