apple should just say fuckit

and just get into the home building and auto manufacturing business.

theres enough people who totally love the apple macintosh ipod style and would definitely buy whatever product they came out with so apple should just go for it while the love is flowing.

the apple car would of course be one of those hybrids. it would have a slot to directly plug your ipod into the dashboard, and it would have a little wifi system built right in along with evdo connectivity. why fuck around.

but the reason to by apple cars would be the genius bar inspired service centers that make the customer feel good about their product fucking up instead of miserable.

Get some Photoshop tips while you wait for your first five free oil changes.

So do i want an apple phone? hell yes. i hate my phone. i hate phones in general. but i definitely hate my motorola verizon bs nonsense and would very happily switch over to something better.

and i will pay.

the only thing i can imagine better than an apple phone would be an apple phone that allowed me to receive my Sirius subscription.

huge new york times article on sirius today and howard stern’s one year anniversary on the satellite station that had signed up over 5 million people this year, mostly to listen to the king of all media uncensored.

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