right around christmastime

someone whose name i do not recall tagged me for one of those internet meme buddies. but a lot was happening around christmas so i wasnt able to do it however now i am sorta cuz its 220am and im about to hit the hay.

but im on a slow machine thats downloading gigs of adult materials so i cant really use technorati properly.

[update: this fine chick was the culprit]

i think the thing was “five things you dont know about me”.

1. when this blog started, and it was truly the busblog because i took a bus everywhere, i ate far less fast food than i eat now that i have a car. the thing is when you get used to using the drive thru you’ll actually wait there for food to get shoved through your window.

today i sat in the longest drive thru line in LA, the In N Out line on Sunset near Highland. the line is so long that they put a young lady at the end of the line to take your order but it still takes forever to get to the front of the line.

Lord only knows why.

but the burgers are better than average ones.

2. I don’t think In N Out is all that.

blasphemy in most of LA, and possibly the world. but In N Out are not juicy, their fries are paultry, and you pay way more than you should for a cheeseburger and fries ($5).

3. The Original Tommy’s is my favorite LA burger joint.

preferably the original one, but they all hold special memories for me.

4. I was at a bong store the other day. Really just looking. Not for me, mind you, but looking. It was beautiful outside and I didn’t really want to look at clothes. So I asked the dude about a particular water pipe and he said it was $40 but he could knock the price down to $20 and it was a little midget bong that in the olden days i would have thought would have singed by afro because you have to hold it so close to your face. and i told the guy yeah thats nice, but its not really what im looking for and i was headed out the door.

when all of a sudden this middle eastern fellow said, give it to him for ten, fuck it.

and it was such a great deal that i had to buy it.

5. the weirdest things can make me very happy.

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