our friend

morgan j freeman, the former daily nexus county editor, sundance winner, and dawsons crick director, etc., created a series set in hawaii for mtv

which of course he directed in maui with hot surfer chicks and their dudes.

maui fever begins tonight

so tell all your friends that our boy figured it all out, because if shooting a reality thing on the beaches in maui isnt figuring it out, fuck if i know what is.

tomorrow morning i will hopefully have a little list filled out by one of the castmembers of the show to run on LAist

but if that doesnt happen i believe the show is on at 9pm unless its on the ten spot

hell if i know whats going on these days.

i got an email from my bff in africa. i will put up some of the pictures soon.

for some reason even though i know that shes basically been living on the equator for a year, i am surprised that she has such a great tan.

at LAist we havent had a spike in almost two weeks and yet today we will have more page views in january than we had in any months other than the last two.

my boss likes posts. i think a good day is 15. yesterday there were 27.

we are popular because we are good and yesterday this chick totally fast tracked me on eharmony.

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