and you may ask yourself, how do i work this?

im addicted. im addicted to everything. im addicted to the pattern. im locked inthe matrix. i began the beguine and now im in the middle of it. they say libras are best right in the middle of the hurricane and thats me. hi. once i was super stoned flying a helicopter and i felt like i was in the middle of everything since the rotation of the blades were circling above and the earth spinning below and there i was in the middle of the deal and i was falling and i was falling and soon i was going to be in the middle of the earth.

im not afraid of anything because im not in belief of anything. thats why they want you to have the fear of god. because that means you believe.

i prayed last night an i believed. i prayed after i prayed and i believed. i read the bible after i prayed and i believed. i believed last night all right.

so i guess i believe, which means that im afriad that i might not get into heaven. hell i might not get into coachella this year therefore what are my odds for getting into heaven?

im so fucked.

im not afraid of things because if anything kills me i believe that i will die and go to heaven. but if i will not go to heaven then i should be afraid of dying. but i havent been afraid of death in so long i am afraid i would be out of practice.

so i might ask myself, how do you work this?

LAist has already worked its way into its best month ever. during a short month. during black history month. during two of my best writers not writing much. during the month of aquarius which is usually more creative than productive but alas apparently astrology is bogus?

karisa and i ate sushi the other day because im insane and im saying yes to things i normally wouldnt and i have eaten sushi four times now. this is the first time eating it with an american.

most of the sushi i ate in the past was in a little roll of rice and seaweed and various shit but since karisa is the expert of all things she ordered like all these different crazy things so we could “try” them even though she knew precisely all the evil that would be held within.

not only did i enjoy everything presented to us, some on the heads of small crying children who were yelling “please sir hurry i hafta potty” and not at all worthy of the generous tip i was prepared to unload on them, but i took home bags of leftovers which i devoured throughout the eve.

ive been devouring everything lately. food drink tv web pages posts smoke music porn everything but you beloved busblog so when karisa asked me what i was gonna do today on my day off i told her i was gonna see a movie. a daytime matinee.

but when she caught me online she said if youre gonna be online, update the busblog fucker.

so there you are, karisa got her hair did, and it was so hot i had to look down and accidentally checked out her ass.

and got busted.

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