i read a lot of blogs.

in a way i get paid to read blogs. and ive been reading blogs pretty much since they started.

since we find ourselves in the middle of Award Season, today is a perfect day to announce the 2006 Anna Awards.

this year instead of one or two winners we have four.

they are all women, they all use blogspot, and the reason why the members of the academy chose them is because they all exemplify a punk rock aesthetic, they all blog in an extremely personal manner, and they all write in a way that occasionally – if not often – makes me laugh.

the first blogger that we have is xTx, one of two anonymous bloggers who are being recognized today. xTx is raunchy, funny, sexy, and sometimes disgusting. she writes every day, she keeps it real. last year she was the sole Anna winner and remained just as vital this year.

next comes flagrant disregard whose blog has never ceased to amaze me. in a very unique melding of paranoid, together, and insane, whoever flagrant is she writes incredibly well and has a fascinating story to tell. an almost unbelievable story. definitely not for people who think that trying to catch up with Lost is challenging.

the next winner is erin from chicago. she can be even more disgusting than xTx and sometimes even funnier. like her pal jessica, IT ALWAYS SEEMS BETTER WHEN SHES ALL CAPSING AND TELLING SOME DUDE SHE FAKED ALL HER ORGASMS. even though raymi will tell you that she invented it.

last and not least is the pants, a young lady who is pretty much completely out of control and very good at documenting it. and whats most interesting is the stories that she tells on her blog are simply the tip of the trainwreck iceberg. its punk meets the blues meets an xrated rough draft of a suicide note slash treasure map. ive known three girls like ms pants. ones dead and forgotten the others a fullon housewife milf and the third is a sherrifs deputy in the prison where her expertise is keeping incarcerated male gangmembers in line. the third is also an amazing mom.

there are dozens of honorable mentions but you all know who you are. i love most of the blogs that ive been reading for years but i only had four annas to give away.

however i would like to mention these honorable mentions: matt welch for his long long long crazy nerdy appealing to probably two people in the whole world posts about baseball on matt welch dot com.

and raymi the minx for bringing it just as hard as ever, but she didnt get me laid in toronto like she promised so fucker. kidding. truth be told i bet all the winners this year would say that raymi has influence their style a little. maybe not flagrant so much, but raymi deserved her best canadian blogger awards and wrote furiously all year multiple times a day. beautifully. if she lived in LA people would be saying corey kennedy who?

congratulations everyone and thanks for hitting publish on your killer shit.

did i wish you a happy valentines day

happy day. may you find love in all of the best parts of your life today.

as i wrote in my previous post, this morning i was shocked and amazed by the engagement announcement of americas most popular radio personality, mr howard stern.

because its my job and my love to spread the news of the day, i took it upon myself to let the good kids at metafilter know about todays first story of love, one of a freakishly tall, most would say unattractive, 50something man who successfully wooed an amazonian goddess to promise to be his forever.

unfortunately because it was still pretty early in the morning, most of the major newspapers and online sites hadn’t yet poured their first cup of coffee let alone opened up their RSS readers so for a while LAist was the only source telling this news.

so before i hit the hay i posted it on metafilter, despite knowing that linking to ones own blog, website or project, is not allowed. my thinking was that it would be allowed because at that time there was nobody else reporting on it yet.

the worse i thought would happen is a bunch of people would call bullshit, the link would change, the post would get deleted, and life would go on.

but metafilter is a strange beast. which is part of its charm but also part of the reason people hesitate from joining (and sometimes even reading) what i consider to be the best group blog on the web. basically my post was ridiculed, my character was called into question, and some claimed to be offended by my hyperlink and demanded that i owe them an apology.

some asked that my 6 year account be revoked.

and some in the crowd asked for the life to be taken from me and my flesh be served for supper.

i like those people.

anyways i did apologize for breaking the rule, i promised them that i wouldnt do it again and although some people totally got it, unfortunately it wasnt good enough for a few.

sometimes Buddah hold up a flower and everyone is enlightened, sometimes hes called a fat piece of shit get off the stage.

because ive been contributing to the web through various means using my own name for many years, it’s pretty easy for a my bad misunderstanding of a rule to spiral into a full on bash, once someone gets on google and sees my history of trying new things on the blogosphere, from selling links to my link page, to asking my readers to send me to aruba, to auctioning off my afro. if i piss people off, its very easy to collect ammunition on me and then use it against me.

plus my spellinggrammar is so retarded that the lazy can always simply jump on that one in a pinch.

its no wonder that far more popular bloggers, editors, and writers avoid message boards and refuse to put open comments on their blogs. but if you ask me thats not very web 2.0 of them. or courageous. or participatory. heres what i think i dont care what you think? how well has that worked for anyone?

usually i write this blog to the ladies of the house. ive said several times that the busblog serves one purpose and one purpose only, to get me laid. and thats true.

but on this post im whispering in the ear of any blogger out there or wannabe blogger or writer or storyteller or diarist or even commenter of a message board – dont let the group stop you from saying things, dont let the negative or critical people slow you down. obey the rules, but if you find out that you broke one, dont do it again. but keep doing things.

when you write there are two voices. one thats trying to tell you the story and the other thats telling you that you suck. some say the reason some of the old timey writers got drunk all the time was to quiet the latter voice.

when i first started this blog i got a lot of negative commentors and slowly they went away. at LAist theres 100 times the traffic and a fair share of people who are perfectly happy to tell me i suck and anything new im trying to do or different or outside their comfort zone is horrible and i should be shot.

because im old and crusty and black and a long suffering chicago cub fan, luckilly i couldnt give a shit what people say about me in the comments of this blog, that one, or any of em.

but i do worry about the kids.

it doesnt happen as much as it used to, but there was a stretch of time where i would regularly get people writing in saying how they admire me and are inspired by me and started blogging because of this blog. i know they see the comments that get written about me. and i notice when i see them stop blogging.

when people stop sharing their ideas or communicating or experiment with writing styles or stop trying to figure out whats possible on the web – and fear wins, then this whole gift of the internet is wasted.

i broke a rule on one of my favorite sites. my bad. seriously, my bad. but the reaction was so overwhelming that it made me think way differently about the site. but that too was the devil in my head trying to find an ideal moment to try to ruin something i love by whispering negative shit in my ear when im sleepy and trying to find the humor in the flames.

later today i will announce the 2007 Annas, the busblog award for the best bloggers of the previous year. last year xTx won for her very personal and wonderful blog at notimetosayit.blogspot.com .

this year its a three way tie, and the winners were easy to pick because they seriously dont give a fuck, or at least they dont appear to. which of course is the place you want to be when you write.

so that you have practice for when you’re walking around.

Update: After a 200+ comment Metatalk, the big man of Metafilter revoked his pardon and banned me after all. Even though i felt i was upfront with everyone and i did apologize, Matt doesn’t seem to think it was good enough and explained thusly, “Anyway, I don’t think Tony has taken it very gracefully here and could have been much more direct and upfront and simply apologized and a lot of people are pissed about it so I’m going to have to set his account to banned.”

Earlier in the thread I accepted y2karl’s suggestion for a self-imposed timeout, but theres politics in every walk of life. even in the threads of messageboards.

even if youre not superrad

by the time you reach 100, odds are you will have found yourself with more than a few examples of romantic love.

and even though all ive had to suffer through lately is lust, i can easily recall more than a few unique loves of my life.

indeed, each one was so different and uniquely powerful that one might argue that if there is a God and if he is Good that he might have a good plan for us. or some might simply say some people just get lucky at getting lucky.

all i know is ive asked pretty much every girlfriend ive had to marry me and thankfully theyve all said no because the next girl around the corner ended up being pretty fantastic too, and in many cases became friendly with the previous gfs.

ive also done my fair share of drugs, ive dranken more than my fair share of booze, ive experienced the highs and lows of daytrading, undercover helicopter piloting, and fourway sex with three other girls and still i tell you that once in love there is no more psychedelicly fuckedupinagoodway feeling ever.

i was so content with one girl that i never wanted to leave the bed. like not even to move even. with another i would do the most dangerous things, and with a third i felt like we were having outer body experiences while simply making out.

one must be very careful with such powerful chemicals just waiting to be hatched to an unsuspecting brain.

alot of girls didnt know what they were in for when i became their bf because thanks to some abnormality caused by a failed xbi experiment my deal would not get soft after action. just a little sensitive. and at first the ladies were all score but then they were all omg i ate too much cake.

but there was one who was ready, two actually, three if you count the nympho in frisco, and her cousin, ok there were a few who were ready for focused attention but really only one who i thought would last. ok two. ok three.

and then the genx gene kicks in, which is insane because im clearly far too old for that generation, and i stop caring about everything, including the newly retooled cubs, pot, and the prospect of a plasma tv in the future.

which is actually according to zen a super good place to be

but then i will see a picture of someone super special and you see no flaws no errors no bad possibilities pure joy and youre back being a human being again.

capable of love,


which is even better.

i know it sounds ridiculous

but LAist may have been the first publication to post that Howard Stern got engaged.

With quotes.

And now links.

The truth of the matter is I date some very popular young ladies, and tomorrow one of them was inclined to be with someone who thinks that shes his girlfriend. So she was at my house tonight.

Around 3am we finish celebrating her sexiness, and she pulled her boots back on and i kissed her good night and she sped off in her little car that goes beep beep beep and i turned on the sirius satelite radio and howard was saying that he proposed last night to long time girlfriend Beth O.

and because i was in the perfect state of mind, particularily after having had a dinner earlier in the evening with yesterdays birthday girl jeanine, i was able to write not only the first post about Howards engagement

but some might say the best.

anyways, there it be. i will now shower, brush my teeth, and go to sleep. its 501am, beep.