Dengue Fever “Sni Bong”

Before we break into the sweet tunes, let me tell you that im stoked. i have a head ache from staying up all night at this new chicks house smoking her shitty weed, but im stoked.

im stoked because i realized last night that a) my penis isnt as small as i thought it was b) i watch wayyyy too much porn like the Monsters of Cock series c) kissing is underrated d) the bears will win because Condi Rice is picking the Colts e) teenagers should be split up into illegally young teens and barely legal teens and not all of them are created equally but the barely legals have shitty weed

the best part about young girls is they have the worst taste in music. they havent heard anything yet and an old fuck like me can turn them on to things theyve never ever ever ever heard of and will never hear again. LA’s Dengue Fever is just that sort of band. the singer is from Vietnam and she does a lot of Asian cover songs. which is great for us here in the states cuz weve never heard the originals so we’re in the same boat as the amazingly flexible and far-too-energetic teens.

how can my head still ache at 3pm? how can the Bears only be a touchdown underdog when noooooone is picking them to win outside of this blog?

by the way, over at LAist we’re giving away a cd six pack to the winner of the Pick the Super Bowl Score and Devin Hester tie breaker — so enter.

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