even if youre not superrad

by the time you reach 100, odds are you will have found yourself with more than a few examples of romantic love.

and even though all ive had to suffer through lately is lust, i can easily recall more than a few unique loves of my life.

indeed, each one was so different and uniquely powerful that one might argue that if there is a God and if he is Good that he might have a good plan for us. or some might simply say some people just get lucky at getting lucky.

all i know is ive asked pretty much every girlfriend ive had to marry me and thankfully theyve all said no because the next girl around the corner ended up being pretty fantastic too, and in many cases became friendly with the previous gfs.

ive also done my fair share of drugs, ive dranken more than my fair share of booze, ive experienced the highs and lows of daytrading, undercover helicopter piloting, and fourway sex with three other girls and still i tell you that once in love there is no more psychedelicly fuckedupinagoodway feeling ever.

i was so content with one girl that i never wanted to leave the bed. like not even to move even. with another i would do the most dangerous things, and with a third i felt like we were having outer body experiences while simply making out.

one must be very careful with such powerful chemicals just waiting to be hatched to an unsuspecting brain.

alot of girls didnt know what they were in for when i became their bf because thanks to some abnormality caused by a failed xbi experiment my deal would not get soft after action. just a little sensitive. and at first the ladies were all score but then they were all omg i ate too much cake.

but there was one who was ready, two actually, three if you count the nympho in frisco, and her cousin, ok there were a few who were ready for focused attention but really only one who i thought would last. ok two. ok three.

and then the genx gene kicks in, which is insane because im clearly far too old for that generation, and i stop caring about everything, including the newly retooled cubs, pot, and the prospect of a plasma tv in the future.

which is actually according to zen a super good place to be

but then i will see a picture of someone super special and you see no flaws no errors no bad possibilities pure joy and youre back being a human being again.

capable of love,


which is even better.

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