loved the grammys this year


the performances were pretty good, the police played the song everyone wanted but there should have been a drum solo. carrie underwood was hot. ciara was hot. beyonce was fine. mary j was great.

i loved my girl xtina though who got down on her knees for your ass.

to have the dixie chicks run the table though was pretty damn perfect.

fuck cuntry radio.

plus thats a great record. i listen to the hit and the title track probably every day.

the only thing that was really missing was a shot of Rick Rubin who was given love by both the Dixie Chicks and Rick Rubin but was in the bathroom smoking joints or something. what the hell?

it would have also been nice to have a rock band play up in there. i like the chili peppers fine but theyre no rock band and im pretty liberal on whats rock and whats not. theyre not.

the rock nominees were pretty weak though. john mayer? the raconteurs? thats all you got?

if the grammys were smart theyd hire me to help them with the nominees.

id even do it for free.

check that, id do it for a two tickets to the show and a press pass for LAist.

last night Patrick J Pitt, Raymi and Fil drunk dialed me from a toronto bar and they put David James on the phone. i tried to convince fil to rally the troops so we could have a week of sin down at sxsw.

i will be there for ten days.

and ten nights.

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