today is lindsay from minnesotas birthday

shes 22.

every once in a while i will meet someone who has read my blog and first of all theyre always prettier than you expect and most of the time theyre either way taller or way shorter, birthday girl was way taller

and also quieter.

and also smarter.

something tells me shes a martian. maybe its my martian detector.

its 515am and i havent gone to sleep yet and i have to be up in five hours. usually i would just write a bunch and wake up whenever i damn well pleased but tomorrow im going to one of our new writers house to help her figure it all out.

what would i like to say about anna nicole smith?

i always liked her.

i got her first playboy back when i lived in santa barbara and she was so stunning in just that one picture that i dug through the whole magazine to find any other pictures of her but there werent any because hef was the same way little known fact they thought she was so hot and the mag was already done but they were all shit man we gotta get this

piece of ass up on the magazine n shit.

so they took that picture and put it on the cover.

i liked fat anna i liked skinny anna i liked crazy and drugged and drunk anna. i never liked anna with howard k stern and i really dont like that shes dead and hes not.

maybe one day i will write about what it was to work at E! while they were doing the anna nicole show and we had to book the camera people and the editors and you know the crew.

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