when i was a kid

dire straits was one of my faves

years before money for nothing. and romeo and juliette was my favorite song of theirs. they were just so cool. i like this version by the killers.

this weekend was supposed to be slow for LAist. presidents day too. but the truth of the matter is i have a goal for myself each month and one fifth of the goal was hit in just the last two days.

all because of miss britney spears trying to jack my style.

i told you that girl likes me.

sadly my heart is with xtina. however, if brit just wants to laze around my crib with her two kids, and chill, thats cool.

my mom and i talked about britney today and i was all, maybe she just got tired of always having to look pretty or cute or hot or whatever and shes just been sick of always having to deal.

and as a baldie now myself i can tell you this britney, it is pretty nice never having to look in the mirror – because you know exactly how youre gonna look: fucking bald.

its great. and if she wants to wear wigs, i guess thats fine, but hats are where theyre at.

my friends were all you shouldnt buy anything in downtown LA cuz they have cameras everywhere and they get your liscense plate number and they sting downtown all the time but the other day i was in my house for so long working that i just said fuckit and put on some shorts and started driving, i didnt know where.

i tried to call the girl but shes been so pissy and i was not really in the right frame of mind to bicker. the fact that i dont want to shave my nuts shouldnt make a girl think i dont love her. even if i dont love her. i like her and if she loved me shed know that i aint shaving my nuts i dont care what you offer in return. unless part of it rhymes with menage and the end of it better rhyme with something bigger than twah.

james browns widow was on Larry King again yesterday. did you notice that pretty much nobody took presidents day off on tv or radio except howard stern. fucking commies all of em.

anyways james browns widow was real cool and shes handling herself really well. she says she lives a few doors down from britney and if she wants to go to an AA meeting with her then she’ll taker.

LAist has been offered to book a rock club in Austin during SXSW. its a great club. its probably my favorite club in Austin. why yes it is. and the band that we wanted to play said yes yesterday and i will announce it when the owner of the club says that alls well on his end, but lets just say im really happy with what happened this weekend.

including the hats i got in downtown LA, cameras.

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