dear mom

i know youre happy that im not drunk blogging from sxsw. i know it upsets you to think that your boy is an alcoholic, let alone an alcoholic drug taker. but as bukowski said alcoholics are just losers who havent drunk enough. or did i say that? who knows.

anyways i thought youd get a kick out of the fact that the Houston Chronicle was in the audience of the panel that i was on and taped some of our discussion and made this very special tape of us passing the bottle of Jack Daniel’s down the table.

what had happened was we were totally excited to be on the panel so we showed up in the green room a bit earlier than we were supposed to, so after a few minutes of realizing that the green room wasnt stocked with the normal things: bagels, cheese n crackers, booze, etc., someone came across the idea that we should have a drink every time someone spoke.

problem was we didnt have anything to drink. so because you raised your boy right i offered to go get a bottle of Jack. so i left the hall and walked down the road and went under the freeway to the liquor store on the other side of the freeway and came back with a bottle of jack and it was decided that we would keep the bottle in the bag to add to its humor.

and sure enough throughout the hour-long discussion every time someone was done speaking they took a swig.

if you pay close attention to the first few seconds you will see me nod to lynne d. johnson, web guru of and that it was her turn to drink and sure enough she did and then passed the bottle over to nick douglas formerly of valleywag and huffington post, and now over at look shiny and blogebrity.

nick is quite young and very skinny and at the end of the panel he was wasted, a state that was exaggerated when the adorable glenda bautista of technorati punched him in the chest a few minutes before the panel was over.

it was a friendly punch but a solid one, probably too solid, and possibly enhanced due to the fact that glenda had downed quite a few shots as well.

yes mom everything here has included booze. lots of it. and most of it free. but as your boy is showing you, even though its, oh look at that, 4:20am, this gaucho is typing coherently despite being treated to free drinks from parties thrown by yahoo, lifehacker, good magazine, and someone else whose name escapes me.

i am having a swell time and next year im going to just ask that i dont have to work during these 10 days because work is totally getting in the way of the fun. but thankfully it hasnt gotten in the way of the drinking.

ucsb forever.

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