sk smith demonstrates her workout secrets

its 426am daylight savings time here in Austin. which means my body thinks its only 126am which means im wide awake.

it also means i gotta get my ass to sleep.

im loving sxsw. i want to come here every year for the rest of my livelong life. i have met so many cool people and only one not so cool person but sk said that maybe she had to take a dump.

i saw ev, i saw the old rocketboom chick, i saw scoble, the other night i hung out with Ariel from – ive been having an awesome time.

one thing that i have noticed is that even though the hits of the busblog were cut in half since spending most of my attentions on LAist, just as many people if not more, have come up to me to introduce themselves. which is a thrill and probably the reason i love it here so much.

yesterday at the only panel that im speaking at this year, we had a fun little inside game, where every time someone spoke we had to take a swig of JD and then pass the bottle. our panel was called How To Rawk SXSW and it was like tips for enjoying yourself and getting the most out of the festivals and if you ask me we did it perfectly.

next year i want a lot of my canadian blogger friends to join me. theres so much drinking and eating and rocking and having fun that i want them to experience this.

plus its hot as hell here. ive been in shorts non stop and here i am in my room with my shirt off looking so sexy.

i also got to meet tucker max and interview him after his panel which was super fun. its always good when you get someone who has no filter who doesnt give a fuck and who will talk about anything. turns out hes even more of an asshole when he speaks in public than when he writes – but in a good way, in a funny way, sorta like in a comedian way. but mostly in a toughlove brutally honest way. he got tons of laughs in his panel “how to turn your blog into a book”, which obviously i was interested in.

all in all a great day two and im ready for more so i must go to sleep.

my laist post about the panel + Wired’s post about the panel (good pic of my beard)

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