questions from the kids

Q. what place will i come in in busblog baseball? – Mike

A. the only place that matters is first, and since i will hold that place for most of the season including the end, you really should just consider this season one in which you should be taking copious notes and creating graphs and outlines.

Q. Should I be embarrassed for liking that Fall Out Boy song about something something arms race? – xtx

A. yes you should be embarrassed. just like i am. theyve done it again with another super catchy tune. this one moreso than the one before whose chorus was equally unimportant and forgetable and yet great. im glad the one guys queer and the others fat.

Q. Thats pretty fucking rad but you would have to tap the bubbles down for longer than it would take to get up and get a beer manually. It would be best for cripples and midgets. – Me

A. I say just launch yourself one when you’re about halfway done with your current beer. Then when youre ready for your next beer it’ll be sitting right there.

Q. I’m gonna be in san francisco on the weekend for the first time in my whole life (first time on the west coat in my whole life actually). I’m there for an interview but I’ve got a bunch of spare time. Question: what are the absolute, have-to-do-it type things and spots for me to hit up while I’m there? – Phil Renaud

A. youre in luck since this weekend is Pretend Your’re (Not) Gay Weekend. If you are gay you’re supposed to pretend youre gay and if youre not gay youre supposed to act like you are. so if i was you id wear a really nice shirt while pretending to be a closeted gay to the Thai House on Market, then do acid in golden gate park and have a burrito on Haight while kissing a girl with flowers in her hair.

Q. when is the next blook? tomdog

A. when the Cubs get in the playoffs

Q. How many innings will Mark Prior pitch this year?- Bob

A. 175. 176 Ks.

Q. Whats the point of watching Lost anymore when they have jumped soooo far over the shark? (Besides watching Evangeline.)- bicyclemark

A. Lost is the best show on TV mostly because it doesnt conform to peoples standard beliefs of what narratives are supposed to look like. i hope it wanders for years. whats the rush? i love that they keep adding new characters even though theres so many who we love who we havent heard from in forever.

i think it sucks that the sopranos feels like they have to stop a good thing and that people give Lost shit for enjoying the journey and not worrying so much about loose ends and unanswered questions.

i got no where to go and i hope Lost doesnt either. i hope they keep being weird and freaky and its too bad that it means they will lose audience but maybe they can work something out with Showtime and keep it culty over there.

Q. will the Cubs be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs before my birthday?-

A. the cubs did more to improve their team this winter than probably any pro team ever did in the offseason ever. they even paid millions for players they didnt even need. cubs all the way this year.

Q. i am serious about the cory kennedy thing. lol. – heather d

A. i gave up teens for lent

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