now that new blogger has arrived

and it ate all of my old headers, it actually freed me up to do some new things.

like change every page of the busblog dating back to 2001.

and one thing that i would like to try is having an updated blogroll that would work on every page of the archives.

and i would like to see if i can get 2008 bloggers to put me on their blogroll by 2008.

yes this is inspired inpart by 2000 bloggers, but since i only looked at their site once, while baked, im not sure if im doing it right, in fact im sure im not, but i like this way better.

so heres how it will work

put either

tony pierce

in your blogroll or in your template.

then link to this page

its gotta be in the permanent part of your blog, not in a post.

then come back here to the busblog and leave a comment along these lines

glenn reynolds

i will check to see if youve done it correctly, and if you have i will assign you a number, i will link back to you in the left side of my blog and i will hit something i hadnt hit in 6 years of blogging “Republish Entire Blog” which will put your link on the entire busblog.

if you already have a link to me, your job is mostly done, just leave a comment and i will then do my part.

lets rock

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