she was french.

hot. skinny. young. it just ends up like that some times, i swear.

she said how much of the busblog is real i said none. she said not even this i said nope. she said how about when you said and i was all baby say it in french its so pretty. she said some of it is true because you have photos.

i said baby all im saying is you should be careful what you choose to believe. especially if youre reading it on the internet and especially if it says right there on the frickin page in the top not to believe it.

she said what about LAist, how much on there is true? i said sadly all of it. which makes it way harder to write. i actually have to think and stuff before i get to it.

she said then why are there so many typos and errors. i said because its a drinking game, if you see something fucked up you drink. she said no. i said yes and also when people find errors and typos on commerical products they get all excited like theyre some sherlock holmes. they feel smart they feel proud they feel better than the pro.

its nice to make tens of millions of people happy a year.

she said has a million people come to LAist this year? i said yes. she said more i said a little more, she said 5 million i said no. she said well shouldnt you have had 5 million by now and i said you know there are 57 million blogs, and the big ones are really big and most of their links lead to the new york times or the washington post or tmz. trust me, my bosses are very happy with how many people have been to LAist in just the last two months.

she said what are you wearing. i said what are you wearing. she said im wearing a beret black pants and a striped shirt. i said wheres your scarf she said im ironing my scarf. i said wheres your little chat. she said playing with the cord of the iron.

and then i heard the ding of new mail and i had just recieved foreign porn.

of which i said merci beaucoup to which she said de nada.

ken layne is in the la times today writing about parking.

ok that part is true.

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