five am means two things.

kurtit means one im a stud. and it means two i better go to sleep right after i blog.

the problem with sex for some of us, even rough and sloppy sex where the next morning you feel aches in muscles that havent been utilized in a while, is that some nights you just cant fall to sleep because youre jazzed.

especially when she comes out of the bathroom in her clothes, checking her messages, and packing up and ready to go home for the night.

leaving you to find little traces of her all over your place.

long hair in the sink. foreign soda cans in the trash or swanky water bottles on the night stand. barrettes, nail files, little lotions.

for a girl who isnt interested in being more than just a 100 night stand, someone sure has a habit of leaving shit behind as shes going home to sleep at her house.

no of course im not mad. this is what i wanted. independence and freedom have a price. ask the iraqis. you want no strings attatched, you dont get to have a hot chick laze around your house like so many forgotten baseball cards collecting dust on the mantle.

we’re holding a contest on LAist that i would like to invite you to participate in. if you dont live in LA you cant really claim your prize, but if youre one of the 10 winners and you know someone in LA who would like the concert tickets, id be more than happy to transfer it to your pal.

basically we have Ten pairs of tickets to see Macy Gray play a secret show in a few days in a small LA jazz club. we also have a concert poster that needs to get made. if you think you can make a poster for us, go to this post and follow the instructions. (its easy)

me, im going to smell my fingers fifty more times out of disbelief at the tail i get at my age and say a lot of thank yous in my prayers. including one about mr alex rodriguez who yesterday said how much he admires and respects mr lou pinella who is currently the manager of your chicago cubs. aka dear god please let the cubs have a new shortstop in a year capable of hitting 50 homers at wrigley amen.

and Lord thanks for all the nice people who have linked me for years and who are just now starting to and have told me so in the comments. its super nice. we should all orgy or something.

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