sxsw day one

im here. im bearded. im not going anywhere.

actually im about to take a shower, shave my head, and catch a cab downtown.

hotels are so booked here in Austin that i think im in oklahoma. remind me to fire my travel agent.

the lovely sk smith was kind enough to ditch work early yesterday to pick me up at the airport. we got some beers, walked her dog, and then drank with dan at this fancy mexican restaurant. then we drank back at their house. notice a pattern?

needless to say this might be the only non-drunk blog that you’ll get from me in the next 10 days. if we’re lucky.

the sad difference is last year my hotel was right in the action and i could stumble home and start drunk blogging before passing out. now im about a 10 minute cab ride from the madness and im worried that will mean that i might drink in the day, cab home for a cat nap and not wake up properly to take a cab back for the evening action.

maybe i will get lucky and bring home someone who will keep an eye on the time for me.

today im speaking on a panel called How to Rawk. its the only panel im doing because the Blogging While Black panel isnt happening this year for some reason. sigh. but the good news is im done with panels on the first day and my only other required attendance will be Sunday’s LAist party at Room 710 and then i can just be as free as a freaking bird.

wish me luck!

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