time has always flown for me

thats why i stay up all night. its 5:30am. on nights i give in to the ladies i find myself trying to play catchup at work all day. wtf is that. i work 17 hours a day 7 days a week and i always feel behind. i hate that.

im thinking about going to vancouver in late july for a week vacation. anyone interested?

it was 90 degrees yesterday. a seal from the north pole was found in florida. they caught him. he was 250 pounds and tired of swimming and he had a beard. so many similarities to your author. normally i have to force myself to go to sleep at this hour but today im beat.,

mostly cuz of the heat and what happened on the sheets. im so old. how do they put up with this. she puts lotion on me afterwards. for some reason it wears me out but charges her up. what sort of nonsense is that?

this girl is amazing looking. the whole time i wonder when i will wake up but i dont dream so i wont be waking up. i put my hand on her belly as we sleep and she moves it to her breast. im all whats wrong with where it was and she says bleh then jumps out of bed and gets her toenail polish and horrible cds.

when im in a girls house i can fall asleep instantly. when the phones ring theyre not for me, when the doors knock its not for me, when the cops bust through its not because of my stash. but for some reason they are the ones who wanna play pajama party and catch the sun rising.

she paints her nails and, bored, rubs lotion on my back while she waits for her shit to dry. lotion everywhere. lil tone is all wake up old man and im all fuck you and hes like no lets fuck her. again.

but does a girl really want lotion on a schween to enter her? so many thoughts so many hours of sleep wasted. so soon will the sun be up and the doors will open and close and whispers and singing and showers and cars and when i say i dont want to come over this is why baby its too much.

the nail polish smell the flushing the phones the texting songs the neighbor boys sniffing around a house usually bursting with hotties.

its all too much excitement and energy for this little piggy.

im the only man in america who doesnt want to be in this bedroom.

which might be why im the only man in america in it.

and as soon as she starts snoring i will move my hand back