today is my first girlfriend’s birthday

happy 22nd birthday mary. im glad we’re still friends.

im also glad that it was with her that i first fell in love.

when youre a teen in love there really nothing else in the world. maybe one day i will transcribe a tiny piece of one of my diaries from back then. talk about obsession. one day in high school i went through and counted each time i had mentioned her in my diary and put the score between her and this other girl on each page.

im glad i was in love with her because now in retrospect i can see how young people can have babies way too early or get married way too early because when youre young and in love youre so insane. you probably shouldnt be allowed to vote or drive.

as you get older you will still experience moments of bliss, but nothing that will make you do the ridiculously silly things you would do while young and in love.

which is another reason i dont think oj did it.

fortunately or unfortunately senior year of high school mary moved from chicago to california and i wrote her almost every day, and if i can credit anyone for helping inspire me being a pro writer its mary who would write me beautiful long letters and i would try to write back ones just as good.

something mary reminded me to do the other day was to pimp out general pitt’s wonderful participation in a marathon to raise money for kids in africa so that they will have sporting equipment.

the charity is called Right to Play, and its something i would never had thought about but its true, kids should have the right to be kids and play no matter where they live.

you can donate as much or as little as you want, but if youre gonna do it do it this weekend because on Sunday mr. pitt is going to try to run 42.3 km for these kids. thats 26.283948863636382 miles to we americans. which is about 26.283948863636381 more miles than im running on sunday, so i gave till it hurt and i recommend that you do the same.

a few days later a girl with no panties came into my house and the day after that laist got on the front page of digg. so yes the lord will reward you as well. just watch.

tonight i will celebrate marys birthday with another taurus, karisa, as we do all the things i couldnt do back when i was 15. namely heading over to the saddle ranch and betting tourists they couldnt drink shots ride the bull and play soduko better than us.


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