at the end of november last year

i was feeling pretty good about myself. laist had doubled what it had done the year before and i had had a steady increase in hits each month.

by the end of sunday, laist will have as many visitors in july as we had in all of november.

im about to go to a concert. i cant wait. i mention stats because in this photo of me in las vegas there are two people taking a picture of me and i wonder if either of them know that what im doing in that photo is looking at the referal logs of all the people who had just come to laist.

there is something very wrong with me. inside.

this month was also the month that i promised to start taking more time off, namely the weekeneds, namely the night time. namely because its hard to be a good booty call if youre always like nah.

i hate having to do things. i hate schedules. i hate appointments. even if its for something that i like. i like waking up and having zero commitments. nothing.

i dont want to owe anyone anything and i dont want to have to do shit. when im in that place i can do everything. beautifully. and i will do it a lot.

however, i have noticed that the things that have come good for laist over the last year that ive been helming the ship have come when either i least expected it or had only a glancing influence.

in fact, it could be possible, that i might be part of the problem.

imagine a race car driver with a nice lead sticking his head out the window or setting it on cruise control? maybe that driver is really good at getting leads but then he doesnt know how to keep it.

every time we had a big month in the past i thought how the hell are we gonna do that again. and sure enough we pretty much did. this month is gonna be a freakin monster and most of it happened during a holiday weekend when there was a sunday, a holiday in the middle of the week, and slowness everywhere.

dont ever listen to anyone who says you cant do well at any time day or hour on the internet.

except maybe if youre up against american idol.

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