can you get busted

for inciting a riot against the biggest church in history? how about for asking for the popes head?

since when did we make rallying against The Man illegal.

damn the man.

here in LA the catholic church is throwing money at their kiddie fucking problem.

to them the only problem was they got caught.

so there are a hundred people who filed a class action law suit, which they won and now the church is selling a few of their many real estate holdings in LA to pay the group about $666 million.

and yes there are many more waiting in line to get their money from the church.

but my question is, what is the worst person in the world, and what do you normally do to the worst person in the world.

is the worst person a murderer who takes life away from someone? or is it worse to literally fuck over a child and then have them live with that experience their whole lives?

therefore shouldnt we be treating child rapists on the same level? or at least seriously?

how can society or even reasonable people sit back and let a freakish organization who does not even obey their own bible (nowhere in it does it say that priest need to be chaste) pay out hundreds of millions of dollars AND THEN NOT ARREST THOSE IN CHARGE? namely Cardinal Mahoney, who knew of some of these criminals and admitted that he didnt call the cops?

the most important relationship in my life, next to the one i have with my mother and the chicago cubs, is the one i have with God.

i am positive that one of the biggest influences in my spiritual life was when i was a kid at a Christian summer camp where instead of playing basketball i walked through the woods of the complex and spent an hour each day in a tiny practice church learning about the bible.

there were only a few of us kids and a few monks. almost everyone else were a good distance away, through the woods, playing a variety of sports.

if anything disgusting would have happened to me in those woods or in that church along the lines of what has happened at the hands of over 5,000 catholic priests over the last 40 years, my life would be severely different today in a negative way.

the fact that im super trusting, especially in matters of religious faith, is one of the things that i notice is very different about me compared to a lot of others that i know. if some jackass stomped that out of me at an early age, who knows what fucked up paths i would have taken in reaction to something like that.

instead, i was treated with respect by spiritual teachers, not perverts, by men who had God and good foremost in their minds, not sucking off little boys.

the people and the institutions who have harbored and protected these, the most evil of all creatures, should be punished severely in a way that sends a message to the future generations: you cannot touch children in that way no matter who the hell you are or what you allegedly do for a living.

for when we allow anyone to get away with molesting peoples lives and damaging them forever, we are accomplishes of satan, and the sin becomes ours.

burn down the fucking church.

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