oftentimes its 3am

like it is now. and i think to myself you cant go to sleep yet because you havent written on the busblog. and if you dont write on the busblog before you go to sleep and if you sleep till 11am then you have to LAist for a few hours and it’ll be 3pm before you busblog which means it would be 6pm east coast which means all them might miss whatever brilliance ive got for em.

but now that i write that i realize that im insane. i got no brilliance left.

on this blog at least.

wednesday Laist had our biggest day ever. almost 100k page views. about 80,000 people came to see what we had done.

and whats ironic is a lot of what people came there to see was the white stripes playing

one note.

so rad. i love everything.

we’re on par to getting a million page views this month. totally outrageous. my entire life is a bizarre dream. so much good. and then random acts of totally lameness.

today was good though. i had drinks with my boss at the w in westwood.

pussy for days in that place. damn.

anyways my boss is probably the best boss ive ever had in that he trusts me and leaves me be and i trust him and leave him be. i also respect him and the other cofounder because a) theyre actual bloggers b) they work their ass off c) all they care about is results d) theyre smart

in high school the first thing that they should teach you is: you will have to work for idiots.

the next thing they should teach you is: this is how you repair an automobile.

and when you become a junior they should teach you: this is how you bring a woman to orgasm left handed.

because when you know that your bosses will probably be morons, you will stop thinking that youre the crazy one, and you will learn to appreciate the rare times when you will have someone to work for who has their shit together

on LAist’s climb to the top ive been offered way higher paying gigs with better known companies. but the first thing i ask is: how often will my phone ring

if the answer is more than once a month then i tell them to come back to me when there are seven zeroes in the offer because to have a boss trust you is priceless

but a million will do.

its also rare to talk with someone where you understand everything that theyre saying, and vice versa. especially when you rarely communicate.

i have a very good thing going and im so grateful and i know that God has something to do with it because the way i got here and what has happened since i got here have been so dramatic that i know it couldnt be luck.

weeks before i was fired at buzznet i was vomiting blood.

a year after, ive helped bring a site that very few people were talking about into a blog thats ranked, wow, 757 out of 8 million.

dont jump off the bridge when the going gets rough

because maybe it gets rough right before it gets nice because the devil knows whats next for you, and hes trying extra hard to fight it.

so my advice is vomit the blood, flush, wash your hands, brush your teeth, and stick to yr guns.

tonight im seeing sonic youth at the greek play the entirety of daydream nation


and still, i bet, you have it better tonight.

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