i got wind of an interesting rumor

the other day that involved myself and one of my female contributers to laist. and it was a rumor allegedly begun from the lips of someone who i trust very much. someone who i not only respect a great deal but in a way look up to and admire.

which isnt to say that the young lady in question isnt beautiful and charming and definitely worthy of the attentions of a single man… with great needs. but the truth of the matter is i love my job so much you have no idea. therefore i am being especially conservative in some of my actions so that i lower the risk of losing said dream job.

so no, i did not have relations with that woman.

i know that more and more bloggers are beginning to get hired at real places of employment, in fact just last month the LA Times plucked our film editor, but to be a paid blogger is still a super rare thing, and i want to be part of the people who help others get ahead blogging, not part of the people who take advantage of their situations and fuck shit up for the brothers and sisters comin up.

plus with all the hotness in la, you probably shouldnt be banging your writers, especially when you dont pay them, and especially when the blogosphere is a gossipy fucking place, and especially when you find yourself asking favors from your writers all the time – and vice versa – and everyone should know that there are no hidden agendas, theres only one goal

world domination.

crazy thing is, LAist is on the right path. people talk about the holidays and the weekends and the summer time being slow for the blogosphere but these have been the hottest five days that LAist has ever had, infact we have had more people come to our blog in these past five days than came to the site in all of last july. and at the time, july 06 was the biggest month laist had ever seen.

the monster has been created. and its alive.

now, boinking busblog readers is a different subject entirely.

to celebrate, tonight i found myself with a clear evening calendar so i drove down sunset to down town and cruised up grand and wound up at one of my favorite soul food places, this 99 cent one over by usc

i always get the same thing cuz im an old man.

smothered chicken breast over rice with gravy
collard greens
sweet potatoes

karisa will tell me that ive blown my diet but hanging out with matt good did wonders for me. true hes a rock star and can get away with a little paunch, but being out there with him made me realize that thats how men are supposed to look, like men. not little skinny boys.

he smoked his cigarrettes and i smoked my medical herbs and we had our shirts off and we blogged by the pool

as the crazy little self cleaning pool thing slowly scrubbed the bottom of the deep end

and ive gotta say, even though we will have random weirdness from time to time on the web site, that fucker can take any spike i bring to it. quick, sustained, spikey – that site never goes down, never gets slow when we’re hot. i love that. i love everything.

and i really love that the cubs are hot as fuck too.

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