theres nothing in the world thats not yours for the asking

this is a famous persons daughter from a photo essay on LAist this afternoon xcept of course the things you want oh so badly.

she was eighteen and willing.

arent they all.

nothings good enough for you someone once declared of me. and she was right about so much.

she had reverse seduced me.

she got me to think about the possibilities as i was telling her about the possibilities.

little had i realized that all she kept saying was my favorite word

maybe its your favorite word too.


i said all weekend just me you and the ceiling

she said what are we gonna do with the ceiling

i said youre gonna look at it for a long time

then im gonna look at it

then youre gonna look at it for a really long time

then im gonna look at it for a while

then youre gonna say i thought that old man was exaggerating.

i think after jackass, that generation just figured that daring people to do outrageous physical activities was totally normal.

but its snot.

you really shouldnt be able to tell someone to meet you at the snooty fox on friday and dont expect to leave until sunday and they actually meet you there and they actually bring all the things that you ask them to, and they actually be into you

being as fat as you are and boring and nymphonic, etc.

she forgot the boom box so i was constantly getting up to turn the shitty tv to a station that was playing music of some sort but all it kept being was people talking and people selling shit.

yap yap yap.

so i turned on the radio



then i said whats wrong with me,

lets hear you for a while.

and some girls cant wait to be listened to

for once.

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