i know she aint much to look at

via my crappy canon g7 thats totally overpriced for what it does, because, if you remember, i had an s45 that took way better pictures for cheaper, years ago.

you call this progress?

so what im going to do is work on getting a real camera cuz this is retardulous.

karisa and i ate sushi today. these people next to us had a small canoe of food on it. it was awesome.

karisa made me eat these little baby fish eggs on this sushi roll deal. i kept thinking how much i would make my kids cry if i had kids.

hey watch me eat these little babies.

listen to their worlds crunch.

then we talked about how weird it is that some plants and flowers make delicious seeds so that animals will eat the seeds, travel a little while and poop the seeds in their… fertilizer.

like most things that have to do with nature, it just makes me believe in God more. because its very hard to believe that there was a gaseous explosion and all of a sudden there were plants that jibed perfectly with animals in that the plants exuded oxygen and tasty seeds and the animals provided co2 and poop for their ass.

thats a system created by an amazing higher being. “i will make shit be the center of my universe.”

i have so much laundry to do its amazing.

would you give your laundry to cheerleaders and give them $20 to pick up your laundry, wash it, fold it and bring it back to you in two days? $35 for next day? yes.

of course the cheerleaders just pick up and deliver the laundry, secretly they just drop it off to old ladies who charge $8. $6 goes to the cheerleaders and $6 goes to the house. the cheerleaders also accept tips so theyre happy.

yes im watching big brother but because they have two gay guys in there and two tools and someones dad theres pretty much zero sexual tension, particularily because the hottest chick in there is too young and too asexual, plus the dad is her dad.

crazy stupid what cbs did. if they were smart theyd start doing some double evictions and infiltrating the house with some fresh blood of horny people. cuz the only guys whos horny in there is too pretty and the chicks dont like him.

cheerleader laundry services inc.

tomorrow i will save the record industry.

oh wait, cant, tomorrows the day of rest. monday.

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