yesterday was so bad

that i really believe that i jinxed myself by writing what i wrote below.

i usually tell people that unless they think that they can cause good in their lives with positive thinking, that they cannot cause bad in their lives with negative thinking. therefore the concept of jinxing should be moot.

however i Do believe that we can make nice things happen out of positive thinking, so when i wrote about writing about sad things in the busblog creating sadness, sure enough yesterday i had a horrible day.

i should have just gone to the movies.

ive probably lost all of my writers on the blog.

ive probably sabatoged whatever mojo we had.

i should have just taken a drive to santa barbara.

we did have an amazing day of posts, dont get me wrong. 24 i think. and even one from ken layne about a pick up your dog poop party coming up.

i just think i need a vacation. and i need to do some real meetings where we really talk about things.

or a style guide or something. who knows. all i know is the dodgers and the giants are on tv and karisa is coming over for sushi and i have to shave off my beard soon.

sonic youth happens this week. so does an LAist bbq starring my boss from ny.

our neighborhood project is the best thing ive ever thought up.

next to 1001 reasons LA is better than FLA

ok i feel better. hi saturday.

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