aimoo asks

sidenote: why is everyone so in love with tony pierce?

i think they used to love me more. i think i used to love them more. i think we used to love each other in different ways then and now we love each other in different ways now.

the truth of the matter is i get the cold shoulder in the comments of LAist and i have lost 3/4s of my readers of the busblog, but the truth of the matter is LAist is #621 in technorati and improving every day, which, since i put like All of my time into that is all the positive reinforcement that i need.

and the threesomes of course

and the xxx facebook messages

and the chicks who look so young i call them chris hanson cuz i know hes gonna jump out of the woods any minute.

but chris i asked her for two forms of ID

but look at her tony, shes clearly pre pubescent

but chris, both of her government issued —

she has no odor tony!

but chris she loved me for me, not my blog

anyways aimoo i just hope they know that i love them just as much as before

this is just what a blog looks like when the blogger loves and is obsessed with his job.

ps the cubs are in first place and thats god loving tony pierce so much

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