how is it that its always 5am

when i write you busblog?

we had 28 posts on LAist yesterday.

here are some of my faves

Jimmy, the greatest openly gay Dodger blogger doled out three Dodger posts today,
two before he went to the game and this one afterwards:
I’ve Had Bowel Movements Prettier Than This Game

Anti continues to keep it real by telling us where we can get free malt liquor this weekend:
Vice Magazine Colt 45 Pool Party Saturday

and then proved that he has the best weed:
Carson Daly Is Not That Bad

One of our new writers, D.R. Smith explained the Wilshire car bomb, beautifully
Misadventures in Journalism – The Car Bomb Mystery

Another new writer Max Schneller busted with a vegan restaurant review
Truly Vegan

tomdog had two posts, in his TV junkie post we see a great three part fight on Big Brother
TV Junkie: Tuesday – Tonight’s Picks
and then he interviewed a pretty boy actor
LAist Interview: Noah Bean from ‘Damages’

Even though i never buy DVDs, for some reason I love DVD Tuesday by Josh
DVD Tuesday: Norbit impresario delivers magical Hogs

But as you know my true love is porn i mean live music and i got to see a great band the other night and posted it immediately
Oreskaband @ The Echo, 8/14/07

Not even fully realizing that LAist was about to pull off a beautiful double play of live music tag-team magic:

First Joey Maloney presented THE BEST photo essay from in front of the front row at the Rage Against the Machine / Cypress Hill / Wu Tang / Public Enemy concert than any other website, newspaper, magazine around. And please, correct me if I’m wrong. Not only did he give us great pictures, but amazing descriptions of what it was like WHEN THE POLICE THREW TEARGAS AT THE CROWD
Rock The Bells @ Hyundai Pavilion, 8/11/07

Which was perfectly followed up by Tim the Hammer’s long, detailed review of the show from the heart of the action, including VIDEO OF THE KIDS STARTING FIRES AND JUMPING OVER THEM
Prisoner of the Pit: Rock the Bells Recap from the Frontline

Not everyone cares about revolutionary rock so I was happy that our sports editor Adam delivered this fine video of morning talk show failure Adam Corrolla showing off his touchdown dance
Adam Carolla. No Ocho Cinco.

Ali Miller reminds us that if we dont have a Wii yet, we’re miisiing out
The Reason to Get a Wii: Mario Strikers Charged

Ryan Young produced one of the finest Neighborhood Projects of all time, even the kids at CurbedLA couldnt find anything mean to say about it
The Neighborhood Project: Chinatown

Zach exposed a father and a son involved in seriously illegal activity, not to mention sorta gross
Kayaking in the LA River

Food Editor Lindsay went to the Hells Kitchen finale viewing party, so you wouldnt have to
A Hell of a Hangover: Kitchen Finale Viewing Party

I wrote a funny headline about the big news in classic rock
Right Now Van Halen is Getting Even Weirder

And we got two stories about areas that we really don’t write much about so I’m very happy Pasadena and Highland Park, both by two new-ish writers, Stephen Box and Heath Biter, respectfully
Pasadena Abandons Cycling Prohibition
Dork on York on York

i should get a bumpersticker that says

ask me about my staff

and i hung out with anti and tanky and i talked to jeanine and danielle and karisa and i spent a few hours away from the computer

and i watched real world sydney and loved it

and i finally watched the first new episode of weeds

and got an email from the second hot chick in a week saying hi tony

i seriously have to get a lottery ticket tomorrow.

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