its 8:03 am

between the phone ringing and the emails clonking

and the great show i saw last night with the pretty girl who was cute but annoying
and all the work i had waiting for me when i got home
and big brother to watch and tacos to eat
and pussy to send home
here it is and i realize ok ive set up my lineups for fantasy baseball
but what about the busblog? what about the date you brung, aint ya gonna dance with her?

got an interesting email from a very young lady. so young that she had two IDs to prove she was legal. have i told you this story. well curiously she has an AOL email address and a myspace. hmmmm. no facebook. no gmail. whats the catch.

theres gotta be a catch.

usually i dont trust people with AOL accounts but shes a gemini.

also she didnt write me back right away which means she gets a spanking on the first date. now all i gotta figure out is what we’re gonna do on the first date. play i dare you to reveal everything? those are the nights i like

under the stars
telling all

ok how old were you when you lost your virginity?
gotta cup my nuts when you ask that
say waaaah?
no really, i dare you, cup my nuts when you ask me that
ok how old were you when you lost yr virginity tony?
21 young lady. and probably an older 21 than you are right now.

LAist could have the best content day of my reign if it continues to post stories along the lines of the dozen that are already done, and scheduled, and ready to roll as of right now.

i dare you to go there and check out my concert review of the japanese ska girlies, and our two reviews of the Rage Against the Machine Cypress Hill Public Enemy Wu Tang show and the Neighborhood Project of Chinatown

and if you live in LA we are even giving away Magic Numbers tickets for tonights sold out show so enter if you live near the miracle mile.

i talked to danielle last night and fellas shes single and ready to mingle.

and how weird is it that LAist is turning into the greatest thing ever on the web next to raymis nipples?

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