if youre not watching big brother

youre missing out

its always been one of my favorite shows.

this year i started out hating everyone. i didnt know why they put two gay guys in there and only one hot chick who didnt have a dad in there. and then all these randomly lame dudes.

theres a guy in there right now with the fakest teeth and hes just so amazingly lame its like how did this guy make it through even the first round? is he secretly a robot or something?

the only saving grace has been Jen, who is up for nomination for the third time. the house hates her because she has no social skills and has a terrible habit of not only looking smoking hot no matter what she has to work with, but she can handle the verbal abuse by the tommy lee wannabe and aptly named Evil Dick better than anyone youve ever seen.

i love her and i want to reproduce with her

in the above video you will see what she did to a Unitard that she was given by Big Brother as a punishment for a game that she lost.

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