sabatoge last night at the Greek

what i love about the web is it catches people being up to no good.

there are a few rats in LAist’s comments. at first some said, oh thats our competition, but we dont have any competition any more someone else said, and she might be right.

maybe it’s Different Enemies someone else said. but i poo pooed that concept because how could a web site that dedicates itself 24/7 to stoking its readers and giving them soooo much as fast as possible, attract haters or enemies?

and then one of my most trusted advisors said, hey tony try this little trick in this one post that i know youre gonna do.

and what she suggested was to spin a little web

so as to trap the rats.

big web. big trap.

and sure enough some big freaking people were caught.


and i have the best advisors, i have the best friends, and its so hard to believe, but i work for the best blog.

above is some video from the mahem that was Sabatoge last night.

and here is the photo essay of love that i promised you from when i got to take pictures from in front of the front.

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