dear girl born with four arms and four legs

today i was so busy i coulda totally used four arms and four legs.

today i was so busy i didnt even have time to turn on the tee vee even though my phone was ringing saying that the congress was finally gonna impeach the vice president, i couldnt turn on my itunes to hear my new girlfriend that chick who sings the cover to hot in herre.

and worst of all i couldnt open the window to hear the little birdies chirp as they do each morning after the the autoshop next door gets done scraping paint off beaters.

LAist is having an editors meeting over at my house and i hafta clean up and order some pizza pies but i remembered that i hadnt blogged in the busblog and i know how four legged four armed girls get all sad inside when theres no movement on the busblog so i will tell you this little girl.

youre probably the most special person in the whole world.

if i was mtv id give you a show this minute.

even once they make you like everyone else, youre still the most special person in the world, narrowly beating out the guy who caught a bullet with his teeth on thats incredible.

please dont pose for playboy in 20 years.